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DUV-Productions Blog

It's A Tough Job

For the Call of Duty series, it's a hard job to keep users satisfied. When Call of Duty 4 came out everyone was happy because it had a terrific story line and it was the start of an amazing online gameplay. Then came World At War, which wasn't very satisfying for COD users. The campaign was okay but for me I didn't know what the hell was going on, I kept jumping from character to character. I started out as an American then poof I was in Russia with Reznov, and that leaves the online gameplay and I thought they did a terrible job on that too. The only thing I found enjoyable out of WAW was the new Zombies mode. You could join up with your buddies and shoot the crap out of the undead and choose your arsenal of weapons to do so. Now that put the pressure onto Infinity Ward, they had to not only out beat there own Modern Warfare but create gameplay better than Treyarch's WAW (which was going to be an easy job), and they did. Infinity Ward blew the doors down with the release of the sequel of Modern Warfare, MODERN WARFARE 2! It had an unbeatable story line, online, and there Spec Ops mode gameplay dominating. I can, I can't even think of any flaw's for that game. Then came Treyarch's come back with there Black Ops release which wasn't half bad. Everyone had an enjoyable time playing it which put the pressure on Infinity Ward. Activision backed out and didn't want to help make Modern Warfare 3 which is sad because it was going to be great considering where MW2 left off. So Infinity Ward had a lot of pressure sitting on them, they had to drop this monster of a game and drop it on top of four COD game plus any other FPS games that were dominating systems. So before you say something like MW3 is garbage think about how much hard work they had to put into that game. If you have anything to say put it in the comments below. ADD mogulman14 only on the PS3!

A New Beginning

Ah yes, zombies. This is a video game I would like companies to make. Sure there's the good ones like Resident Evil, COD Zombies, and Left For Dead but i would like a company to create a brand new franchise of zombie games. Like really, what gamer doesn't like running around with a shotgun blowing zombies heads clean off there bodies? A company that I think should make a zombie franchise is Treyarch. yeah they make zombies in there Call Of Duty games but I think Infinity Ward has got COD covered, so Treyarch should throw that off the table and place down an amazing zombie apocalypse game. They already have there great COD zombies mode so why not go on to make an awesome zombie game. They can make a big story mode that shows how the infection started and go on from there, survival mode, (like the COD Zombies) and maybe have an online that could be survivors vs. the infected. Anyways thats my dream and I hope that Treyarch and other companies look into zombie games because they would make for an amazing new franchise. DUV-Productions out!

Modern Warfare Vs. Black Ops

This is one big franchise I must say. When Infinity Wards, Modern Warfare 2 came out it had sold 7.4 million copies in its first 24 hours. Then when Treyarch's Black Ops was announced they sold 12 million copies! And that was just with pre-ordering the game. And now with the third game in the Modern Warfare series I think that Infinity Ward can combine 7.4 and 12 million and double that when MW3 hits stores. (November 8th 2011) Personally I always loved MW2 more than Black Ops because I liked the feel for MW2 more, it had a terrific story line and the ending was the best video game i have ever played, I had a great time playing the spec-ops mission's with my friends, and the multiplayer was awesome. The one thing I did like about the Black Ops multiplayer was it was very balanced. For instance, when u hit a 25 kill streak you cannot end the game. The last thing I have to say is I loved Black Ops zombies! Me and my friends played zombies for hours on end and it was so much fun. So those are my thoughts between Modern Warfare and Black Ops, leave your comments below to tell me what are your thoughts on the two games

Uncharted 3

When I saw the first trailer for this game I was like, wow! It looked like an amazing game. Then when I got to try the beta I was like, "holy cow, the game has changed lots." At first I didn't like how the game played but then I thought for awhile, maybe it was time for a change because there's now been two games that pretty much play the same which is good considering the second game won over fifty awards and now its seems like they wanna change how the game plays. So now I'm stoked to see what they do in the third game and I hope to see another great story line!