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Hi! Have You Seen a Little Girl? Long, Dark Hair?

I am reviving this section of the blog on the off chance there is still anyone lingering around. I am now co-host (as GracieKat) at where we feature primarily indie books, movies and games. Our most recent game-related reviews were of Calendua (link below) and a LootGaming unboxing. If you're interested I will continue to update this blog with what we're doing over there. Last week we featured a Geek Merch We Need list and this week was Our Favorite Female Baddies (you guys might recognize a few of the names).

So head on over and hang out! You can also stalk me on Twitter @GracieKat13 where the conversation usually turns to tentacles and IG @graciekat666 (mostly books and other geeky pics)

Fatal Frame IV

It's been a long time since I've done a blog but Fatal Frame IV being cancelled for the US and Europe ticked me off so bad it made me want to do one just to rant.

I can't believe they are not releasing an entry into the greatest survival horror series ever. The reasoning mystifies me. When I look around the boards I see hundreds of people upset about this so I can't see it as them being afraid of losing money. After The Tormented's lukewarm reception people were still eagerly awaiting this game. That goes to show our loyalty to the series and now they've totally spit in our face. Apparently our loyalty doesn't mean jack to them. Did they just wimp out? Was it worries over sales? WHAT? They're not even giving us a decent answer on why they're not releasing it.

I think they chickened out and went for the more saleable and games. There are a hundred different variations of sports, Mario and Wiimote themed titles flooding the Wii market. And many of them are the same or just not very good. I promise ou, Nintendo. Mario will lose his appeal eventually. Then where will you be? You can't survive on Mario party forever.

I'm Back--Again

I finally have internet and a computer that will run for more than half an hour without crashing. Life is good. We also recently got a Wii, too. It's really nice for the family but I'm still longing for a PS3. Not much else to say except that it's still colder than the freakin' Antarctica here.

I hate winter and I hate snow and I hate cold.

Back in Business

Wow! Finally back! It's been nearly a year. You can blame crappy dial-up internet and then no internet for my hiatus from here. Sorry to anyone who PM'd me I just got them tonight so if you PM'd me and I didn't answer don't take it personally, okay? :oops:

In other news though, not much is really going on here. I hate winter and snow and everything cold. Plus my son is in school now so I have to get up and drive him to school because our suckysuckysucky school district does not have bussing. How lame is that? :roll: As of now I'm playing Fatal Frame and trying to complete my ghost list (you'd think I'd have done so by now, wouldn't you?) and I'm also playing Silent Hill:Origins. I'm on my second playthrough.

Well, that's about it for me. Hope you warm weather people are enjoying it, because it sucks in the snow!

It's Been Awhile

I finally made it back. Thank God for the snowbound days of winter! Glorious days filled with nothing but vegging in front of the TV, being on the computer and games,games,games! My only complaint is that it's been far too cold for skiing (-6 today).

I just finished Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. I'm going to play through them again though to get the other endings in Silent Hill and see what's up with Silent Hill 2. My guide says that if you get all 5 endings the scratches should be removed from the writings around town. Well, I've gotten the endings but the blocked out writing is still blocked out!? :? So I'm going to see if maybe I missed one. I had a couple and my game got erased so I redid it but maybe I missed one. We'll see. Other than that I've been playing MGS: Portable Ops and WTF on the PSP. And wondering when the heck Silent Hill:Origins is coming out!

Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile but I finally got a few minutes to at least come on and do this real quick. It's been crazy, crzy around here lately. Inuyasha's been taking up a lot of my time lately. I just got seasons 1 & 2 and now I'm looking for the rest because I'm hopelessly addicted. I've also been playing Inuyasha:Secret of the Cursed Mask. So far it's not too bad but they could have made it so much better. I'll do a review when I'm finished. Well, that's about it with me. Just family stuff and playing outside when it's warm is taking up a lot of my time.

I'm also playing Obscure, too. Thought I'd finally finish it.

Silent Hill and Advent Children...Oh my!

 Well, other than a fair amount of bs from certain people it's been a fairly quiet week. Last Saturday I saw Silent Hill. Let me tell you, imo that movie went a looong way to restoring my faith in the video game/movie world. It was very awesome, imo, and I won't get into anything and spoil it but definitely a have to see (I hate the phrase must-see, ick).

 And then Tuesday Advent Children came in. *sigh* My only complaint was too short and not enough summons. It did have the most important one though.

Now the only thing needed to make my life complete is a totally awesome Fatal Frame movie. And hopefully that's on it's way. I think if the do an MGS movie or DMC then they should do them in CGI. There's just certain characters that can't be played by a human and still be the same.

As for games I'm still working on Digital Devil Saga which is getting pretty damn interesting. I haven't been able to find DDS 2 tho! :cry: Hopefully by the time I'm done with this one it'll be around again. I can't wait for FF12 and Dirge of Cerberus to come out.

I would definitely watch SH and Advent Children though. Thgey're both awesomeness itself.

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you guys know that I'm going to have to drop a few unions off my list but don't take it as a reflection on any member or the union itself. I just don't have much time anymore. Everything's been kind of nuts around here lately and now that spring is finally here and it's warmer I like to be outside more with my husband and son.

I just got Trapt the other day and so far is ok. I'll do a review when I'm done. Also got to the end of Clock Tower but saved in a very bad spot so I had to restart. Untold Legends is pretty cool and Digital Devil Saga is very cool.

Hey there

 It's been awhile but things have just been nuts around here. I got to see my niece and nephew after almost 9 months and this weekend was my sons birthday party. He's 4 now and I've gotta say totally spoiled rotten by his grandparents. My mom and dad got him a tv and dvd player for his room and tomorrow me and her are going in on a Gamecube for him together (which isn't to say I can't borrow it :D )And we're also going to pick out a kitten tomorrow.

I also have very sad news to report. My evil mutant hamster, Kusabi, died a few days ago. :( So I guess the cat is safe from it.


All moved in and ready to go! Now maybe I can spend some time doing fun stuff before my kid comes home. Tomorrow is MGS:Subsistence day! YES! As soon as that door opens I'm there!
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