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Why do I stop playing Call of Duty and its....

not that I hate the game. With so many entries to COD, one per year. its obvious COD is being milked for a crap ton of money. I just dont get why they need to make one every year. It because they made one every year that I never bothered with the DLC for the game since I will be getting a new COD pretty soon. The control for COD is top notch and there is no denying it, its tight to the point that u can't really improve on it and plus they let u rearrange buttons. For a shooter control is the most important, COD players did just that. and it is why veterean COD players can just pickup the game and play it. but why do they make one every year? for MW and MW2 I kept the game for a long time be4 selling it back, MW 2 years and MW2 10 months. but BO I played it for 2 months and sold it right back. BO is got a great story. however the multiplayer didnt deliver for me, the COD point seemsredundant, for beginners they dont know what to do with the points and what to spend buying like guns and other stuff, wish they have an option where they let players try it out online instead in the campaigne. And what about the call signs, I like to earn my call signs by completingachievementsthat makes a player feels rewarded playing the game. if anyone can buy the call sign then what so unique about your call sign and mine. but they did do a good job on letting the players create their own emblem. With that being said I feel like COD is not worth me wasting my time and money with new story and insignificant updates. The maps cost 15 bucks, thats a full dl games and quarter of a real game, way to rip off the consumers. With that being said I hope the public realize what they are getting for COD and that they are being rip off by getting a COD every year.

Holiday 2010 is not a(my) gaming season

I have been waiting for holiday gaming season every year. This year is the most disappointed year ever. Crysis 2 and Littlebigplanet 2 got push back. So this holiday I only have AC: Brotherhood, CoD black Ops and Castlevania LoS to play. Thats only 3 games I usually play 5-6 titles per-holiday season since I have a month and a half free from school. This year not a lot of the good ones came out... don't count racing, not a big fan of it.... well next spring is gonna be fun.... Killzone 3, Littlebigplanet 2, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Dues Ex Human Revolution and Crysis 2... too bad I'm in school and wont be able to play them or finish them when summer comes.... I wont stay home and play games in summer unless at night and/or wanna hide away from the heat, since I also work during the summer too.... damn it sucks...

Final Fantasy XIII

For those of You who haven't heard. FFXIII is going to be Hot. the preview of the graphic is mad nice. but there is very little info now. we will have more as we go on.

I wanna hear what u guys think.