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Cyrax-Sektor Blog

I'm a Deviant, you Deviant

Now, I'm a Deviant much like many of you other GSers. :D I haven't gotten much stuff uploaded, just the best of my best sigs. In near future, I hope I can make a Battlefield 2 anime comic series, parodying the claymores, nades and J10s. ;)

If you haven't seen my Pirates of the Caribbean end credits yet, listen to them now!! :P

I also have plans for some new YouTube videos from yours truly. 8) I just need to get the video with my new programs, which is rather complex and confoosing for me. v.v Still, expect Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets end credits music and Lord of the Rings Fellowship and Towers end credits. Rated E for Epic.

Oh bugger! -.-'

Blog song

Writer's block - packaged with all word processors. :P But with the new Word, there's no little paper clip to halp me. :(

Seriously, I can sit before a blank pahe for hours, just thinking of how to get my thoughts onto the screen. Then I realize I didn't do much, and morale gets low. :x From then, I must relieve stress by YouTubing or Project Reality (BF2 mod). Of course, before writing, I lurk around GameSpot. :D Beware, your posts are being observed by a desperate writer. ;)

Just kidding. I wouldn't steal your posts and add them in my books without dropping your name in the foreword. Maybe I could give 10% of royalties to you. Reasonable? :| Generosity. I like it when I get. :P

In bad news, Stage6 is going down. :( Wiki page. Why must the good ones always go?

Battlefield 2 - BF2s EU Movie diaries - Too much lulz, little work done

BF2s EU Movie thread

Despite a small epic bit with tanks and anti-air vehicles, not much progress was reached today on the movie. :P

Before that, an attempt to join a "LAN" online with Hamachi, 14 computers linked up to 1 person's comp in England doesn't fare well. We all had pings over 400, and movement alone was impossible. We were all eventually disconnected. :|

After everyone took off to attend to matters in the real world, some of us "actors" messed around on the map. Luckily, in Daqing, and only 8-9 players, there was plenty of aircraft we could use. ^.^ Without both directors, we did random flight training, teamkill fests, it's unranked, what the hey? :lol:

During the "madness", Metal-Eater decided to get on top of the chimneys. Soon after, we, Cyrax-Sektor (moi) and buddy CoconutBlitz, spawned in. Foolishly, our squad leader taunted a skilled pilot to wingkill us.


Jet wingkills 3

That is all. I've added a filler banner, the avatar stays, and the siggie is under way. :)

Time to remodel - new siggie, new banner, new avatar (?) in the works

It's a new year, time to shred off the old. *rubs Captain Jack ava*

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-Indy ava

-Mortal Kombat ava


-other, you name it

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-Mortal Kombat: Cyrax VS Sektor old

-Battlefield 2

-other, you name it


I already have plans and a rough plan for my new animated sig. Sektor Ketchup is back, babay!

Previous Sektor Ketchup Komiks:

Cage co-stars in SK commercial

Cooking, the MK ninja way

The Original

Randomness funny tag

Whip it good, Indiana! Jones is back in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull May 22th

Indiana is never too old to kick booty. 8) Is a Pirates 4 trailer 'round the corner? :o If so, we're in for one blockbuster summer!

The Crystal Skull has made many appearances in the Indiana Jones book series by Max McCoy. If it's the same Crystal Skull, this movie will leave you hanging from the whip. ;)