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DarkDrift2k8 Blog

Its Been Awhile

Its been awhile since ive been on gamespot, atleast a month I think. Going to start off by saying ive finally reached 5th prestige on call of duty and am level 17. Got red dot sight and grip for my RPD and looking to be level 35 by tomorrow night. Ive become a very good sniper now on call of duty. If anyone wants a 1v1 sniper match 10 lives only no radars then ill gladly setup a private room for it to happen ;). Since im putting out this challenge you get to choose the map.

New GT - PK xDaRkSn1p3rx Old GT - ETSx DarkSniper

New year/Christmas/Xbox 360 - 31/12/07

Right so we're nearly there. 2008 Is just around the corner. I havent made a blog post for a few weeks so I thought id make my last one of 2007.

New year - 2008

Cant wait to see what 2008 will bring in my life and the gaming world. 2008 Is the release of GTA IV which will be absolutely amazing. I also think that 2008 is the year the PS3 will die. New years resolution is to stop my language from being so bad and stop my temper =D Its going to be verrrry hard for me lol.

Christmas - 2007

Had my new phone and 8GB iPod nano. Had my new 23" HD Ready TV for my bedroom. Wish I had the 42" from downstairs though =P. Christmas was real good this year.

Xbox 360 - 31/12/07

Today ive only played call of duty 4 and guitar hero 3 but it was good. Played guitar hero untill my fingers were bleeding (Not literally lol) and played search and destroy on call of duty 4. Ranked up to level 40 and got my P90 for the 3rd time.

Happy new year everybody. Get drunk. Do all your bad sh*t before midnight =P Have a great 2008.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry christmas all you gamespot users. Hope you all got what you wanted.

Good luck for the new year aswell everyone. If your travelling away for the new year then travel safe and enjoy yourself =)

Happy Gamings everybody =D.

An Interview with a user 1 - Shinoadr

Q1 - How long have you been at gamespot?
Since March 25th 2007

Q2 - What is your favorite games console?
Xbox 360

Q3 - What do you drink the most when playing games?
I'd have to say Coca-Cola, Sprite, Slushie.

Q4 - What board do you post on the most here at gamespot?
Probably the Everything PSP Union

Q5 - What is your most favorite thing to do on gamespot?
Look around at the new videos, read peoples new blogs, post

Q6 - On average how many posts do you make a day?
Maybe 5 to 10 a day, around there

Q7 - Do you have a new years resolution ready for 2008?
Havent even thought about that yet, I'll do it on new years eve =)

Q8 - What does being a Member mean to you?
No Comment

Q9 - What has been your favorite game of 2007?
Hmmm, I really dont know....but Im gonna say Halo 3.

Q10 - Can you think of any user which has stood out to you?
AsakuraHao2004, hes been an awesome leader at the Everything PSP Union and all around just a great guy.

Thanks for the interview Shinoadr =).

My TV/HD Story

It all started yesterday when I was so annoyed I just run upstairs and planted my fist through the screen and cracked all the pixels so it was useless.

Today I went and brought another TV. HD ready 23" and set it up. It took me ages to figure out where all the HD cables n stuff went from my xbox 360. Anyway so I got it setup and now it looks beautiful ='( Ive never seen anything better. The graphics on call of duty now could possibly make it go from 9.5 to 10.0 for me =P.

Just a short little story for my blog =).

(Ill start posting interviews again soon. I already have the answers from another person).

An Interview with a Mod - Caddy06_88

I am going to start interviewing people. I will send you a PM asking if you would like to be interviewed and if you reply with yes ill send you the questions. My first interview was with a Mod here at gamespot, Caddy06_88. Here are Caddy06_88's answers to my questions.

Q1 - How long have you been a Mod here at gamespot?

I have been a moderator since October 16th of this year. I was one of the mods picked in the last draft.

Q2 - What is your favorite games console?

I don't think I have a favourite console. I buy a lot of them and still have all of my old ones so I have never really had to choose between consoles.

Q3 - What do you drink the most when playing games?

Water mostly but occasionally I have a few beers, it depends if I am with friends or not

Q4 - What board do you post on the most here at gamespot?

Probably the UK discussion board. Its got a great community there. I post all around the site so you will pretty much see me everywhere.

Q5 - Do you enjoy being a Mod here at gamespot?

Yes. Its certainly not as glamerous as some users think it might be. We have to deal with a lot of jerks and have to see a lot of offensive material but I enjoy being part of the site community and helping out.

Q6 - On average how many posts do you make a day?

I am a big lurker more than a big poster but I guess on average it is around 50 posts per day.

Q7 - Do you have a new years resolution ready for 2008?

Nope. I never make resolutions because I just break them.

Q8 - What does being a Mod mean to you?

It means I get to help out the community that I have been a part of for over 2 years. I love the site and the community and I just loving helping out where I can.

Q9 - What has been your favorite game of 2007?

Call of Duty 4 is my game of the year. It has been an amazing year for games and this game is both addictive and a lot of fun.

Q10 - Is their any gamespot user that has stood out to you this year?

*I have thought about this for about 10 minutes now* I really don't know who to say. There have been many users who I have just gotten to know this year who has stood out. I guess uglyduck-uk has stood out because he helped me so much before I became a moderator. Another mention is JustPlainLucas. I didn't really talk to him much but once I became a moderator, I got to know him a bit more and he is a great guy, funny and smart.

Thanks for letting me interview you Caddy. My next interview invite will be in about 15 Minutes from now so keep checking your PM's =).

Xbox 360 - 18/12/07

Call of Duty 4 -

Good games again today. Got about 90 Kills in total today all with P90's and C4. Played alot of search and destroy again for the easy points but im still Level 49 first prestige mode. Got hit by alot of random grenades and ALOT of claymores today especially on pipeline on search and destroy next to target B. Got a double headshot aswell today and pretty proud of it lol I just wish I had it recorded for youtube =( Ahwell.


Xbox 360 - 17/12/07

Call of duty 4

Another pretty good day on call of duty. I played about 13 search and destroys and a few team death matches. On one of the search and destroys I got 4 kill with the same clip in my P90. Ran round the corner.. headshot ran round the next corner and sprayed two guys standing there planting claymores and then to finish it off i turned around and shot this guy who was cooking a grenade. Got a no scope headshot with my and the guy was like "Omg your hacking!". Hopefully I should have it completed on veteran. Done TV Station mission which was pretty hard to get through but I managed it somehow.

Pro Evo 2008

Had a few good games with my step bro and step dad. Pretty hard games. I beat my step bro 3 - 1 (AC Milan-vs-newcastle) and then I beat my step dad on penalties. 2 - 2 and then won the penalties to make it 3 - 2 (AC Milan-vs-barcelona) Scored some great goals including a great header from a free kick and a volley of a corner. Enjoyed todays matches alot.


Xbox 360 - 16/12/07

Call of duty 4

I had a few good games today. Got my for the second time. Got a few good kills and a few bad games though where I played abit off. Went 14 - 1 in a match (Note: It was search and destroy)and was really proud of it =D