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    DaMan's Collection: Deathsmiles

    Deathsmiles Limited Editionwhat's limited about it? It came with a xb 360 coverDeathsmiles IIX was put on sale without being translated still playable as a shooter.plot a bunch of girls are trapped i...

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    I guess i'll start readding the games

    I never received any reply and I was trying to wait longer, but noticed I added a game from Games I want Deathsmiles IIX moved it to games I Own...after that I figured I should add the 1st so 2 down a...

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    Xbox Insider CBT for PSO2 on XB1

    I just enrolled into it.(Close Beta Test)yeah yeah I saw the complaints about it being old, but I never took the time to play it on PC.while I am very interested to see how this goes, this will be my ...

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    Mortal Kombat XL

    for XB1 purchased for $5.99 which came along with a bunch of free dlc.Collection still waiting before trying to re-add stuff maybe i'll post it elsewhere in case something like this happens again ?

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    717 games deleted? stack fall down and crash???

    apparently there is some error on gamespot and while I was trying to add some more games only to have the whole thing disappear.I meant to addThe Final StationJoy ride TurboDoom (2016)Insane RobotsToy...

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    Thanks Yu Suzuki for Shenmue III

    Not once but twice you've put out a game that I got without having the console to play it on.1st time OutRun 2 the Original Xbox2nd Shenmue III PS4When I became a backer my choices were PC and PS4 thi...

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    I've Joined Ultimate Game Pass

    Yeah most on xbox live have seen the seen the game pass $1 for 1 month deal I've nearly came close a few times.my complaints were.1. month to month payments i'm used to have Live and paying once and b...

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    700th game added to collection

    INSIDE with Games with Gold sure there are few I'm still not able to add, but officially I've added 700 games.doesn't seem like that many though.

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