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My Current GameSpot Status: MIA

Hey what's up guys?

Yeah, sorry I haven't been on Gamespot for a while. Currently I have been too busy to post. Most of the time, I just come to check out some new game info, but that's usually for a split sceond.

So anyway, I am posting this to announce that I will be MIA (Missing In Action). I have been caught up in too much work, for school and outside (AP English Language, AP US, AP Biology, other classes, and other mentions), to regularly post. I will still come on from time to time to post, but, as of now, it is very unllikely I will be showing up daily. You will still see my on my video game accounts, so if you need something, just try asking me there. I will step down from many Union statuses, as I feel that the position would do better in another person's hands.

I may still be using this blog, but as of now, nothing is for certian. Anyway, this post isn't a goodbye, but more of a see you later. Thanks for checking by.

622, Out.