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My Current GameSpot Status: MIA

Hey what's up guys?

Yeah, sorry I haven't been on Gamespot for a while. Currently I have been too busy to post. Most of the time, I just come to check out some new game info, but that's usually for a split sceond.

So anyway, I am posting this to announce that I will be MIA (Missing In Action). I have been caught up in too much work, for school and outside (AP English Language, AP US, AP Biology, other classes, and other mentions), to regularly post. I will still come on from time to time to post, but, as of now, it is very unllikely I will be showing up daily. You will still see my on my video game accounts, so if you need something, just try asking me there. I will step down from many Union statuses, as I feel that the position would do better in another person's hands.

I may still be using this blog, but as of now, nothing is for certian. Anyway, this post isn't a goodbye, but more of a see you later. Thanks for checking by.

622, Out.

Quick Picture of My Current/Last Gen Systems

Here is just a quick picture of my current/last generation game consoles. I took it while I was moving my stuff around so yea.

Anyway from top: Left to Right: PS3, White PSP, Black PSP, Wii, DS Lite, DS, Xbox360

Bottom: Left to Right: PS2, Gamecube (with monitor), and Xbox.

New War-Themed Profile Page

Finally got some time, but not much, to update my images/sigs/banners in my profile. 

    Not really much to say, except that my sig making skills have greatly increased.  I now have about 3 different types of sigs; Blend, Smudge, and Abstract.  I may put some of those up later on, but for now its set on random in my signature.

Level 27 Sheng Long

"You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance"

The good old Sheng Long conspiracy.  If you don't know already, Sheng Long was thought to be a Street Fighter in the Street Fighter series.  The reason being is that Ryu indicates Sheng Long in his victory speech.  However he is refering to one of his moves.

It still a great conspiracy, and I'm proud to be at this rank.  Oh and here is the magazine page that supposeably allowed you to fight Sheng Long.

Dang Viruses...

            Man I hate viruses. 

    Alright so last Thursday, I was surfing the net and all of a sudden my computer goes haywire.  Freezing, slow-motion, etc.  So I had to manually turn it off, and restart the computer.  Now being superstitious, I start up my anti-virus system to see the problem... Turns out I was hit by a whole bunch of Trojan viruses and some adware.
    I was so pissed off about that, and had to wait a couple of days to fully fix it.  Now I hope that they are all gone.  The computer is working good and all but you can never be too cautious.

Commerating 9/11 and VGTA Board

This blog is to commerate 9/11 and its victims. Even after so many years, it still affects the lot of us. I'm sorry for those victims and families, and hope for the best to them and everyone. We will never forget this day, even for years to come.
Also along with 9/11 has came the deletion of one of the first boards I posted at, the VGTA board. The VGTA board, aka Voytec2k's Grand Theft Auto Board, was a UCB dedicated to GTA. Even when it contained some game topics, it still hit the point for GTA info. The people were helpful and cool, it was just a good place to hang out after work and stuff. However it is gone now, and there's no changing it. So I salute the board. and Profiles

Well I just got around to looking for stuff.  And decided to go to and  The sites are pretty cool.  They have kept me up to date, and have helped me. 

I just got to my profile, and started customizing it.  Now I have to new banners on each page.  I think I may use them more often now.  That's all for now.

Oh and here's the links to my pages:;profile

Resigning from various unions

I'm resigning from various unions.  I do not have much time on my hands to post at the unions, so I have to resign.  If I have not resigned yet, then I will not resign from that union.

I'm sorry I have to resign and that I have not posted much, but there are problems going on right now.

Will soon be uploading Walkthrough/Speed-Run Videos

Well I decided I should start doing this just for fun.  I know how to get Silent Assassin on a lot of the Hitman levels, and I could show some easy ways to get achievements through the Xbox Live Arcade.

So I should be doing this, once I start thinking about what to do.  Its not for sure though, but I might.
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