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Just turned 17 !!!

Yep it was my 17th birthday this morning after a week of fun its time to go back to school :( But it was a pretty fun week. I got a xbox kinect, Lots of games, and got to see my dad, Ohh and ice cream cake !!!!

Wow can't believe i am 17 I feel more like I am 15 :P

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I know I had a pretty good one i got a Xbox 360 slim its pretty nice considering I have never owned a console before. So I guess I will be a sole PC gamer no more lol Anyway hope everyone had a good one and lets have a good new year.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Yeah I know its not Christmas yet but I just wanted to wish everybody a good one and when it is Christmas I will not have internet access so I thought I would do it now.