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life in Cyrodiil

Image  living in Cyrodiil,  i think it would be awesome. Not you being a main character but one of the NPC's. Life would be cool but i guess you would scared, cause you might get attacked or conquered.

Work Experience Completed!

As some of you may know, i applied and was accepted to do 1 week of work experience with a organisation called SEE FOUNDATION. This is an orangisation were they take care of people that suffer from multiple imparments and challenging behaviours e.g vision impared, hearing impared, autistic.
That is a brief lowdown of what SEE does for the community.

I just thought i would take some time and talk about it.
On Monday i stayed in because my team leader and the manager had to give me an induction (Introduction).
I won't go into specific detail but i went out with the consumers (the people we take care of) to different places such as the city, swimming, bowling. Etc.

What i really wanted to talk about in this blog is the staff, they seemed ok and some were awesome especially this one chick that i really liked. There was this staff member called stacey she was the annoying one, and i mean very annoying.

But then there was a chick that i actually got to work with that i loved and admired! her name was daniella.... she had an awesome personality with a good looking face and body, its a shame she is 23. She is from Chile and her Chile accent was awesome. You know i said to myself i wish i was alittle older so i can ask her out :P. Love at first sight you may call it. So this friday afternoon (my last day of work exp at SEE) i was speaking with her after we finished cleaning the whole work building place. I told her something that kinda slipped out....and i was thinking to myself omg omg what an idiot i am...shes going to kill me or slap me infront of everyone or maybe something worse! and would you believe it thats what she didn't do :o :P
Instead leaned over and said your sweet :oops: and gave me a kiss on the check and she said Merry Christmas.

Now that was a cool day. Thanks for reading .

Photobucket! you.....

Well it seems that my photobucket is being an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!
it says bandwith exceded!!! but..but i only have 16 pics hosted?

Can someone explain to me how this bandwith thing works before i jump of my roof :evil:
I will not jump of my roof i just said that to make it sound more dramatic and like holy **** lets save him omg!

Hyper stage initiated!

This is suppose to be my 2 months off from school and i am using it up by making a website :o

Yea its hard but enjoyable at times. I am not going to show you a preview cause i don't feel like showing you. :P Only Joking i would show you but it looks pretty empty at the moment.

I might start The Elder Scrolls Followers Union Site.........Tomorrow......:o or maybe.....today.......:o :o....stay tuned to find out.

TESF Community Hub 4, sneaky downloaders

Well i just checked how many people have downloaded it and it says "19 people have downloaded......."

I made it clear that whoever was to download it, would post in te bulletin, but yet some sneaky downloaders seem to be downloading it, i am guessing they are not from TESF, maybe another Elder Scrolls Union.

TESE "Tries" to degrade TESF!

Well its a shame to see someone from such a high union come up with this, Sarge_Maximus2 was the one who created this blog and this is what he said:

The Elder Scrolls Elite, Clearly Superior to all the competitors...

Well I gotta say, this union of ours (The Elder Scrolls Elite) Is great. Not only does it have a huge fan base (490+ members last time I checked) and a GREAT forum community, but it far exceeds that of our closest competitor for an Elder Scrolls based Union.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Union has 195 members (as of now) and it is relatively short sighted as it only focuses on Oblivion whereas The Elder Scrolls Elite is a union for ALL Elder Scrolls Games be they past, present, or future.

In third place, is The Elder Scrolls Followers union. A supposedly fan based union where elder scrolls fans have to be. I say, they came in too late to be of much competition to The Elder Scrolls Elite. And with only 131 members (as of now) they are clearly the least of the unions.

The Elder Scrolls Elite surpasses all other Elder Scrolls unions.
It has a huge fanbase, and wonderful community where you can feel welcome and talk of ANY Elder Scrolls game you wish.
(There is an off topic thread incase you feel the urge to talk of something other than elder scrolls games, which I doubt will happen.)
But anyhow, the Elder Scrolls Elite is THE place to be for any Elder Scrolls fan.

Don't Settle for half-bit unions, JOIN TODAY!!

 This is what i said:
Hey Sarge, I think you know me, i'm D1c3_GaM3 an Ex-Admin of The Elder Scrolls Followers Union. I would like to make one thing clear, next time you try to spit in the face of our union you do it to our faces ok, this is clearly and insult to our union and especially to our great members. Sarge you should know that having hundreds of members doesn't matter, quality over quantity! so stop bragging our union because we have a less amount of members but still have a higher level then TES Oblivion Union also considering there union was created earlier then ours, doesn't that tell you something Sarge. Another thing. You tell me what TESE has that TESF doesn't! speechless, as i thought. You may have 4x more members then us but who cares, how many of those members are actually active. Now lets talk about TESF, TESF has a great community that is always engaged in our very creative and active union. We have an exclusive Community Hub that is only featured in one spot on GS, and yes that place is TESF. Now you also say that we are "clearly the least of the unions". Now let me think about that for a moment... Not long ago we received an email from your union stating that you wanted to Merge with us, now thats very interesting because i don't suppose that TESE would want to join with a union that they think is "clearly the least of the unions". Very strange. Now i hope that this isn't a backfire because we didn't except bthe merge invitation. I sure hope it isn't. Face it you wanted to merge with us because we have been tailing you and still will since the union started. So Sarge i suggest you get your attitude straight cause what you said up there is just bull****. Fix up your attitude. Cause what you just did was low it offended our Union and our members. So i just would like to finish saying this; JOIN THE ELDER SCROLLS FOLLOWERS UNION

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