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Darksonic666 Blog

Computer problems

Agh I am so mad at my computer right now:evil: it has been crashing randomly for awhile now but has just recently started to crash everytime I run a game. It is very frusterating so I decided to bring it to someone who knows computers but when I turned it back on my monitor says there is no connection and turns off. So I give up my mom is going to bring it to a computer store and have them fix it.

Sorry for the rant it just really frustrating since I want to play mass effect 2 but cant.:cry:

Back to school.

I havent really posted a blog in a long time but here it is. I have just started my sophomore year in high school and i am kind of sad summer is over but ohh well school had to start eventully.:(:P

Going to Washington DC

Summer is almost here and my freshman year of high school is coming to a end and I cant be more happy since after I take all my final exams I am going to DC for 9 days to see the sights and just to get away from everything for awhile. Anyway I hope all of you here at gamespot have a good vacation too and have Fun :)

I am sick

Yep I got somthing maybe a cold who knows but my mouth feels dry and my nose is stuffy I am starting to feel better but still kinda crappy :(

a good birthday

yup today was my 16th birthday and it was pretty fun i spent most of my day at the mall of america and ate pizza, ice cream cake and got bioshock 2 (pc) and call of duty modern warefare 2 (pc):)

Found some dr pepper heritage

At a target in minnesota this is cool since I could not find it anywere else and for you who do not know its a version of dr pepper with real sugar and not corn syrup which ends up making it taste better with a more rich favor.

This is a little annoying

Okay i asked this question about if a mod could get in trouble or get banned so i posted this in the ask gamespot form and a mod told me that I should have posted it in the ask the mods section so Today I did and guess what another mod told me to put it somewhere else ARE YOU KIDDING me wow I give up I dont really even care now and I will not try again geee how many forms are in this place

Bad day

Ugh today has been pretty bad so far in that I was almost late for school today and I got a message from some jerk on gamespot who called me a noob. and by the way what right does he calling me a noob and why is he so perfect. Anyway than I was going to sit down at lunch and all the seats were gone so I searched around for a seat and when I finally found one some body grabbed my seat and walked away ARRGH I am getting pretty mad at this point and eat some of my lunch standing up until some one finally gave me a seat. Okay I was starting to think to myself The day cant get worse butof course I was wrong and my computer was acting up. So now I am hoping nothing else goes wrong today becasue I am not in the mood :evil: