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Darksonic666 Blog

Happy Halloween everyone !!!!

Wow I haven't made a blog in awhile but here it is. So how was everyone one's Halloween mine was good me and a friend just went to see paranormal activity 3 and had the whole theater to our selves which was really awesome and as far as the movie goes it was okay and it gave us a couple scares but no where near as good as the second one or even the first. But anyways just thought I would post this make sure everyone had a happy Halloween and a good time. Happy Halloween !!!!!!

Something kinda of scary happened at school today

So I was at my English class today and I kept hearing people talking about some kind of strange happening at the school so I asked a friend who was sitting next to me and he told me someone had sent a email to everyone in the school so I opened it up and a found a very detailed very scary letter from some kind a Russian or polish person telling us how he and his group has planted bombs in our school and was targeting various people at are school and planning to kill all of us. Now as you could imagine I was kind of freaked out and so was everyone else so at lunch most of the students called there parents and went home and me and my friends called our parents and left as well although the principal said that police were there and investigating and we were all safe. But I didn't want to take my chances so I left school anyway with my mother permission but anyway no one has been hurt so far and hopefully never will and that they will catch who every wrote this and arrest them I don't know if its real or some kind of sick prank but either way its very scary.

Summer vacation !!!

Hope everyone has been having a good summer lately I just got back from my summer vacation a little late I know but it was fun I got to go to illnois my home town where I went to springfield and learned alot about abraham lincoln then it was off to kentucky to see the mammoth caves which were very awesome and I got to see the dimond caverens which was also very cool but there were no diamonds :P it was a very fun trip and I hope I get to go on another one soon.

Have a great summer everyone :)

Just saw the last harry potter film

Yeah its a little late but wow I can't believe its all over harry potter was a huge part of my life for years and its really sad to think its all over. Harry potter was the first video game I really ever played and was one of my favorite book and movie series its all very sad for me but at least the film was good and I will just have to keep watching these great movies over and over again. :P


Just got my braces today

Yeah today I got my braces since I have a problem with my bite or something like that and will only be on for like 9 months but still they are kind of annoying.


Horrible day

The start of my day today was not bad but when I got back from school I found that our basement was flooding.

It wasn't very deep only a few inchs but it was everywhere and the rain it just would not stop.

Finally I think the rain has stopped and all the water is almost gone but it was very scary and frustrating I hope I never have to go thought that again.