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Oh bugger! -.-'

Blog song

Writer's block - packaged with all word processors. :P But with the new Word, there's no little paper clip to halp me. :(

Seriously, I can sit before a blank pahe for hours, just thinking of how to get my thoughts onto the screen. Then I realize I didn't do much, and morale gets low. :x From then, I must relieve stress by YouTubing or Project Reality (BF2 mod). Of course, before writing, I lurk around GameSpot. :D Beware, your posts are being observed by a desperate writer. ;)

Just kidding. I wouldn't steal your posts and add them in my books without dropping your name in the foreword. Maybe I could give 10% of royalties to you. Reasonable? :| Generosity. I like it when I get. :P

In bad news, Stage6 is going down. :( Wiki page. Why must the good ones always go?