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Wii are the champions! 2 Pirates videos!

Some blog posts previously, I mentioned that my family were interested in buying Nintendo's latest gaming console the Wii ! ^_^

Well, on Sunday 6th of May, we set out to stores for the hard-to-find Wii. Luckily, it was in stock! :o Of course, that was expected, simply because the day before we phoned various retailers.

Tip: Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Toys 'R' Us were the people we called. They all said they had it in stock, however, they were only allowed to sell it officially on Sunday, a.k.a. "launch day". This was something most haven't heard of, and a useful tip for those who haven't got their hands on one. This tidbit may not apply to every store, but I have a feeling they do. Money talks, and it says "spend me!" /end of tip

Now wii're playing are Nintendo's Wii Sports, which came with the console, and Wii Play with Wiimote! I must say they're great! :D Maybe I could upload gameplay footage of me aimlessly swinging the Wiimote like a tennis racket. Or maybe not . . . :P

I'm working on setting up my wireless Internet connection, but the password's not working. Without it, no News, Weather, Internet and most importanly Virtual Console . I'm blaming SBC on this one. >_>

My version of the Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End game trailer 


Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End Video Feature


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailers! New added!

For fans of the Potter games, here you can feed your craving.


The third HD trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been released on Yahoo! Here

Or you can view it here [video=dnQ2lzqo5b4OvT_W]

And to show my Potter pride, I've made an animated Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sig.

The second international trailer for this summer's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, has been released online today! Trailer


You can also view the teaser trailer here.


Avatar Alley -- Population: Tons

I've decided to make it easier for people who visit my page easier to access the avatars I made (and will make for non-profit). :P A new link will be added in the header of my profile beneath the header image. Over time, I will make more avatars and add them into this list.

You can also request avatars from me, but please send it on Saturdays or Sundays. That way I can answer your request with ease and everyone's happy :D.

Here are the avatar categories:

'Name (# of avatars)'

Adventure Quest (8 avatars)

Dead or Alive (1 avatar)

Harry Potter (7 avatars)  +20 added!

Mortal Kombat (17 avatars)

Pirates of the Caribbean (28 avatars)

Spider-Man (1 avatar)

The Pink Panther (3 avatars)

As I said, stay tuned for new avatars, which should come every month, and I'll put a visual heads-up to inform you. ;)

Wii want it!

Good news! For me, anyways. :P

This summer, my home entertainment system will have a new console in it -- the innovative Nintendo Wii! My family have all agreed to this next-gen console mainly because the controls will get us to move around and interactive when gaming!

Since games are insanely pricey and not that great, we'll be investing in Virtual Console games. Old-school games like Super Mario 64 will be part of the collection! 8)

I currently have $125+ dollars, covering half of the Wii's current price tag of $250. I didn't know I was so filthy rich. :o According to my history, I've spent another $100 on other items like candy and games previously. Had I saved that cash, I'd be much closer to getting the Wii, but thankfully the console won over my parents who are willing to work to pay for the rest plus 3 Wii-motes. Pretty cool, huh? 8)

I'll keep my readers posted on the cash status and the games we're aiming for.

So, that's that. One morning and whamm-o! Wii is granted. Next time, I'm asking for a castle in London, and my genie might grant it. :P

Create an emblem for GameSpot contest! Show them your designin' skillz!

As I promised before, I'd tell people news on future contests. You'll be happy to hear I haven't let you readers down.

GameSpot has decided to host an emblem-creation contest for a special event held by GameSpot. You're probably familiar with this if you frequent the main Forums page. Here's your chance!

Hurry before it's too late! I've already submitted mine and many people have submitted their stunning entries. Rumor has it that the winner will be rewarded with an emblem. Or have the choice to join the GS designing crew, which would be pretty cool IMO. Stake your claim and get out there, you aspiring designer! :D


In other emblem news, I've managed to get four new emblems. The MK Scream It contest, Tagger Leader, Speed Runner and Walking Commercial. Check the emblem guide to see how you can get these emblems if you haven't already.

Too much news to headline!

Seems I'm dishing out posts like punches in a boxing ring, because I've leveled up to lvl 14 -- Ring King. The name's an improvement from Toobin' -- whatever that was -- but I can't think why GS would put such odd names  to their levels. One of life's great mysteries.

Videos [spoiler] On a clearer note, I've uploaded two new videos. Perhaps you're wondering why I've only uploaded TV commercials? To put it frankly, I just don't want to get sued. :P But fear not, today, I will try to upload a Mortal Kombat Trilogy Speed Run lasting longer than a commercial. Till then, here are the ads:



EDIT: The Mortal Kombat Trilogy Speed Run is running and open for viewing:



Other news[spoiler] In other news, some new Mods are a part of the community. Now, I have to watch my step even more because of the sheer numbers. :P Congrats to everyone!

Final bit: The new OT code that was started by GreatGone12 is one that I will follow. Here's a temp:


Speaking of images, GameSpot has added a new Images tab to profiles where people can upload pics of games and whatnot! Try it out! :D I may not need Photobucket anymore. :P

D Daily Code contest (DDC)! My avas were chosen!

I came with an idea for a daily contest called 'D Daily Code', 'DDC' for short. Everyday, I'll try to post a code that users must decode. I'll try this today (3-27-07) and see how it goes. Check it at OT! :D

Plus: Some of my Mortal Kombat avatars were chosen! Yes! :D

OMG! I got a unique emblem for my artistry!

I'm so happy I feel butterflies in my stomach! :D Thank you all for making this possible! I will upload the avatars that have won me this special emblem so you guys can use them. Plus: There will be some that I didn't get to enter, as well!

Anyone can use these avatars! I like to see my works used by other people. :D 

My avatar entries: 

[spoiler] Pink Panther

Pirates of the Caribbean --- More avatars!

Mortal Kombat


Scorpion series

Sub-Zero series


Another set:

Harry Potter series


Final set:

Adventure Quest series:


Mortal Kombat series:

Johnny Cage-added backlight and darkened other areas to give studio-look. 8)

Scorpion-altered flames for a more dark, toasty feeling.

Sub-Zero-changed background for a chilling touch!

Kano-added red to background for a bloody fighter.

Raiden-darkened clouds to match the now-evil thunder god.

Klassik MK Logo-used original MK logo. Useful for replacing current MK logo in prefs.*wink wink*