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Things that go WTF

ok this will be a new blog series

I was looking at my 7up bottle and on the cap it said OPEN BY HAND, WTF are they expecting to be sued for not warning them not to open by foot?

Ranting about: Global warming

I just thought about global warming and it annoyed me to make a blog about how pissed I am!

Carbon dioxide. This is the most annoying part, the fact that people actually think that, Co2 a gas that plants and trees breathe and think that it will heat up the earth and if you research, you will find out that animals and fungi breathe out Co2.

Now think how many cars animals, fungi and volcanoes if co2 actually heat the earth we will not even be here today!

My Laptop Died AGAIN -_-

I must have some sort of curse, because every time i get my hands on a PC or Laptop It never lasts for 1 or 2 years!

It was an Anti-Virus Rouge >:(

Freedom of Speech Part 2

Right last Monday I got in trouble for saying my opinion about the science class, I said the class was too basic for me, Then they said that I think I know everything. After that load of nonsense I had to see the head-teacher and apparently what I said was offensive and I didn't show enthusiasm well how can I show enthusiasm if the lesson is about the human skeleton and the teacher points to the skull and asks the class "Does anyone know what part of the body this is?" hmm... i think its the leg. Then the head-teacher said that I have to say a positive comment about the class which is taking my freedom of speech away and if she didn't want a BAD comment about the class she should not have asked for my opinion in the first place. Oh and another thing your know the saying what goes around comes around well, the head-teacher's name is Mrs Hunter

Now on wednesday me and my class were making these wax candles and then Mrs Hunter came in and helped us, but after we made a few wax candles, she said that she disliked our wax candles so we had to do them again!

The pot calling the kettle black.