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Hello Guys. Miss Me?

Its been awhile, I lost all my details on how to get onto my profile and had to create a new account. Then I found my booklet that had all my details in. and now im back :D so keep an eye out guys, i'll be back doing reviews and blogs :)

Yo, Long Time No See

Hello guys =] sorry i've been away for another exstremly long time, haha. But this time i have got a perfectly good reason, I forgot my password =/ but i found my password in a notebook on my iPhone so i jumpped right back on it!

Geez theres so many things i wanna talk about but i realy cba to say any of it lol. Please bare with me on this one.
Anyways i'd like to talk about my handheld colection, Last time i was on here i didnt have a PSVita and now i do and i didnt have many games for the 3DS so here the list

Nintendo 3DS
Mario Kart 7
The Legend Of Zeldas: Ocarina Of Time
Chronicles Samurai Warriors
Kid Icarus Uprising
Tales Of The Abyss
Resident Evil Revelations
Harvest Moon 3D The Tale Of Two Towns
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Sony PSVita
Dynasty Warriors Next
Resistance: Burning Skies
Disgaea 3
Uncharted Golden Abyss

I did have more but i traded them in ages ago lol
anyways bye for now

PS: What you guys think of Comic-con?

401st Blog. Great Text Reading Games.

Hello there guys, this is my 401st blog i've made within 7 years, So i want to talk about some of the greatest text reading games you can play on your Nintendo DS, Heres the best 4

This is a prime exsample of a great Text based game, Hotel Dusk Room 215.
You play the game like you would witha book, Hold your NDS sideways and readit like a book, Smart eh? Its throws you in an hotel where nothing seems right at all. Considering i havnt played this game for years i hardly remember it, but it do know it was great, Solving puzzles and reading a great story that was init. The unquie black and white shaded graphics is great and it realy makes it look more like a book.

If you have not played a text driven game then start with this, 999, Its so heavily texted that the game feels more like a story book than any other games like it, You play as Jumpai, a boy trapped on a ship with nine pther people, You must make choices as you make your way to saftey, Your actions will change the story ending, some people might even die by your actions or even worse, You. Its lenghy and replayable story is great, Putting you in rooms with difficult, challenging yet simple puzzles.

Surely anyDS owners must have play Prof.Layton? if not what are you playing at? Prof.Layton games are so freaking awesome, Though not like Hotel Dusk nor 999 the story in these games are revolved around carefuly crafted brainteaser puzzles and riddles to solve with a great story thrown in, You move around towns, Cities and caves and talk to people who strangly enoguh, Everyone in England has a puzzle to present... Trust me, We dont hand out random puzzles to people..its just a game. But its a game worth checking out

One of my top 10 games for DS, Ace Attorney, I love them all. It sure makes you feel good once you found a contradition or reviled someone lying, Although all the games are the same with nothing changed or new at all, I'll still buy them all. I cant wait till Ace Attorney and Prof.Layton crossover comes out, That games gunna rule. I'd also like to see it out for Xbox360 with Kinect, Using your hands to point and shout objection or take that!, Being able to point at evidance or open doors to see inside, Its be awesome.

My Not So Happy Birthday Today

Hey guys, Today is my 23rd birthday but dont say Happy Birthday because its not so happy, Its the worse birthday of my life, Thanks to my so called dad ruining it.
I got up this morning and saw Happy Birthday! all over my facebook wall lol. Typicle.
At this time my Mum was at work and dad was downstairs whatching T.V and i was abit hungry so i went downstairs and got some toast and popped my head in the room and saw me dad watching TV, He said "Heyup" and i said it back and went upstairs....No happy birthday from him.

About 1:30 mum came home from work, I was in my room watching Supper nanny US and having a cig out the window, It was about half an hour when my dad knocked on the door asking me to come downstairs, I thought they was guna light my birthday candles and sing happy birthday but my girlfriend isnt here yet so i thought it was abit dodgy.
I went down stairs, Mum was nearly crying and my sister hasd her head down. Somethings not right, But i knew what it was all about before my dad said
"Raighan (My sisters name) You must stop going out everyday and sleeping at your mates, and you MUST show me more respect as you are a bad daughter!" My dad has a so called protective attitude with her that causes me dad and mum to argue all time. At this time there was still no motive from any of my family to say happy birthday to me, But at this time, Id rather not. Things has been wrong with our family for years now.

Well after a while of telling my sister she cant go out she shot up stairs and slammed her door, Leaving, Me, dad and mum in the room, Then he started mimking her and mum told him to grow up, Then i shouted back, "I need to grow up, Im the most grownup person here, Who does not lie, Disieve or betray!" Yet the only reason we lie to him is because we dont trust him, the reson? Well when ever mum tells him anything about my sister he goes to work telling his work mates how bad a mum my mum is, Then everyone starts slagging mum off, He told his other mate that my mums mate is **** or somthing and blamed mum for that, So he told mums mate and now there all fallen out, Mum has no mates because of my dad spreading stuff around and his mates interfering, Seariously, If i ever found where his mates lived...I'll make sure they cant walk.

Dad called about he needs respect from us all, But last time i checked, Respect is earnt by trust and helping one enoguher, Not by asking for it!. He does not deserve any respect at all, Pulling mum down, Running away from everthing, Threating that he's going to move out and not come back!, This is not how respect is earnt, This is a one way trip to hateness and if he wishes respect from me...Then he'll be waiting a hell of along time. My sister already told him he hates him, so good for her.

In the midst of all this, Mum finaly said sorry to me...and said Happy Birthday son....Well how do i react to this, My head was down and my dad also said "Yeah, Happy bloody birthday" very sacasticly, Lol well my head did not lift up to look at his, But eyes looked past my fringed and i glared, I stood up and said "I gotta finish what i was doing"

So i came stright up and started writing this....So yeah....What a great 23rd birthday i'm having.
Oh yeah one more thing, Hes practicly grounded us as a unit meaning we aint off out tonight for a meal for my birthday, So cheers dad, Thanks so freaking much for this wonderful birthday....Can you see why you dont have any respect from us!?
Well me and mygirlfriend are still of out for a meal. I'm old enough to do what i want.

My Vita Story

When Sony first reviled their next handheld, PSVita was quite put off by it, Because to me its just another PSP but with updated graphics and an iPhone touch mechanics. But after getting my hands on one at a GAME store that they used to promote the handheld i was kindda edging towards it.
Vita is exstremly light for its size and it was the first thing i noticed, It has a nice feel to it and smooth modern day look. The graphics where impresive enough and there is lots of good apps for it, Even though there are some minor things that might make me regret getting Sonys Vita, One, Its an updated PSP, The touch back, 2 versions, Wi-fi and Wi-Fi+3G and memory sticks that costs and arm and a leg. Intergrating with the PS3 also put me off, As of not liking the PS3 i think its gunna make me play the PS3 more, Which i dont wanna do as it sucks.

Well today i thought, hell, might as well preorder it, Its only gunna cost me about £80.
PSVista Wi-fi - £230
Trade in my:
PSP- £25
PSP Games- £40-£50
My Cards:
Trade in card- £40
Point Card- £20
Deposit- £10

So thats a good deal =p

So of course im gunna need games to play it.

100% Complete Resident Evil Revelations

On todays topic "What are my plans" is about what shall i do with the gaming world?

100% Resident Evil: Revelations

Well last night i have now completted the game on casual mode and now i have unlocked Hell Mode. So my next task is to get 100% completion, This is gunna take time but im sure i'll do it like i did with RE4 and 5. Need 2 more game difficulties to do and unlock Hydra shotgun in one and Infinate Rocket launcher in the other.
The Casual play through was pretty tricky but also very easy at points which needed to bemore challenging. Now thati have completed Casual i have now Unlocked Game Mode+ which carries over Weapons, Ammo, Herbs and Custom Parts. The bad thing is you have to do Game Mode+ and carry them over, there is no Episode Select or Start again with standard weapons, You have to carry them over. But this does not bother me, I need the extra help to complete Hellish Mode.

The other thing is the Missions, These are like Achivement/trophies with special rewards, You have Campaign Missions which require you to kill so many B.O.W's or kills with melee attacks, complete this episode, find hidden handprints and more. Completing each mission with unlock special ingame items, Like Custom parts to make your weapon stronger or larger ammo carse. Then you have Raid Missions which are obtainable during Raid mode which asks you to do certain tasks in Raid like Reaching a certain level or getting new Missions from people with Streetpass and Spotpass where they ask you to kill a certain monster, Raid Missions give you Extra BP to spend on new weapons, Rare weapons or new outfits.

The next thing i need to do is Raid mode. Try and get S Rank on all Maps. There is 3 different difficulties spanning over 15 maps. I also need to reach the highest Level which i dont know which that is lol. But every time you kill a monster you will gain EXP and gain levels, Reaching higher levels will allow you to equip high leveled weapons which do more manage,
Raid mode to me is much more better than the Mercs find in other RE games, instead of trying to gain as much points as possible in a small map in a certain amount of time, In Raid you and your partner try to reach the end of the map that is found through the campaign and battle incoming BOW's, The BOW's come in different sizes and stats, As you can see in the picture, The Hunter is Lv6 with a green sheild and is larger than the other standard Hunter, the Sheild means he will withstand more damage than normal and is tougher to take down, Theres also Power ones which do extra damage to you and Speed ones which are very small and very fast.

To brake it down, What i need to do is
-Complete All Difficulty Modes
-Complete All Missions
-Get All Weapons
-Get All Custom Parts
-Rech the highest Level
-Get S Rank On All Raid Maps.

I was also gunna write a review but for some reason Gamespot does not allow it yet, But i did rate it and gave it 9/10

Resident Evil: Revalation First Impresions

Well i got this game through the post this morning but could only play it for about half hour because i had work. but once i came home i sat down at the desktop and went on Star Wars for abit with a mate fo mine, Then a'lass, I finaly sat down with Revelations, A truley heart-to-heart and a mix of modern and old-school Resi evil games, Mixing in modern gameplay and gunfighting and clasic puzzle solving and creepy tight corners that you must navigate through.

Based on a massive liner, Clair and her partner Parker (an Italian Hunk) get a distress signal from Chris and Jess who are and somehow stranded in the meds ocean, after getting to the ship the realize that something is wroung, Theres no lights and the ship is adrift, Theres blood stains and bullet holes all over, After so much in you will come across your first B.O.W (Not zombies, they dont apear in the game) then later you get knocked out by some gas and wake up in a room, Alone and armless (Meaning no weapons, not that she has an arm missing)

Inset: Clair shooting a B.O.W (Bio Organism Weapon)
The game stays true to its old roots as the game looks a mixture of the Mansion in RE1 and the Container Ships in RE5
So the game caters very good for both fans of the eras.

A new gameplay machanic has been introduced in the game, Like the picture where Parker has been knocked to ground, You can pull out your sidearm and shoot and crawl to make a saftier get up.
The melee attacks are still in, When you walk over to a staggered B.O.W press X to lend a powerful punch or kick, This is to be used tatical as it saves valuable ammo, which is rare to come across.
Also new is the dodge feature which is the most important and most usefull thing to have, When you time it right pull up or down on the anolog to move out of the way. This is useful as you fight in coridoors and is trapped against a wall, Dodge out of the way and fire some led.

When you aim down sight the defalt setting is First Person, It may look great in 3D but i wanna play it ****cal way, Its a good job you can change it to Third Person isnt it!.

Speaking of 3D, Its defo the best 3D game yet, It really stands out ad even make the rendered animations look even better. The graphics are top notch, it could even be mistaken as 360/PS3 game (Minor the few edging) but the game does look brilliant, Great graphics, fantastic in 3D and smooth animations. They realy made use of the N3DS capabilities with Revelations.

Great Graphics
Good voice acting
Lenghy and ties in with the main story....story
3D works perfectly
Brilliant customizes
Genesis Tool is useful

AI partners are only decent for distractions
Lame street pass activities
Relays to much on the Genesis Tool

I've Converted And Addicted

No no, Its not what you think, I have not changed my religous view. I still believe in the Big Bang and theory of Evolution.
But i have now convirted to P.C gameing.

Star Wars: The Old Republic.
The best MMORPG i have ever played, I played Final Fantasy XI which was a poor MMO and is not worth the money or effort, I have played Guild Wars which was also a very good MMO and its free and World Of Warcraft, Which is OK but i got very bored of it quick, TOR is by far the best MMO ever. It has cutscenes and voice acting and even a story mode which has never been done in any MMO, EA and Bioware has done a superb job in making this game. I dont think i'll do a written review as theres lots of ground to cover before i can writie one.

I first started out playing as the Sith Warrior, I reached level 8 before i gave up on it as the all story for the Sith Warrior was slow and boring. If i ever go back to Sith later on in the futute i'll be playing as a bounty hunter instead.

So instead i started out as a Rebublic Trooper, Unlike the Sith Warrior where you use light siber you has Blasters and cannons so your more suitable for far distance, The gameplay and attacks for the troopers are better (in my opionion) and the story is more intresting as you play part of Havok squad.
If you wanna join my party look up "Kero"

The other game i'm playing on my PC

Hehe, How addictive is Minecraft? It looks rubbish and i was abit edgy about buying it, But i did and OMG its so freaking fun, Mine and Craft stuff and build what ever you want, I sunk in hours upon countless hours within 7 days of playing it. Building massive houses, Castles and silly models of Link and other sprite game characters.
I cant wait till the games out on XboxLIVE. I dont know if its comeing for thePSN because it is a microsoft game, so i dontknow.

Pictures Of Me

Heres some pictures of me, If your intrested =p

Sonic fan, Sonic shirt, Tattoo and bottoms

Me as an Emo

Picture taken from a Satio

A druken mess

New Years 2012