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Cyrax-Sektor Blog

France opens their once-secret UFO files to the public! Plus: Me a Wikia Mod?

France & UFOs

I knew after all of these years that the governments of the world couldn't keep all of these UFO encounters under the covers. For now, France has opened up their files for the public:

France opens UFO files

I say it's only a matter of time 'til the other countries start opening up to the believers. Will we be disappointed or proved right? Only time will tell. I'm just hoping we get to see these files before E.T. starts destroying the files with their long-range laser weaponary.

Wikia Mod? Me?

I'm trying out for mod position for the new GameSpot WikiaMattjs has invited members to join. Sorry, Mattjs, for missing your PMs. Everything is arranged now. My username is Cyrax-Sektor (quite original, no? :P). Hope to see you guys there! :D

Promotion to union officer! Plus: I am down with the sickness. Fear me!

Looks like my insane post count at my newly-joined union ORC (Odd, Random and Crazy) got me a new title; union officer! 8)

First day with the union, too. The union's a tad dead, that's why we need new members. Next we'll talk about GameSpot's removal of free accounts after these messages. :P j/k

Plus: I now don another emblem.

I have no idea how I got it, but what matters is I got it. Well put, no?

I'm a Scavenator! Hast ala vista, baby!

All my life I wanted to become a detective like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I guess my dream has come true; at least in GameSpot. The game was great but I was soooo slow! 8:34 min.

For contributing to the Scaventor Feedback. Thanks for all of those who made this possible!

Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End trailer: Coming soon . . .

In due time, the world will get a chance to view Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End trailer. My most anticipated film of the year will be making a splash in theaters this summer. Before seeing it, I suggest checking out Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl & Dead Man's Chest before seeing the trailer or movie. Enjoy!

I'm officially a tagger flirt!

Whilst making a rare visit to my profile page, I noticed a new emblem on my belt. To my surprise, I was given the Tagger Flirt emblem!

I guess it paid off to tag those Mortal Kombat pages.:D Matter of fact, I'm gonna tag this blog post like the rest.


Good quote!

I asked what people do when they win in Off-Topic and I got this answer:

I usually jump up and down and say "DUDE I TOTALLY KICKED YOUR ASS!!!"...if i lose i just say " cheated and YOU KNOW IT!!"  If it was a tie i say "U got lucky dude..."steppinrazor88

I couldn't help but laugh. :lol:

Cyrax-Sektor Wins! Khameleon Theory is True!

Check out the Wikipedia Armageddon page:

Another Khameleon report from my trusted MK source:

One of the last paragraphs contains information confirming Khameleon in the Wii version of Armageddon. However, one of the 62 fighters may be taken out. Maybe Meat? Maybe Motaro? Maybe Chameleon (my bid)? But I was correct.

Remember: Wii will have Armageddon. (And a personal note, I don't even own a Wii. I just love saying that!)