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For all the people saying all of the EA games are trash and such, you're right. Burnout Paradise was such a horrible game =/ *end sarcasm*

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if u buy the arcade and add a harddrive on seperate it will void microsofts warranty. your only supposed to hook up things that came with it. Anything seperate, excluding memory cards/controllers pretty much voids the warranty.
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The only thing I really play now is Hardcore Search and Destroy so I use the M4 with red dot sight, and with Claymores (3 frags on smaller levels), UAV Jammer, and extreme Conditioning.
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has been translated into 22 different languages. I'm glad they could translate the sims talk into 22 different languages. LoL.

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I'm with D3MO, don't do it. I have much respect for the troops but none for the war. I don't know what your thoughts are but I would never put myself in harms way fighting for a cause I did not believe in. But, maybe you do believe in the cause. Not my place to judge.GSU28

I don't believe in the cause, but I enlisted in the Army about a month ago. I didn't do it for the college money (like many do) or the many other great benefits that come with it, but I joined to help out my brothers and sisters fighting over there. I don't care if they joined for college money, or if they joined because they believed in the cause of the war, or even if they just wanted to be in the military. Point is, they are over there fighting and I wanted to help.

I do respect your opinion though, I'm glad you support the troops even though you don't like the war. The protesters with "Thank God for IED's" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" signs really piss me off...

But on topic, Just talk to your recruiter. He'll break you down. I've seen a few people at my station that are overweight and they make you exercise alot. Plus, (use this for motivation), if you pass a Physical Fitness Test before you leave, you will be promoted from an E-1 to an E-2. Not much, but its $200 more a month, your promoted, and you know you are in decent shape before you leave (not the best, but decent.)

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It means you're dead or spectating.
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Just like 1 song, this thread is useless without pics or vids of said lighting and possible pyro effects............X360PS3AMD05

Okay...i have one picture on my phone that I'll add to this message, but I got my digital camera knocked out of my hands and the battery fell out so I wont have any of those until tomorrow.

He rose up on the platform from under the stage to start the encore.

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It was in Kansas City. The last time he was here (6 years ago) he walked off stage after 3 songs and vowed never to come back because the crowd kept rushing the stage. The police used rubber bullets and tear gas to calm the crowd. If anyone here likes his music though, I recommend you catching him on tour. He played for a solid 1 hr. 40 minutes and the light effects and stage effects were amazing.

Has anyone else here seen Manson live?

Edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot3jjnOVCZI

There's a video someone posted on youtube for the guy saying this thread was useless. On one of his slow songs he had fake snow blowing down which was pretty cool too.

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Depends on the difficulty you play on. On Easy and Normal its fine, but when you play on hardened and Veteran enemies respawn so quickly that the best tactic is usually to run foreward, trigger an enemy spawn point, hide until your teammates catch up to you and run forward until the enemies stop spawning, almost as if you're attempting a speed run. It becomes less about your ability to shoot accurately or use real tactics and more about how lucky you can get.

i disagree, i played on hardened.

I agree with him. I beat it on Veteran difficulty and there were some spots in the game where you just had to sprint to the extraction point and hope you made it. (For example, the level where you have to go to the top of the hill to the farm house, then make it back to the bottom, and the level where you had to rescue the pilot).

Also, to the people who think the campaign is too short, try it on hardened or veteran. It will take you alot longer than 5-6 hours. It took me two days just to get past "No Fighting in the War Room" on Veteran. If you don't beleive I beat it on Veteran my gamertag is Bl00Dmoney377 . The two 0's in Blood are zeros not letters.

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[QUOTE="Daffy101"]I bought mine new at Kmart for seven dollars.muthsera666

How long ago?

Probably about 2 or 3 months ago. I work there and it got marked down to clearence so I picked it up.