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Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part 2 review.

I just came back from watching it , and if i can describe it in one word , it would be MAGICAL . The movie is very moving , emotional , thrilling and action packed . Some battles and special effects are incredibly amazing , the Final showdown also , the musical score , almost everything. There was one particular Part in the movie , in the second act , that if it does not make you sad , or cry , you are just not a normal human , the epilogue was better than i expected . Every Hardcore or minor HP fan , will love this , better than the book IMO , now if you haven't watched the movies or read the book , don't watch this , you won't understand anything , so don't bother . Finally , i am not saying that this movie should win The best picture award at the Oscars , but it should at least sweep the technical departement , Special effects/Cinematogrophy/Art director/Editing maybe even the music departements , and if Alan Rickman doesn't get the best Supporting actor award , he'd be completely robbed.

Half-way through 2011 Blog.

So i haven't blogged in a while , because i have been busy these days , first i finally managed to get a 13 on 20 on my report card , and that's a huge relief , because that is what most good colleges need these days . I have been really involved in watching football recently , even more than gaming , especially with these classicos coming twice or once a week , hopefully it all ends on tuesday. For those who like to know , my favourite teams are A.C Milan and F.C Barcelona , and while not a huge fan , i like chelsea also , so if you like just mention what's your favourtie team(s) in your comments. Tommorow i go back to school , and i still have lots of studies to do and finish , it won't really matter , because the finals don't begin untill late June , so all is well. As for movies , i recently watched Source code and Thor 3d , Source Code was a good film , and Thor , exceeded my Expectation by a large margin , i really enjoyed this film , it's not amazing , but its good , but the 3D really did hurt my eyes , and it cost me 50 % more than the normal movie , i can't really back up this 3D thing anymore , it is becoming way too uneeded , and just another way to milk the viewers.

Now for the gaming part , i have played and finished lots of games recently , here they are:

Dragon age 2 :(8.0) a good game , but a very dissapointing one compared to the first , not an amazing story , and not a lot of places to visit or explore , but amazing combat and character developpement.

Crysis 2 9.0 : the best looking game that i have played in my life , also very good shooting and story , and good multiplayer.

Bulletstorm N/A yet : i am only 2 hours into this game , its good till now.

Shift 2 6.0 : Not a fan of racing game , but this didn't change my mind about them any bit.

Lego star wars 3 8.5 : best lego game that i have ever played!

Mortal Kombat 8.7: Really really amazing game , and a gory one , althought i expected it too fail completely.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (8.5) : Nice game and huge roster , but not much modes...

Portal 2 9.5 : Best game i have played this year till now , maybe ever , great story . puzzle and atmosphere, albeit a bit Short , but with a Co-op and Single player campaign it's more than enough to become my GOTY.

Game i am waiting for :
ME3 , Arkham asylum , Geow 3 , Brink , L.A Noire , and don't ask me way The first Templar(hope it's good).

Massive Blog update new laptop + online gaming i am back,

so to start i got a bunch of new games, one new laptop , a whole bunch of new/old games finished some old games , i got to say this will be a huge update.

To start about my life , i realised that i suck at Handball , my grades took a step back ( from 12 to 11.7) although i will surely go to the Scientific class next year but they are getting way better now , i did watched the king's speech , and True grit and a whole bunch of other movies , i got a new laptop ( HPDv6 pavillion ) for 950 $ , and for some reason i am addicted to My chemical romance. Now in more game related news , i renewed my xbox live membership today ! But my connection sucks now so i can't play untill at night or tommorow , and i have lots of tests so i won't be very active in the two next weeks . Also for those who need my gamertag , and are free to add me : Livesmog360.

Now to the games( this will be big):

Kinect sports 8.0 : one of the best if not the best kinect games , not much to do on single-player though.

Dragon Age origins 9.3: i just finally finished this after having it from the summer , and it was an amazing experience.

Borderlands 8.5: never expected this to be this great, amazing game recommend it to everyone!

Kinect joyride 6.5: skip it....

Dance central 8.2: look i am not the biggest fan of dancing but this one was amazing but also hard for me:P

Biggest looser NA : never played it my brother just bought it for me for no reason.

Kinectimals 8.0 from what i played but the game disc broke so i got a refund for it and got Dead space 2 instead.

Dead Space 2 9.0 : amazing horror game , just made Resi 5 so bad.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion 8.0 : i sucked at this game really , i made the wrong choices at the beggining and it became too hard for me so can't really review it , but i am ready to give ES5 a try!

Ninja gaiden 8.0: Good game . maybe a bit repetitve and it can get hard.

Halo 1 (for pc) 9.3: The game that started all , just great , even at these times it has a very active online community .

These are the games that i remember playing .

Looking forward too: DA2 , MVc3, Bulletstorm , Crysis 2!!! Lego star wars 3 , Halo reach Defiant map pack , and can't wait for ME3, Uncharted 3 , batman AC and some other unnanounced games ( Alan wake 2 please ! or Halo 1 Remake)

Christmas + Kinect

Merry christmas and a happy new year , sorry for being late but i had no PC or anything , i got kinect ! 260 $ in lebanon but worth it all the $ , also my grades are way better than the start of the year , also i have a vacation until 10 January , hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and have a great 2011.

Game Reviews :

Hp 7 Part 1 4.5 : What a joke , HP gone shooter , and it sucks , no HP fan get it , its good with kinect but still not worth it.

Gears of war 1 9.5: Great game , way better than gears 2 , also great online.

Fable 2 9.3: Great RPG , played for at least 30 hours , cant get enough of it , Fable 3 is a huge Downgrade compared to this.

DMC4 8.0 : Still early in the game but its getting better and better , but i hate this Nero dude.

Kinect adventures 8.0: A great game to show you what kinect does , very fun but a bit too easy.

Kinect ( Hardware) 9.0 : Wasn't expecting it to be this great , really very fun and lots of potential in the future.

Also playing Halo reach again can't stop playing it.

I should be getting soon , Kinect sports , Kinect joyride , Your Shape , Bulletstorm , Dead space 1 and 2.

Huge Gaming Update .

Well before i start , i got to stay i can't wait for HP7 part 1 to come out this week , been reading some reviews only bad thing seems the split , but doesn't matter to me . About my grades the only good thing is that i got a 11 on 20 on arabic which is a great thing .

Now for the gaming update :

Vanquish 9.0 : Gears Of war Goes bayonetta , which is a great thing .

The Saboteur 8.0 : Feels unfinished , poor stealth but great story and music.

Rainbow Six Vegas 9.1 : Great shooter , And very Realistic but very hard.

Cod Black Ops 9.4 : Huge comback , after MW2 , treyrach has really changed COD into something else.

Smack Down Vs raw 2011 8.5: Best game since the original Svr

007 Bloodstone 8.3 : Nice tps Not Goldeneye but great.

Damn this year is hard + Gaming update.

I mentioned in the blog before that i started school a month ago , and mentioned that its not easy , now it looks harder , not that my grades suck(6 on 15 on maths:P) Its that there is a lot of studying to do , the only very good grade i got is a 20 on 20 in chemistry (which i hate ) also i have two tests for this tueday , arabic and maths so god help . Also nothing else really important is going on with my life , just the normal routine , but things will change after christmas (they always do ).

oh and i just reminded Harry potter 7 part 1 is coming in almost 3 weeks cant wait for that !

Gaming Update:

Fable 3 : 9 amazing game yeah technical problems but still they didn't ruin my experience.

Star wars force unleased 6.9 : ok better gameplay and graphics but its only 3 or 4 hours long and not so much other new stuff , story isn't that bad though.

Vanquish (haven't started it yet).

God of war ghost of sparta 9.5 Sony saved the best for last.

Also still working on Castlevania and halo reach.

School First Impressions and gaming update .

I haven't blogged in a while because my Laptop is dead , and i won't be getting one till christmas , so i won't be able to be active a lot .

So i have started school its been almost a month , and its better than last year , my class is better and almost all teachers all better than last year , but maths is a bit complicated , i am starting to get it but i have a test on Wednesday so i have to be fast , also Physics can be a bit complicated , but i don't think i will face problems with it ,

Now gaming update :

Halo Reach (9.8) Amazing just amazing game you can't miss it , while the campaign is better than odst but its not Phenomenal . but the multiplayer blows Halo 3s out of the water.

Prince Of persia 2008 (8,4) Great game but underrated here , still waiting for a sequel !

Castlevania Lords of Shadow (8.6 ) : while a rip-off of Gow 3 it still a great game , different than the old ones but good game nonetheless .

Enslaved (8.7) every platforming game lover should try it

Fifa 11 (9.1) best sports game .

Best Thing i have done in gaming + brief gaming update.

6. Giving RPGs a shot : I got and finished Mass effect 1 w 2 , i bought them although i hated RPGs now i am addicted to them , and i just got Dragon Age origins. 5. Getting a Sega genesis instead of A Snes : Not that i hate nintendo or anything , but everybody was addicted and talking about mario i was only one who gave Sega and Sonic a shot . After a couple of weeks everybody in my family got a Sega because of me:P 4. Getting a PSP: Really nobody appreciates this handheld! 3. Choosing Playstation over Sega: When the Sega Saturn came , PS wasn't know , everybody was torn between N64 and the Saturn , but i got a PSone ( i mentioned in the blog before that i got the PSone late , that is because during that period i was a Pc gamer ) and then i chose Ps2 over Dreamcast . 2.Getting an xbox 360 over a Wii: It was a tough decision , Wii really appealed to me when i first saw it , it looked great , two of my friends got one , it was between a 360 and a wii( Ps3 was a no-go ) , luckily i got an xbox 360 , then my wii friends sold there Wiis and got one like me. 1. Finishing Sonic 1 , 2 ,3 and Sonic and knuckles in a couple of days : These were games i couldn't finish back then , i found th Sega Genesis Collection for xbox 360 i got it and had a blast with those games. gaming update : Dragon Age origins and Metro 2033 (For my brother).

My Biggest Regrets in gaming.

First i took this idea from fellow User Kevorksalloum :

5.Getting a Gameboy advance :

I barely had games for it , i had one Wrestlemania game which was kind off good , then VAn helsing(one of the worst games ever!) These were it , shame since i had tons of great games for my gameboy color.

4. Getting Dragonball Evolution for the psp:

60 $ for a game i played for 5 min !

3. Getting the ps1 late .

I got it in 2002 , way late in the party , i still enjoyed some good new games but it was a bit late really .

2.Throwing away Starcraft even before i tried it !

I remember getting it from my aunt , she came from The US , she told me she got some Star wars game so i was excited for a star wars game , when i saw starcraft i just threw it and exchanged it for a bad game that i can't remember .

1 . Never updating my gaming rig , a huge bummer i really used to game on the pc , but then i never updated it , and the consoles became my main gaming platforms hope i could change this soon.

Back to school ! and gaming update !

So in one month or less i will be back to school , starting highschool technically and i am freaked out , i really have to maintain my good grades , and have to start doing all of my homework .And with a new xbox and a ld in my room , how the hell am i supposed to study :P Nah its that much , just i have to be serious , my social place in school is leagues better now so that would help also i kind of haven't written anything on a paper since like 4 month ago!And i only read one book of the 3 that i have to read in the summmer , but that is no real problem.

Now the gaming Update:

Mass effect 1 (9.0) Amazing huge world just that shooting and Mako thing needs to be fixed.

Mass effect 2 (9.8) Amazing just amazing and huge game , everything is fixed i have spent 15 hours on it and still have a lot to go.

Bayonetta (9.1) great and huge scaled game but disrespectful to women really.

Waiting for:

Halo reach And Spiderman shattered dimensions.

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