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Battlefield 2 - BF2s EU Movie diaries - Too much lulz, little work done

BF2s EU Movie thread

Despite a small epic bit with tanks and anti-air vehicles, not much progress was reached today on the movie. :P

Before that, an attempt to join a "LAN" online with Hamachi, 14 computers linked up to 1 person's comp in England doesn't fare well. We all had pings over 400, and movement alone was impossible. We were all eventually disconnected. :|

After everyone took off to attend to matters in the real world, some of us "actors" messed around on the map. Luckily, in Daqing, and only 8-9 players, there was plenty of aircraft we could use. ^.^ Without both directors, we did random flight training, teamkill fests, it's unranked, what the hey? :lol:

During the "madness", Metal-Eater decided to get on top of the chimneys. Soon after, we, Cyrax-Sektor (moi) and buddy CoconutBlitz, spawned in. Foolishly, our squad leader taunted a skilled pilot to wingkill us.


Jet wingkills 3

That is all. I've added a filler banner, the avatar stays, and the siggie is under way. :)