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Cyrax-Sektor Blog

Winter's here! Chips too! ^_^

Ahh, winter's arrived at last. It's time to whip out the camo sweats, reliable sweater my Canada trip, and Gestapo jacket. Something the matter? Must be the camo wear. :P Nothing like being slightly baked by the sunlight after a brisk walk, much like Garfield (another Garfield film's coming out :?).

I'm not a man of many words, yet I plan to write books. :lol:

As for the chips, we got some "free" Baked Lay's (Pepsi gets around) and Crunchy Cheetos (he had two games in the 90s :o), 60 of each. They were mini bags from Amazon, and we used a gift certificate to get it. Before Halloween, we'll probably finish it all. :P

And did I mention Wiki's my new blog source for mostly everything? One teeny step to supporting them. Now if only I could donate . . .

As usual, I'm addicted to games, mainly BF2. That xfire thingie is not even an accurate depiction of my sickness. I'm usually not logged in most of the time. 0_o Really lags my system. >_>

Removed Unions

Just made this blog post so as to not SPAM up the boards I keep the TOP 25 Union Views.


These unions have been removed from the candidates list, due to reqs change. They still have a chance for nearly TOP status. Leaders, officers or members, please PM me if one of these unions reaches 100k views. Much appreciated.

Random Insanity Union
video games lovers
The Miniatures Wargaming Union
The RTS Gamers Union
Formula One Passion Union
National Basketball Association
The Reconnaissance Union
Braindead Blonde Society
The Nintendo Online Community Union
The Command and Conquer Union
Fantasy Threads
The Xbox 360 Union

Super Saiyans United
Final Reunion
The (X360) Shooters Union - under construction
Age of Empires Union

Will not be as active this week (rant dead ahead)

It's completely wrong for school to be forced on people. >_>

Bloody "No Child" law a.k.a. bullocks by Bush. Remember GSers: "Do childrens do learn?"-George W. Bush

I'm ahead of my class, yet I still have to partake in such elementary activities. Honestly, there are eight-graders who can't divide and multiply in my school! And I'm touching the surface of Trigonometry. I'm writing a thirteen-part detective series equivalent to the epicness of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, and they turn in poorly-written, half-arsed one-page book reports or plagiarized work.

Apologies for the rant. The blog title is really the only important information. :P

Updated my About Me:

1.Aspiring mystery writer. Epic as Potter. :P
2.Anti-school teenager. We rebels must stand!
3.Real miser. Bag of humbugs?
4.British TV lover. Bean, Blackadder, Thin Blue Line, Poirot.
Slacker, procrastinator, investigator. 8)

Halloween-a night you can dress up like a nut and not get stared at + free candy

My mouth's already watering for some sweets. Can't believe I hardly have any of the goodies like Mr. Goodbar or Kit Kats the rest of the year. High prices, no doubt. >_>

And the best part of "stealing" from neighborhoods, is that they don't know who you are under that costume. No one will say, "Hey, that's the kid who kicked my dog and stole all the big bars! You're only supposed to get one!!"

This year, I'm going as Indiana Jones.

Ripped shirt not included. :P

Not much to say, but have a safe and happy Halloween, if you celebrate it. Remember, free candy and running around in guise! :P

Sometime's things come back, mate, savvy?

On my return, I'm greeted with 111 unread PMs, a cookie error, and a serious need for a makeover. How's pineapple yellow sound?

Or pineapple orange. We get the points.

One thing's for sure: the Pirates theme gets keelhauled. After seeing the not-so-epic At Worlds End movie, things needed to get freshened up. How it took months to figure out which theme, I'll never know or maybe I do know and you know I'm not telling the truth.

For a preview of what's in store, visit the following link: Monch

Now that I'm back, I've dropped the goal of spamming the socks off of OT to reach 20k posts. My leave brought me great wisdom.

And commitment is out of the picture. Me, an officer in many unions, and ending up dispappearing. Ol' unreliable reporting for slacking.

It feels nice to be back. Now I must brace what lies in OT and the Sexay Clan, what remains of the old school.

Could my designing days be over? 0_o (Short one, sorry)

No, I didn't get a horse head in my bed last night from my competitors. I'm not that good. :P

No, it's all a matter of me unable to find the Adobe Creative Suite CDs. So in the meantime, not Photoshop, no ImageReady, no image editing. Makes me want to try my hand at GIMP. steppin uses it and makes killer sigs.

Complications aside, I may in all reality be getting bored of designing. Perhaps it was all a passing fancy, a small fad for me. Still, I'll still download it when I get the chance.

Sorry for the shortest blog post ever made by me, I'm just dry of ideas at the moment. Except for a sudden urge to learn how to draw anime. To the library! :P

Conflict: Battlefield 2

I'm pleased to inform my readers that the vile beast Vista has been slayed! ^_^

Yet, sadly, there is no victory without loss. v_v

Removing Vista from my system removed Battlefield 2, which I was lent from the library. I had made VCDs of the game's three CDs (Yes, this is legal. What do you take me for? A pirate?). Only my brilliant mind failed to jot down the serial number on the back of the manual. Since I had long returned the loan, I am without a serial key to install the game. So I decided to get the game from Amazon to do away with all of these troubles.

My fingers are starting to itch already. While my enemies advance, I'm plopped down, slowly losing what little skills I possessed. So 11 days from this blog post till I get the game . . . hopefully. The mail is slow and sometimes the postal workers deliver to the wrong address. >_>

I can only hope for the best for these 11 long days. I think I'm losing my mind! I have this small feeling I've never felt before! :shock: Wait, that's the feeling of splurging my money. I'm usually a cheapskate with money, only once spending over $50 on The Sims 2 and Open for Business expansion. And there sits The Sims 2 on my shelf, collecting dust.

BF2 is my WoW -- addicting like a drug. At least my online play is free, those chums are paying for hefty monthly game cards.

Funny BF2 moment I made:

Me:"Whenever an artillery misses me, I thank a little someone."

Other person:"You thank God everytime you survive an arty?"

Me:"Of course not! I thank the commander for being such a bad aim."


Me:"Everyone of my deaths are a mistake. They say mistakes are excellent lessons. By now, I should be the wisest player."


WARNING!! Contains foul language!!

Battlefield 2 - Teh Pwn3d Life

I've been converted... and quite frankly I'm not exactly loving it >_>

No, this is not a religion thing. I bet some of you might like that. Sick! :P

I speak of Windows Vista, which I installed yesterday. My father decided to go for Ultimate! :o

Well, when he installed it on his computer some days ago, I was skeptical about it, especially when he planned to Vista-fy (new word, peoples) all computers! That would result in losing everything. I'd have to say "so long" to my 1gb of music (Queeeen!), my 1gb of avas, sigs, heads and banners, my books and various other items. And that everything took a lot of time to get there; total of 6gb. I needed to find a way to get it onto another computer fast!

Luckily, our old laptop was my last hope. It was impossible to Vista-fy it, so nothing would be lost! ^_^ Unluckily, my sister recently had the laptop come into her possession. When she wasn't blasting her ears off to the music on there, I managed to put the 6gb folder on there in a hidden place. She purged a lot of files when she got it, but that was little concern to me. My operations center was this Asus system I'm typing on now.

Ah, Asus. Their name would fit their products more if they removed the 'u'. :twisted: They didn't have many drivers for Vista, so using uncommmon sense, I changed things on the computer so it could read the drivers and install properly. Originally, I couldn't access the Internet or hear anything! :cry: I still can't see my other hard drive, which is most essential for installing games. So my computer is as useful as a bagel without toppings (as used in OT's RC this morning). Luckily, this is the final problem, yet the largest.

Now running the not so-great Vista on a not-so great system, this is Cyrax-Sektor (can't believe so many people get my name wrong :P) bidding my readers farewell! :)

UPDATE: I managed to fix the hard drive problem. Apparently, there was a problem with the RAID Controller. I had to update the driver for it. So now it's time for some games and my favorite fox, Mozilla FireFox! ^_^

But still, Vista just seems like XP with a few more buttons. >_>

Update 2: It seems my hard disks are having problems, so I had to cut somewhere. I only have 187gb instead of the whole 372gb. Still, I can't fill it all anyways. Can I?

Vista-support for FarStone's GameDrive, a CD emulator, is not available yet (not sure if it ever will :cry: ) so I'll have to get the actual CDs to play games.

WarCraft III, C&C 3 and Age of Mythology and expansion work with Vista. But they'll never be as fun as Battlefield 2, which may not work :(.

You can also see my Vista desktop here (56k Fatality): Link

Thank you all for reading! :D

Hell has officially started at 0%/Funny SPAM Pics/Top 25 Views lists of 5/17/07

We all must face the inevitable agony of Metal Slime, said to last months with a small incremental increase every day. Today, I found the level percentage at a big fat zero. I better start liking the number 20. I'm going to be seeing it a lot more often. 'Ello, beastie!
Now for the funny pics part. I made these for SPAM threads! ^_^

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's SPAM

Indiana Jones and the Lost SPAMOPOLIS

Harry Potter and the Order of the Admins & Mods

That's just harsh, congealie. v_v Unless applied to SPAM threads, of course. :P

Top 25 Union Views (5/17/07 Central Time)


The Pokemon League Union ( 249453 ) has traded numerical standing with World Wrestling Everything ( 247655 ).

PS3 - THE REAL NEXT GEN ( 111187 ) has traded numerical standing with Sanctuary ( 110775 ).


1. The NBA Union = 270637
2. The Pokemon League Union = 249453
3. World Wrestling Everything = 247655
4. Liquid Designs = 230272
5. Off the Books: Hip-Hop Discussion = 221610
6. The Emblems Union = 212028
7. GS User Fellowship Union = 185404
8. Naruto X Bleach Union = 159908
9. The Guys and Gals United Union = 153143
10. ~The Naruto Union~ = 151904
11. GTA Legends Union = 144106
12. The Overclocking & PC Tweaking Union = 124848
13. The All Things Nintendo Union = 120095
14. -The Halo Union- = 119923
15. The Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto Union = 111963
16. Sanctuary = 110775
17. PS3 - THE REAL NEXT GEN = 111187
18. GameSpot Live = 104176
19. The Consoles Debate Union = 102671
20. Final Fantasy Experience = 101653
21. Church & State = 100581 (has reached 6 digits!)
22. Portable System Wars = 91932
23. The System Wars Union = 90356
24. Ultimate God of War Union = 89072
25. The True Warhammer 40,000 Union = 84177

Requirements to get on list: 35k union views and up & have more than or equal to the # of union views of a union on this list.
Candidates for adding (5/17/07 Central Time)


The HeadCrab Union ( 71971 ) has traded numerical standing with Final Fantasy Fans Union ( 71931 ).

The Sexay Clan ( 71071 ) has traded numerical standing with The Soul Society ( 70898 ).


Silent Killers Society = 83526
The RPG Temple = 82841
The Resident Evil Union = 81848
The Fable Union = 80988
The Crysis Union = 76620
National Football League = 76085
The Fighter's Realm Union = 73243
The HeadCrab Union = 71971
Final Fantasy Fans Union
= 71931
The Sexay Clan = 71071
The Soul Society
= 70898
The Jedi Council = 66541
Videogame Vixens Union
= 66076
The Legend of Zelda Union = 63798
Square Enix Experience = 61471
Random Insanity Union = 56504
video games lovers = 54460
The RTS Gamers Union
= 54357
The Miniatures Wargaming Union = 53761
Formula One Passion Union = 51818
Evolution of Nintendo Union
= 51652
National Basketball Association = 50422
The Reconnaissance Union = 48633
Braindead Blonde Society = 46008
The Command and Conquer Union = 45666
The Nintendo Online Community Union = 45097
Metal Union
= 42203
Fantasy Threads = 40116
The Xbox 360 Union
= 39234
The (X360) Shooters Union = 38091
The Farthest Land. = 36910
Super Saiyans United
= 36827

Reqs: 35k & up

If you have/known of a union that meets these reqs or have a question related to this list, please send a PM to Cyrax-Sektor (me, obviously :P).

Top 25 Profile Views (5/17/07 Central Time)

News: freakyzeeky1986 ( 23206 ) has been added, removing Adam_B ( 21540 ) from the list.


  1. Jeff = 291501 (+ 1085 new)
  2. AaronThomas = 142999 (+ 100 new)
  3. GregK = 139727 (+ 133 new)
  4. AlexN = 83057 (+ 204 new)
  5. NeoJedi = 70972 (+ 298 new)
  6. Noweb_basic = 69357 (+ 35 new)
  7. Soulreavercross = 64338 (+ 122 new)
  8. Carrie = 57343 (+ 175 new)
  9. TheWesker = 50593 (+ 68 new)
  10. MattRorie = 44952 (+ 20 new)
  11. EightBitWarrior = 38243 (+ 24 new)
  12. Rob1219 = 35453 (+ 3 new)
  13. MrCHUP0N = 35331 (+ 106 new)
  14. jediskilz173 = 33339 (+ 64 new)
  15. Richie-G = 31566 (+ 42 new)
  16. Ryan = 30466 (+ 65 new)
  17. TimSpot = 29233 (+ 14 new)
  18. _Sam_ = 27894 (+ 26 new)
  19. jimb0 = 27745 (+ 51 new)
  20. fastesttruck = 27309 (+ 96 new)
  21. edubuccaneer = 26641 (+ 118 new)
  22. BobC = 25919 (+ 342 new)
  23. freakyzeeky1986 = 23206 (+ 156 new) (NEW)
  24. Cheesebob57 = 22963 (+ 6 new)
  25. James_Yu = 22262 (+ 40 new)

Reqs: 20K or more profile views to be added.

If you know of a user that meets these reqs, or have a question related to this list, please send a PM to Cyrax-Sektor.


There hasn't been a gathering like this in our lifetime!

Arrgh, they're invading! Yes, the Pirates are invading this blog post as we speak! :o

*gets booted off by Captain Jack Sparrow . . . screams of terror or joy ring out*

"At ease, mates! We just had to hijack sir what's-his-name's post-thingie to present to you 5 new Pirates video. I promise you will not be disappointed. You can count on that."




"We haven't even started!"

CS: WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS in videos below. *gets knocked out by Captain Jack* "Oh, shut it!"


Part one of two part video 


Part two of said two part video