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Just one of many reasons I don't purchase Rockstar games.

When you're taking a break from screwing gamers, you can go screw your mothers.

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I was extraordinarily excited about this game--until I learned that it was not being developed for pc, and instead was being made for ps4.

Sometimes there are business decisions that are made, and only those within the company can see how questionable those decisions are. And then there are those decisions that are so questionable that others can see them as well.

I understand wanting to release this game on ps4. They believe it will reach the most people, will not be pirated, and will make the most money. I get it.

Unfortunately, what Hello Games seems to not get, is that you don't build a series, a brand, or even a great product by focusing on profitability over direction, you focus on who your community is, where they are, and what they want.

Ask Bethesda.

They went from releasing games that only the most die hard of pc rpg fans were even aware of, to being one of the premiere and most anticipated companies in the entire industry, as well as one of the most successful. And they did it by building their base.

A lot of space exploration fans on consoles, are there? Console gamers have a long history of clamoring for great space sims and lamenting the lack of them? What community do you think is going to support that type of game? Who do you think would be the ones to build that community? Here's a hint: it ain't the one that talks about how good your mother is in bed every time you fire up a game. It's not the one which consists of people playing mods or dreaming of playing the mods made by the dedication of another community.

I hope this game does well, because there are too many good developers and good ideas that fail in spite of doing everything right. But I can't help but feel frustration, which even worse settles into ambivalence, for a game and a company that makes a mistake like this. A game with some flaws, I can forgive, turning your back on your audience and the community that supported you, not giving back what you get, that's the kind of thing that stops great things before they even begin.

Hello Games, you need to keep the spotlight going, and you need to deliver MORE than what people expect, because that is now where the bar for success is as a result of these decisions.