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Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games of All Time

Happy belated Thanksgiving by the way. Anyway, there is something more important to talk about.

Video Game History is a very interesting story. There are many great things about the history of video games but some people like to **** up that history and make some of that great majestic history terrible. One of the main plot points to the on going history of Video Games is controversy. Controversy is a big problem with video games. One of the biggest problems with it is the fact that it happens often. There are many controversial video games, but I have gathered up facts and piled them up into this list. This is the list of The Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games of All Time.

(NOTE: Before I get this list started, I just wanted to note that there are very offensive, racist, and controversial games such as Super Columbine Massacre RPG, Ethnic Cleansing, JFK Reloaded, Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide that I would definitely put on this list, but in the future I will make another list that will have these games in it, so these games will not be on the list. Now on with the list.)


10. Daikatana(or John Romero's Daikatana)

Release Date:2000
Developers:Ion Storm, Kemco

It's really hard to start a list like this. I mean seriously, were to begin. With all of the controversial video games out there, it is really hard to start a list like this. Well, I might as well start it with one of the worst mistakes John Romero has ever made in his career. Now, many of you gamers have probably heard this story before. Daikatana is considered one of the worst video games of all time. Now, there isn't anything controversial in the game Daikatana, what was controversial about this game was its advertisement campaign. If you haven't ever seen this, well here it is.


This is the infamous Daikatana campaign. Daikatana was originally going to be released in the year of 1997. So this ad came out that year and my god the crap that this advertisement caused. As soon as this advertisement came out, it got negative reception everywhere. Ion Storm was criticized as well. Critics criticized Romero for his hobbies, for Ion Storm, for the advertisement, and many other things. Eventually, not even an apology from John Romero could fix the crap he caused. Daikatana went into development hell after this advertisement came out, and for many years to come, was stuck in development hell. This was because many employees from Ion Storm left to pursue their own careers. Finally, the year 2000, the game was finally released. And it turned out to be one cluster**** of a game. No one liked it, and everyone especially hated the Nintendo 64 version. This game caused the closure of Ion Storm and John Romero's legendary career to go down the drain. Where is John Romero now? Who knows, probably sitting in his house thinking about all the chaos he caused.



9.Postal and Postal 2

Release Date: Postal(November 14th 1997)

Postal 2(April 13th 2003)

Developers: Running with Scissors.

No one really likes Postal. Postal is a game series that gets no attention at all, and that is because everyone says that the games are pretty **** What I want to know is, if the games are so **** why is there a film based on it... oh wait, the movie adaptation was directed by Uwe Boll, makes crappy games into crapier movies that is amazing. Anyway, why are these games so controversial, well that is probably because these games are violent as hell. I have looked at the gameplay videos of these games and I know why it is so controversial. No one likes video game violence. Another thing, in Postal 2, there is violence against civilians and many things such as sexual themes, racisim, language, animal abuse and go ol' drug use. These games shouldn't exist anyway since barely anyone knows what these games are. Well, nothing else to say so lets move on to the next game.


8. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Release Date: January 22nd 2003

Developers: Team Ninja

Kung Fu fighting girls playing volleyball with big **** Count me in. But no, on a serious note, this is Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, the spin off the not perfect, but pretty good fighting game series Dead or Alive. Now what could be so wrong about this game. I mentiond Kung Fu fighting girls playing volleyball with big **** right? Yeah, older people don't like women with big ta ta's playing volleyball. There are sexual themes in the game according to the people who trash on this game, but to me it's just the characters of Dead or Alive playing Volleyball while their boobs are shaking when they hit the ball. I guess I should have put this game on the number ten spot, but Daikatana was controversial because of an advertisement about a now washed up video game developer who wants to make you his **** while Dead or Alive Volleyball involves sexual themes such as boobs, and sexual themes are a big controversy in any country, especially America, so it should stay in the #8 spot. But cmon strict people, their just boobs. Big,firm,jiggly,gorgeous,delicious boobs. Okay, I am acting a bit to perverted. NEXT!


7. Kingpin: Life of Crime

Release Date: June 30, 1999

Developer: Xatrix Entertainment

This game shouldn't really be controversial and yet it is. And I don't blame the incident that happened before this game was released, I blame the developers releasing after the incident. Now what is this incident called, that my friends is the 1999 tragedy known as The Columbine High School Massacre. Now what can a very violent game about a Kingpin and his life of crime have anything to do with the tragedy that is The Columbine Massacre. Well, this is how the story goes. You see, the killers who started the Massacre Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold were addicted to the gem of a first person shooter known as Doom. People believe that their love of Doom made them plan the idea to cause that massacre. Now Doom was a first person shooter, and Kingpin is a first person shooter as well. Nobody wanted a first person shooter to be released into the market because of The Massacre. Well, Xatrix and Interplay Entertainment didn't give a rat's ass and release it on the market anyway. Now the game did get positive reviews, but Congress, lobby groups, US Senate and all other kinds of political games were trying to get this game canceled. This game was very violent and had a lot of profanity. The game eventually went through a lot of crap, but got the game out in North America. Well, they got the game out. But jeez The Columbine Massacre really messed up the FPS business.



Release Date: November 18th 2003

Developer: Rockstar North

Violence, Violence, and even more Violence. Gotta love that Violence. Manhunt is probably the most violent game on this list. I mean really, everyone probably saw the controversy in this game coming. I mean this game involves a snuff film with a killer named James Earl Cash who randomly murders people for the snuff film with baseball bats, crow bars, plastic bags,etc and meets a bunch of gangs he has to kill and eventually meets a mentally retarted chainsaw wielding psycopath who wears a pig's head as a mask named Piggsy. This game is crazy ultra violent. I mean, this is a Rockstar game so there should be expected violence. But those people who don't like violence were like No Violence. And don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with violence in video games but some people just do. Another reason why this game is controversial is because of this one kid named Warren Leblanc who murdered his friend Stefan Pakeerah. Leblanc was claimed to be obssessed with the game so the game didn't have a happy stay in the United Kingdom. The game also got banned in countries like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Germany. God this game was violent. Remember aspiring game desingers out ther, it's okay to make violent video games, just make sure you don't piss the people off.


5. Doom

Release Date: December 10th,1993

Developers: id Software

The granddaddy of all first person shooters that launched the legenday careers of John Romero and John Carmack is also one of the most controversial video games of all time. This game had everything that a gamer dreamed of but those certain kinds of people didn't like the violence and gore in the game. Another controversial issue with the game was the satanic imagery. Today in the year of 2012, nobody would find the first Doom game scary, but back then, I'm pretty sure this game scared the crap out of kids and that is why it was probably so controversial. Religious Organizations picked on the game for its Diabolic undertones and being a mass murderer simulator. Religious Organizations just don't know who to keep picking on. They pick on Atheists, Film, TV, Video Games, People, American Situations. Jesus make your mind Organizations. Anyway, another reason why this game is controversial is because it is believed to be the cause of The Columbine Massacre. Remember back in the Kingpin entry that Doom might have been the cauuse of that incident, yeah a lot of people believe that. Well, if we do ever find out if it's true or not, hopefully it isn't.


4. Custer's Revenge

Release Date: October 13th 1982

Developers: Mystique

Oh god, this game, THIS GAME!!! Oh god, OH GOD! If you don't see anything wrong with this picture by now, I'm sorry but you are really blind. I have never played this game, yet I hate it. I ****ing hate this game. I despise this game. It really is a monstrosity of a game. Wanna know the controversy, well here it is. The game stars General Custer and some random ass Indian Women. We will call her Hazel, I don't know any Indian names. Now if you don't know who General Custer is, well I will give you a brief history on the man. Genral George Armstrong Custer was part of a war known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn, he got into a battle with indians. Eventually, Custer and his team lost and Custer was killed by one of the indians and died. He was reconized as a hero. Now tell me this, who at Mystique took this big part of American history and made it into this sick twisted warped idea about Genral Custer who has to dodge falling spikes so he can **** an Native American Women. Where the hell did this idea come from. Who can become sexually attracted to this? Who would want to spank their monkey to this crap. Anyway enough about this rant. You see as soon as people saw General Custer rape Hazel the random Native American Women, controversy happened in a matter of seconds. This game offended Native American's, Women Rights, Women Against Pornography, etc, etc. The games puns on the cover of it are just god damn ridiculous too. Those also offended women. Eventually, this game was obliterated from existence too because this game sucks. This game is not only listed as one of the most offensive games of all time it is also considered one of the worst games of all time. There was a sequal by the way called General Retreat. It involves Hazel raping General Custer now. Yeah, **** you Mystique.


3. Mortal Kombat

Release Date: August 1992
Developers: Midway

Mortal Kombat is another very controversial game. Damn is this one controversial. For its time, the game was excrutiatingly violent. Parents didn't like their kids playing these games. The fatalies were bloody and violent and parents didn't appreciate that. Sooner or later, Mortal Kombat got an M rating. Yeah, this one is going to be short. A lot of people know the Mortal Kombat story so we shall continue to numero dos.


2. Grand Theft Auto 3

Release Date: October 22nd 2001

Developers: Rockstar Vienna

Yes, this is probably out of all the Grand Theft Autos the most controversial and the most violent. This game is controversial because of its violence and sexual content. No parent likes that sexual content. For example, you can pick up a prostitute, have sex with said prostitute, and then either kill her or steal her money. This game was so controversial that GameSpy named it Most Offensive Game of the Year. Jesus Christ. People who don't like violence also didn't like the common game mechanic in GTA 3 were you could hijack a car. Yeah, this game didn't go so well with the violence haters. But hey, it's still an amazing game, controversial, but still really good.

And now, finally, in my opinion, the most controversial game of all time is.....


1. Night Trap

Release Date: October 15th 1992

Developers: Digital Pictures

This game, THIS GAME. This is Night Trap. This is the game that made a huge part of video game history. Don't know what it is, well allow me to explain it to you. This game is responsible for the Video Game Rating System. If it wasn't for the infamous nightgown scene in Night Trap, there wouldn't be the rating system we have today. This game sparked controversey immediately after its release. Congress men started calling this game shameful, ultra violent, sick, etc, etc. This was so so "ultra violent" that it failed poorly in sales and was taken out of the market immediately and never saw the light of day again. Soon after,like I said earlier, the beautiful Video Game Rating System was born. And instead of me explaining to you how the infamous nightgown scene went down, I will show you it instead. Here is the link to it. Check it out,it's very important.

Remeber, this is the scene that caused the rating system

Also, here is a link to a short documentary about Night Trap. Check this out after you finish reading the blog and the nightgown scene.

So yes, this is my list of the most controversial games. Hope I kept you interested and entertained. These games caused controversy and made history in the book of Video Games, and it feels good to talk about it. Thanks for reading my majestic friends.

Remember, check the videos out


EDIT: The links were messed up so you couldn't see the videos. Sorry about it, I fixed the links and you can go to the videos now.

I'm Close

Hey everyone. I know I have been posting really crappy blogs as of late, I guess I just loss that imaginative touch I had with my past 198 blogs. But as you can probably see, I am almost at 200 blogs(hence the title of this blog 200 blogs) Thats not the most amazing thing in the world, but it still is pretty good if you ask me. I have been dealing with alot lately. Not really depressing stuff, but more of really busy stuff. But I still always have time to play video games. But anyway, I need to say stuff. As I said earlier, I am close to 200 blogs. And I had this idea for my 200th blog, I had this idea of writing this article thing about Cartoon Network. From when it was good to what it is right now. I'm still thinking about writing it, but I think it's a good idea. But anyway, I might as well tell you what games I have been playing lately.

Pokemon White

The sequal is released to America in October. So I am playing this to prepare myself for the second one. I might actually complete the Pokedex for once, maybe.

Donkey Kong

I got this off of Club Nintendo for 100 coins. Pretty good deal for a pretty good game. Yeah, it's really fun.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

This is the first of the three Mario and Luigi games. This game is really fun and I strongly recommend playing it.

Yeah, thats whats been happening. So yeah, sorry for the crappy content in my blogs. I will try to make my 200th blog as awesome as possible. See you in the union forums or other places in gamespot. Bye.

Update in one sentence

I saw Brave today, Schools almost over, Been playing Pokemon Blue, Yelling at random people(:P), Legend of Korra is awesome, and I have nothing left for this update, sorry for wasting your time.

Top Ten Casual Games

In a world of games that are to hardcore for non gamers, there are casual games for casual gamers, a.k.a gamers that don't really play video games. These games are a dime a dozen, a lot of them are good and a lot of them are terrible. Casual games are taking the world by storm, and here are ten casual games that I think are either good or very casual.


10. Reel Fishing series

Hey have you ever wanted to go fishing but couldn't go in real life, well you can, except in won't be exactly real. Anyway, I personally don't like this game series, but a lot of people who don't play a lot of video games love the Reel Fishing franchise. The games target audience is casual gamers and real fisherman. Reel Fishing is very casual, but to me, very boring.


9. Nintendogs/ Nintendogs and Cats series

I actually have Nitendgos Dalmation and Friends for the DS and will admit, the Nintendogs series is really good. It's a pretty fun game. All you do in the game is buy a dog, name it, and take care of it. Heck, you can buy more dogs. The games are like life simulators with dogs. This is a very casual game with a lot of fans. The games are for casual gamers and pet lovers.


I am not a fan of these games at all, but these games have a large fanbase and one of the best selling games on the Wii. That is really all I have to say.


7.Wii Sports

Wii Sports is the best selling game on the Wii, and it is pretty fun(Resort is much better). It's a very casual party game. You have four sports to choose from. Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. My dad's favorite, tennis. My favorite, I like the tennis game as well. The tennis game never gets boring while the other mini games get insanely boring after a while. Not really my kind of game, but hey, it's better then the other party games out for the Wii.


6. Kirby series

Kirby is played by a lot of hardcore gamers, but why is it a casual game? That is because these games are really easy. Casual gamers will get a kick out of it and hardcore gamers get a kick out of it as well. The thing about Kirby is that he is such a legend that even hardcore gamers can't get enough of him. There are some challenging Kirby games though, probably the DS Kirby games. But thats not the point, Kirby is a hardcore and casual game.


5. Animal Crossing series

I love Animal Crossing, and this also another game that is both for casual and hardcore gamers. Animal Crossing is casual because it is a virtual life game, casual gamers dig that stuff up. Animal Crossing is also a very cute game with memorable characters and beautiful graphics. Animal Crossing is also like a second life, that is what makes casual gamers attracted to it.


4. Bejeweled series

One of the greatest puzzle games of all time and the second best selling puzzle game of all time. Bejeweled is awesome. Bejeweled is casual gaming at its finest. The creator of this game and another game coming up on this list Pop Cap games is known for making very addicting casual games. What makes Bejeweled so special and casual is the fact that it never seems to change. The creators don't like to change anything about the game, they like to keep it the way it is, a very addicting gem swapping puzzle game.


3. Plants vs. Zombies

Another Pop Cap games classic. Plants vs. Zombies is probably the best casual tower defense game out there right now. This game is downright addicting not only do casual gamers love it, hardcore gamers dig this game as well. This game also has the best graphics Pop Games has polished. Addicting, casual, simple, what casual gamer wouldn't buy this.


2. Angry Birds

The birds that are very angry! These birds just crap out money, this is the best selling game on the handheld systems and I understand why, it is so damn addicting. I mean this game has only been out for two years and it has already made a name for itself. It is also a very casual game. Casual gamers just love flining these birds into those evil pigs. Very casual. Now I want to fling my birds to those evil fat green pigs.

Okay, I have shown you nine games that are very casual. The next one you probably saw coming, some of you probably haven't, but that isn't the point. For now, let me recap for you the nine casual games that I have mentioned. Number ten is the fishing video game Reel Fishing series, number nine we have the cute life simulator the Nintendogs series, number eight is the dancing phenomenom Just Dance series, number seven is the boring but casual Wii Sports, number six is the cute man eating pink puffball with awesome but easy games the Kirby series, number five is the very addicting and cute virtual life game the Animal Crossing series, number four is the addicting puzzle game that will never change the Bejeweled series, number three is the addicting casual tower defense play game Plants vs. Zombies, number two is the angry animals that got their eggs stolen and are now crapping our a lot of money, Angry Birds. Now, what you have possibly been waiting for, the number one most casual game in my opinion. And that is
















1. Tetris

The best selling puzzle game in the whole wide world, the puzzle game that makes you smarter, the puzzle game with a crazy ass history that is a story ment to be told, the puzzle game that is released on every game console and handheld that I can count, the puzzle game that started it all, the one, the only, Tetris. Tetris is the most casual game I know, and why it is, that is because almost the whole has played it and knows what it is. This game appeals to casual gamers because it is so simple yet so addicting. Parents adore this game. They hate their children getting on the Xbox and cussing trolls out on COD, while they are being a troll, the parent pulls out their smart phone and plays this classic to death. Tetris is also very addicting, that is what makes both casual and hardcore gamers love it. It also helps you become smarter, have you ever seen another video game do that?! This game is great and is very casual and all the casual gamers I know love Tetris. That is why Tetris is the numero uno casual game on this list. Tetris is also one of those games that will just never go away, ever!

Also, here is a link to watch a video of the history of Tetris, it's crazy what happened to this simple game.

That is my top ten list of casual games, I hope you liked the list. It took sometime into making it and hopefully you will be entertained by this blog. Thanks for reading. Casual games FTW! They also print money, and thats a fact.

Top 10 Greatest Mario Kart Tracks

My last top ten list wasn't that good,and that is because I rushed it to much. But this one will be different. Anyway, Mario Kart is a very successful series. There are bad tracks,good tracks,awesome tracks,and the memorable tracks. These ten of my favorite Mario Kart Tracks. Lets do this.


10.Mario Circuit 2(Super Mario Kart,Mario Super Circuit,Mario Kart 7)

I swear I saw this in Mario Kart DS. Anyway, I really like Mario Circuit 2. It is really fun to race in and a challenge as well. You got to drift perfectly if you want to drift on this course. There is alot of sand that will stop you from drifting. What I like about the stage is the animation. It looks great and the contraptions are very cool. I like this course but there are nine more that are better.

Luigi's Mansion Map MKDS.png

9.Luigi's Mansion(Mario Kart DS,Mario Kart 7)

Mario Kart DS is my favorite Mario Kart game ever,and this stage was one of my favorites in the game when I had the game. I love this stage. This stage is based on the game Luigi's Mansion. What makes the course so great is the the music that fits in with the large and insane looking track. The drifting in this course is great and the track looks awesome. Luigi's Mansion is great.


8.Airship Fortress(Mario Kart DS,Mario Kart 7)

Airship Fortress was another one of my favorite tracks in Mario Kart DS(man I have got to make a Mario Kart DS top ten track list,oops,spoiler!). Airship Fortress is just so much fun to play on. As soon as you see the Bullet Bills flying at you, you know you are going to be in for a heck of a ride. From dodging bullet bills,to jumping over Rocky Wrenches, to flying in midair, this course is an awesome tribute to the great level from Super Mario Bros 3.


7.Banshee Boardwalk(Mario Kart 64,Mario Kart DS)

I havn't played in Banshee Boardwalk in forever. But I do remember really liking it and some other things about the track as well. Banshee Boardwalk was another one of my favorite Mario Kart DS tracks(I never played the original and have also never played Mario Kart 64). The track was hard and really fun. The eerie music you hear while racing in the insanity of this track is great. The crap you have to go through in this course is insane. You will fall alot. There is also flying bats that will attack you in the middle of the race. That not insane enough for you, there is also a giant Cheep Cheep that will eat you in the beginning of the race. Besides the insanity, this course is awesome and really dark and a great course overall.


6.SNES Raindbow Road(Super Mario Kart,Mario Super Circuit,Mario Kart 7)

I love the original Rainbow Road,in fact I love all the Rainbow Roads,but I just wanted to put the one I loved the most on this list. Anyway, this Rainbow Road is my favorite out of all of them. The suspense with yourself when you try not fall to your death. The star thwomps are cool also. The drifting in the game is very hard,so be careful. I also have a secret at beating my friends at Mario Kart in this stage,but I will never tell. All secrets aside, I love the original Rainbow Road. It's fun,challenging,insane,and has great visuals.


5.Mushroom Gorge(Mario Kart Wii,Mario Kart 7)

I actually first played this course on the Wii, and it was respect at first sight. Everything I love about Mario Kart tracks are in this one. The music in this game is great. It fits this track perfectly. I love the animation, it looked great. I also love the mushrooms you can jump on. They are so cool and a great addition to the track. There is so much jumping and speed in this level and it looks great and is extremely fun to play on. Mushroom Gorge is awesome.


4.Wario Stadium(Mario Kart 64,Mario Kart DS)

I totally forgot about this course,then I played in it again and forgot how cruel and hard it was. There is a jump path in this game and if you get hit with an item, game over. This course is one of the most challenging tracks in Mario Kart history. Besides the course being challenging, it is also very fun and intense. I love playing in this course. It is very fun and I hope they put it in the next Mario Kart. That would be great.


3.Waluigi Pinball(Mario Kart DS,Mario Kart 7)

This track is fantastic! I love Waluigi Pinball. This track will always be in my memory. The graphics are really good and the music is great. The difficulty level in this track gets more difficult the more you play through it. I love the idea of the track looking live a pinball machine(hence the name Waluigi Pinball). I really like this course but there are two more that stomp this course.


2.Coconut Mall(Mario Kart Wii,Mario Kart 7)

My favorite Mario Kart Wii track. I love Coconut Mall. It is a really fun course. The contraptions in this mall are insane. Who knew you could ride up an escalator. The mall has fantastic animation and the hidden secrets in the game are cool. This course is really fun to play on like I said before and it also has me entertained from start to finish.

Now, what you have all been waiting for. Number ONE and Number one is


















1.Bowser Castle 1(Mario Kart Super Circuit,Mario Kart 7)

This is my track. I can fly through this with my friends easily. And the Ai in this track never stand a chance against me no matter how many blue shells they throw at me. I like all the Bowser Castles, but nothing compares to Bowser Castle 1. This course looks great, plays great, and is very fun. I love the texture of the lava and the fireballs that spew out in the middle of the course. This track is just so much fun and is so cool, that is why Bowser Castle 1 is number, it has a special place in my heart.

Now here is a long list of Honorable Mentions

Choco Mountain


Delfino Plaza


Rainbow Road(Mario Kart 7)


Baby Park


Dino Dino Jungle


Daisy Cruiser


All the other Rainbow Roads

Block Fort


Pipe Plaza


Yoshi Falls


Luigi Raceway


Frappe Snowland


Palm Shore


All the Other Bowser Castles

EDIT:Luigi Circuit is another one of my favorites.

Luigi Circuit


Told you it was a long list of Honorable mentions. Whatever,thank you for reading this blog. If you have any Mario Kart tracks I should have put in the list,comment below. Well,keep on racing guys,keep on racing.

Top 10 Enemies of Video Games

There are alot of enemies you have to kill in video games.It is either jumping on them,slashing them with a blade,shooting them,or just walking into them. But there are ten that are truly great,so here are the top ten baddies of video games.

10.Black Pipo Monkeys(Ape Escape series)

I really love the Ape Escape franchise. The monkeys are really fun to catch,but the monkeys I have the most fun catching are the Black Pipo Monkeys. The monkeys are in every single game and they always are a challenge(sometimes). I mean look how cool he looks,he has a machine gun for petes sake. That is a cool enemy.

9.Boomerang Bros(Super Mario 3D Land)

These are brand new enemies from Super Mario 3D Land. When I first saw them, I thought to myself "Did they replace the Hammer Bros". Well, they didn't. Anyway, I have alot of fun jumping on these boomerang flicking enemies heads. They also leave a boomerang flower if you kill one that has one,isn't that cool. They also are quite the challenge.

8.The Heartless(Kingdom Hearts)

The Heartless are the definition of malicious evil baddies. Most baddies are just there to help their boss,but these guys just work for themselves and steal alot of hearts. The Heartless look really cool and I can't pick one to be on this list so they are all in this one number. Why so low, well because sometimes they are just to easy to kill.

7.Monoeye(Kid Icarus series,Super Smash Bros.Brawl)

These are the Monoeye. They are enemies that show up in the Kid Icarus games and in the Subspace Emmisary in Smash Bros.Brawl. The Monoeye are easy to kill,but they look so cool. And they are alot of fun to attack in the Air Battles in Kid Icarus Uprising. I really like Monoeye and that is why he is on the list.

6.Chainsaw Guy(Resident Evil 4)

This is the Chainsaw Guy. This dude is psycotic. If he go nears you,good luck. He will kill you on the spot if he gets you. He cuts your head of with that ginormous chainsaw of his,how insane is that. Be equipped with a shotgun or a rifle,because it will take more then a pistol to kill this maniacal freak. He is not a nice guy at all.

5.Red Koopa Troopa/Koopa Paratroopa(Super Mario Bros. franchise)

Now what list would be complete without a Mario enemy. And personally, I really like the Red Koopas. For one thing,they have guts. Unlike the green koopas who just kill themselves. And also,the Paratroops are always fun to attack because it is sort of a challenge to kill them. They are awesome.


4.Tiki Doom(Donkey Kong Country Returns)

Tiki Doom are enemies from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Now only are they huge, they are fun to jump on. It takes three jumps to kill these things, but it is all worth it after you continue this awesome game. I personally think that Tiki Dooms are the best enemies in DKCR. Go Tiki Dooms!

3.Bricksworth(Mutant Mudds)

Bricksworth is just so cool to look at. Anyway, Bricksworth is a Mutant made of Mudd from the game Mutant Mudds. These things are cool looking and it takes about four shots to kill these things(a challenge). Bricksworth is also an original but simple enemy. I like that alot.

2.The Zombies(Plants vs.Zombies)

What else can I say, the zombies of Plants vs. Zombies are downright hilarious. These things look so funny. How they die is funny to(play the game,you will see what I mean). I love the zombies of Plants vs. Zombies. That is all I can say.

and finally #1. But first lets break down the other nine.

At number ten we have cool machine gun shooting pesky animals the Black Pipo Monkeys. At number nine, we have the new and cool hammer bros alter egos the Boomerang Bros. Number eight, we have the menacing heart stealing Heartless. At number seven, we have the weak but awesome looking Monoeye. Number six, we have the psycotic chainsaw weilding Chainsaw Guy. Number five, we have the original tough turtles the Red Koopas/Koopa Paratroopas. Number four, the gigantic hawaian decorations the Tiki Doom. Number three, we have the mutant made of mudd Bricksworth. And number two, the stupid but hilarious Zombies. Now here is number one. Drum Roll Please. Okay there is no drum, but there are lines.














1.Baby Dragon Chefs(Rayman Origins)

I love the Baby Dragon Chefs. They are awesome. Their animation looks great too. They do alot of awesome things to. They breathe fire, step on toothpaste and fire comes out of it,etc. They are my favorite enemies in Origins and are my favorite enimies of all time. BTW,if you have never played Rayman Origins I strongly recommend playing it.

Anyway,that is my list of the ten greatest enemies. If you have any good enemies I should have mentioned, comment below on this blog. Thank you for reading this, see you later.

Stuff that I have been doing and stuff

I have been playing lots of games recently.Today,I beat VVVVVV. I really enjoyed it. It was fun and challenging. I can now go back to playing DKC Returns. I havn't played Luigi's Mansion in a while and thinking of giving it back to my friend(my friend let me borrow the game). It's not that I don't like the game,I just never have time to play it. I also dowloaded this game called Mutant Mudds a couple of days ago. It's pretty fun for such a simple concept. Here are some games I play on buying.

I plan on getting this game tommorow. I have heard alot of good things about the Bit.Trip series from a user and it does look fun. I hope I can get it tommorow. I also pre ordered Animal Crossing 3DS. I love Animal Crossing and can't wait for this next installment.

Did anyone see the new trailer to Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2? If you haven't, here is the link to the japanese trailer.

That is really all I wanted to talk about.See you guys later.

Video Game History:Bubsy

Ok,I have actually never played a Bubsy game.But,from all the reaserch and videos I have gathered and watched,I can say the game is crap. If you have played Bubsy already,then you already know what I am going to say,but,if you don't know what Bubsy is,it's time to get educated.

Do you see that creature in the white shirt with the exclamation point on it,that my friends is the one and only Bubsy Bobcat.Bubsy Bobcat was a platformer game created by Michael Berlyn and developed by video game company Accolade. Bubsy was released during the mascot craze.The Mascot Craze is a big part of this report.The Mascot Craze is when video game developers around the world set out trying to create the next Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. How this Mascot Craze really started was when Sonic the Hedgehog was released.When this game came out,people started releazing that Mario and Sonic were making big bucks and they wanted a piece of the profit.And thous,the Mascot Craze began. Now most of these mascots failed. These mascots were Aero the Acrobat,Awesome Possum,Gex,Bubsy,Sparkster the Rocket Knight,Titus the Fox,Zool,etc,etc there was just so much. Everyone tried and almost everyone failed. The ones who did make it big were the mascots you see today. Rayman,Mega Man,Bomberman,Crash Bandicoot,etc. Bubsy was one of the mascots that failed.

The first Bubsy game that was released was this crap

This was Bubsy's first game and I didn't like it as soon as I saw the cover and glad I never will play it. This game is just a rip off of Sonic the Hedgehog. It is really dumb,and look at that stupid title, the thing about Bubsy is that the creators of the Bubsy games love to use puns and the title for this game is one of them.Bubsy's puns and voice got worse in every game he was in. Bubsy also had this really annoying catchphrase. This game was released for SNES and Sega Genesis,alot gamers hated this game. Gamers begged to god that their wouldn't be a sequal,but a sequal was released anyway.

Here is a link to the gameplay of the first game.

This is the sequal to the first Bubsy,no subtitle in this game. I heard this was better then the other Bubsy games,but I won't be fooled. This game looks crappy also. The graphics look stale and the music is trash. I don't know much about this game as I do with the first one.

Here is a link for the gameplay of Bubsy 2

This is Bubsy 3 with another subtitle. This game was released for the Jaguar(a failure of a game console and considered one of the worst game consoles ever). This brought back crap from the first game. This game also looks like garbage and I am glad that I don't own this or a Jaguar. 64 Bit my ass.

Here is a link for the gameplay of Bubsy 3

Now here is a game considered as one of the worst video games of all time.

This is Bubsy 3D. This was released for the PSX. I saw the gameplay for this and I could say this game looks boring as hell. It also is a rip off of Super Mario 64. The graphics are crap,the music is crap,and Bubsy's voice is really irritating. Regular gamers and critics hated on this game big time. Lots of critics have put it on their list as one of the worst games ever.

EDIT:I forgot to put a link for gameplay of Bubsy 3D.So here is the link of gameplay for Bubsy 3D(WARNING:Bubsy's voice is as annoying as it gets).

Bubsy also had his own cartoon.The creators only released the pilot episode because critics and other people hated this cartoon. And when I mean hated,I mean really hated. I hated it also, I saw it today. Three minutes in and I was done. The only thing good about the cartoon was the animation, the animation actually looked better then the graphics in the games. There was never another episode of the Bubsy cartoon ever again aired.

Here are the links to all the parts of the cartoon.(WARNING:You will hear Bubsy's annoying catcphrase ALOT!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

There hasn't been a new Bubsy game for 15 years and everyone has totally forgot about him. To those who remember the torturous levels, the horrendous voice acting, the crappy graphics, and the annoying catchphrase of Bubsy will still be burned from Bubsy. To those who havn't, I am trying to help you stay away from this game. Then again, why trust a guy who has never played a Bubsy game. Or maybe you should trust me from all the reserch and opinions I just gave you. But you should stay away from this game. This has been the video game history of Bubsy, thanks for reading.