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Game: Arma 2 Mod: DayZ Orgins Server Name: Magnificent Bastards Dayz Origins Foxhole Difficulty: [VETERAN|3DP:ON|CH:ON][2HR DAY/NIGHT|4 HOUR RESTART] Map: Taviana Come Join us in our NEW ORIGINS SERVER "Magnificent Bastards" Dayz Origins Server! Super Active Admins (Zero Admin Abuse) with Stable Servers. 4 Hour Automatic Restarts, "NEW" Datebase, Sector B, Housing, PVP and more. Our server is looking for more clans and groups to join us (solo players also wanted). Join us on are forums www.codekillers.net/dayz-origins for any help, questions, suggestions or applications. If you would like to communicate with us or just hang out join our RaidCall server. VOIP: RaidCall ID: 6261032