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Curtis1560 Blog

Moving On...

No, I ain't leaving GS:lol:

But I am moving on with a new account. Its called HybridKing, so track me if you want to. Had some good times as Curtis1560, lotta funny and good times, but...time to move on.

From the last blog as Curtis1560.

~See ya~

A Blog?! Where?!

Reason the blog title sounds so surprised is cause I haven't blogged since December:P

How's everyone been? Quite a few things have happened since Christmas, where do I begin...oh yeah


Life has been pretty good, just a week or so ago, I moved to the sunshine state of Florida, not having been here in 3 years, I forgot how bright the sun was down here, almost went blindthe first day:lol: Anyway, I'm living with my granny now and she seems oddly excited I'm here, maybe she missed me...


Nah, can't be that, moving on...

I finally got a laptop to myself with full internet capabilities, just wish the laptop wasn't a VAIO, these things are more trouble than their worth, still, having a laptop for myself is nice (Just need to install GIMP, something I'm to lazy to do for some reason >_>)


The only real thing I've done game wise is get a PSN account, if you wanna add me, its DragonSoul1590(Couldn't think of a better name:P), its where I'll be if I'm not on the net (Cause I pull the ethernet cable from the laptop and plug it into my PS3).

And finally....well....uh...I made a new banner for my profile shortly before leaving for Florida.

And with that, this concludes my blog, see ya'll round the boards!

#155-4 Years on Gamespot!

PARTY! Today makes 4 years I've been on Gamespot, amazing how the time flies huh?:P When I joined GS, I never thought I'd continue using it because I originally had it only to get info for some games like KH and God of War and such, never thought I'd join unions like the Gotei 13 and others and stay so long and make so many friends.

Well, Christmas is almost here and I got all my presents, none of which are from Old Man Kringle:P

Dragon Age II Boxshot

This game is SICK, the combat system has been re-designed for a more authentic real time battle system and I have to say, it blew me away!!! The graphics have been given an upgrade, the voice acting and sound are top notch and overall...its addictive, I lost sleep playing this game:lol: The only thing about this game that isn't as good as Origins, is the story, but trust me, this games story will leave you :shock:, :o, :evil: and maybe :cry:

I also got Evanescence's new self-titled album and Red's "Innocence and Instinct", both of which are amazing in their own way, so you can say, I'm having a good Christmas, even got eggnog HA!:lol:

In other news, still got designer's block, which is starting to annoy me alot now cause I've had it for to long now. I WILL find a cure for it...

Thanks for reading my blog, see ya round the boards!!

#154-Blog of Wonders...

Ignore the blog title, couldn't think of one:lol:

So...its been more than a month since my last blog and some things have happened. First



Batman: Arkham City Boxshot

This game is sick, epic, addictive, immersive, and many other words I can't think of right at this moment. If the year ended today, this game would get my pick for Game of the Year. This, coming from someone who isn't even a Batman fan, but I can all but guarantee by time you finish the game, you'll be a bit of a fan of Batman:lol:

Also started playing Dragon Age Origins again, forgot how good that game is, truly epic on Bioware's part.


Moved for the first time in 2 years, but this time was pretty easy because we only moved 2 blocks down from the old place. Gotta say, my room is AWESOME. Red carpet around the house, green walls in my room, I even got the ultimate lazy-man's chair: A RECLINER!!!

In addition to that, I finally moved into the 21st century and got an HDTV, a 32 inch 1080p from Westinghouse, real nice tv, not to big not to small, just right for my room. Also getting Evanesence's new album and Red's "Innocence and Instincts", those albums rock!!!

And finally, Christmas is almost here!! The one time of the year where I'm not as grumpy as usual:P Christmas tree is already put up and I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, just need those 2 albums. And the 23rd of this month marks my 4th year on Gamespot, sweeet.

Thanks for reading.

From the man who for some reason can't sleep, see ya round the boards!!

#153-Got MW3!!!!

After endless months of waiting, I.Got.MW3!!!!!

*Dances with a pretty girl then gets back to the blog*



Huh....forgot to ask that girl for her number.

Anyway, where was I...oh right....

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Boxshot


The game was really the wait, the cinematic moments, harsh gunfights...tragic moments(especially Soap's...WHY!!!!) were really well done. The gameplay hasn't really changed, but the previous MW game was so good, don't think it needs a major upgrade. BF3 hands down beats MW3 but imo...who cares?! Graphics doesn't make a game...the GAMEPLAY does so even though I don't have BF3 to properly compare the games, MW3 is an awesome game, BF3 might be good too but like I just said...I don't own it:P

In designing news, I was thinking of making a new banner and icon Bleach themed but thanks to a mental block, thats not possible right (Stupid mental block), but when my mind is unblocked, I'll upload them to share.

Thats all I gotta say. See ya round the boards!!

#152-The First Blog That Has Got a Good Name by Me in Months+More Designs

And yes, I had to think about what to name my first blog of November:P

Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, what am I gonna be doing on that day? Well...

Kensei and Gin 3

Take a guess:P

Modern Warfare 3 comes out this freakin' Tuesday!!! Can't wait to get it!!...Is it Tuesday yet?:P And Assassins Creed: Revelations comes out in 9 days, might get it during Christmas, IF I can wait that long.Moving on...hmm...

Noctis wallpaper


Noctis thinkin' the same thing I am: When ishis game coming out?!?! Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first announced on E3 2006, its almost 2012 and it STILL doesn't have a release date, c'mon Square Enix, whats the holdup??? And when is Kingdom Hearts 3 comin' out while I'm on the topic of games Square Enix has yet to release.

Moving on to real life, after months of job hunting, I finally got a job!!:D The company is Transcontinental Express Shippers, which ships barrels and other things to Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. The pay there is pretty good, nut the phone I use for customer service is so bad soundwise, itdoes more damage to my hearing than my iPod could ever hopeto do, and when I say that, I say it terms that I have to strain myself to hear people talking, and thats created some problems getting their name right, but like I said, the pay is good, so I'll live, if the pay wasn't good, then I'd have to makethese people talk to my agent, who's my agent? Well...

Sephiroth pics 3

...And believe me,when it comes to negotiations...he don't play.

Moving on to the next part of this blog, I've done more designing!(Images down below)

More of Curtis1560's designs

This one, I'm proud of the color choice, but thats about, Ven looks to fat in this pic

More of Curtis1560's designs 2

Thats the insignia of Squad 0 from Bleach, this one I did for fun, just added a few visual effects but came out better than I thought.

More of Curtis1560's designs 5

This was one I used with Organizations 13's Kingdom Hearts, all I did was add some cloud and weather effects, probably shoulda did the Dark City but...I'll do that some other time.

TerraVenAqua sig

Out of all designs I've done so far, this one is my favorite image and the best one I've done so far in my opinion, incase you're wondering about the background, I decided to for a deep space setting, the supernova to the right represents the reason why Aqua's side of the sig is bright. You can also take it symbolism: Aqua represents light while Terra gave in to darkness:P

Noctis banner

And last but not least, a Noctis banner. My aim for this one was to show different sides of Noctis, the version of him to the left being used to represent that even heroes have a dark side, out of all banners I did, this one happens to be my favorite.

Thanks reading, see ya round the boards!!

Blog #151

I know what you're all thinking: How can feet smell if they don't have a nose?

If you can hear yourself think,can you also taste yourself think?

While you ponder that, I'll go ahead with the blog. Not much to discuss here really cause I'm feeling a little lazy (Surprise surprise right?:P), I still haven't found a job which is angering me to no end, luckily though my step-father said there might be an opening for me at one of his friends job, so I might have a job by month's end. Finally.

October is already almost over, which is shocking considering it felt like only yesterday it started, but to me, it needs to end now. Like I said in my last blog, there are two games that come out in November that I want: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Assassins Creed: Revelations. I'll get MW3 first and then ACR sometime later in the year or early 2012. Also next month, like I said before is my road test, if I can get a handle on turning, I'll be as right as rain.

If any of you haven't noticed yet, I leveled up. I'm now a Sword of Sodan, whatever that is. Anyone know what the Sword of Sodan is? Anyone? Anybody? Anyway. Dec. 22 will mark my four year anniversary on GS, five years if you count myoriginal account(Scion1560, which I've since forgotten the password for) and I'm throwinga huge party for he occasion(Not really, but I will blog on that day:P). I keep hearing from my juniors from high schoolturned freshman in college saying its hard, one thing I gotta say about that:

Gintoki pics 3

GET OVER IT! No one said college was easy you big babies! College AIN'T hard, boring? Yes(Specially in Spanish's case) but I never found college hard, only the commute killed me. Buncha babies I swear.

In sports, the New York Yankees, man...what word can I use to describe them...there is a word I thought of but...can't say it:P But the Phillies, maaan the Phillies, biggest upset in years, eliminated by the team who got into the playoffs on the last day of the season, a team the Phils themselves helped: St. Louis Cardinals who have also made it to the World Series. Incredible, also in the WS is the Texas Rangers, who'll win? I don't know, watch and find out:P

One more thing, tapping into my inner designer, I decidedto take up designing. Here's an image I created(More like the only one I can show without laughing to death:P)

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

As you can see, I liked it enough to use as my profile banner, still not in love with it but eh, its good enough. Tell me what ya think and be honest, and don't pull any punches.

Thats all I gotta say, see ya around he boards!!

I'll Have a Blog to Go...

Cheesy blog name I know:lol:

Hello friends and people I can tolerate, next month is October, a month in which I can normally stadn but in this case I can't. Why? Cause it gets in the way of a month in which two games I want(badly) come out:

Assassin's Creed: Revelations BoxshotCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 BoxshotAssassins Creed: Revelations and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3(If yousay BF3 is a better game don't bother commenting at all cause I'm sick and tired of the comparisons between the two games)are the top 2 games I want this holiday but I still gotta wait past October >_> In other gaming news, when is Final Fantasy Versus XIII comin out?! Its been 5 full years since that game was announced, does SE plan to release it when I die of old age?And somethin else sfkm2 brought to my attention: When is Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out? Its been 6 years since KH2 came out and I'm tired of these KH games for the handheld. With that said, I hope it isn't released when I'm old and senile.

In other news, I signed up for and took 5 driving lessons, the instructor said I'm doing good in every aspect except for turning, thats one part I need to improve on. Luckily I got time, my driving test ain't Nov. 8th.

In other news, as with Octobers before this one, I will do nothing special for Halloween except maybe but lotsa junk food and eat it like I always do on Halloween:P But other than, no trick-or-treat, no pranks(I'll kill whoever pranks me though).

And finally in sporting news. THE BILLS BEAT THE PATRIOTS!!!:lol: That is incredible, I never thought they'd beat the Pats. The Detroit Lions are 3-0, not 0-3 but 3 AND 0. The team who lost all 16 games they played a few seasons ago actually won their first 3 games.In baseball news, the Boston Red Sox are a mess!! Only what? 6-19 this month? Complete collapse, if they don't make the playoffs, I will go up to each and every Red Sox fans' houses and LAUGH in their face:lol: And finally, the Yankees are AL East champions! Take that Boston!:lol: And they clinched the best record in the AL, hope they win it all this year.Anyway, thats all I gotta say.

See ya round the boards!!

Earthquake and Hurricane? Huh?

I know what you're thinking, how can feet smell if they don't even have a nose? Strange isn't it?

While you ponder that, lets get to the real point of this blog

Last week has certainly been...unreal in ways. First an earthquake hits Virginia which is then felt in NY among other places on the east coast, then a couple days later, a hurricane hits. That sounds normal if you live in Florida, but it didn't hit Florida, it passed right by and hit the north eastern coast, by time it reached NY it was a powerful tropical storm. Luckily my house didn't flood or get blown away or hit by falling trees, but the power did go out early Sunday and didn't come back until sometime around 2 this morning. Spent the morning putting things back in their original spots, as for me, I ended havin to move my PS3 into one of my drawers(Still connected though), maybe I should leave it there incase my little cousin decides to go pokin around in my room while I'm not there...hmm...

Anyway, that all I needed to say, I'll make a bigger next time:P

See ya round the boards!

For Ferelden!!!

Thanks for wishing me a happy everyone, I had a happy one to say the least:P

What I did for my birthday: Went to the laundromat at the morning(I kid you not and this was NOT my idea), went to the barbershop(Again, I kid you not), visited my god-mother and went to my favorite restaurant Applebees which almost went out of business that day cause of me:lol: Then again, I hadn't since the morning and it was well into the night when we got there so you can't really blame me(though I know some people will anyway:P) But the highlight of my birthday didn't occur until the day after my birthday. Why? Cause I bought:

Dragon Age Origins
Dragon Age: Origins Boxshot

Yep, now you know where I got the inspiration for the blog title:lol:Funny story actually, I was contemplating whether to get DAO or Mass Effect 2, but since the Gamestop I went to didn't have it(And wouldn't have it for a weeks), the choice of which game to get was suddenly made 1000 times easier. End of story right? Hehe WRONG! When I got home from the mall, I immediately opened the box and found the most important thing in it was missing: THE GAME ITSELF. I paid for the game and got the game box, manual(Which isstupidly thick)but no game. Kinda like paying for a soda and only gettin ice, you're missing the most important thing. It wouldn't such a big deal and go back right? Again...WRONG! I got home with the mall closing in the next hour and because public transportation in NY is all but non-existent on Sunday, the luxury of time wasn't on my side. I caught the second bus(First one couldn't help but ditch me) back to the mall which was of course, starting to close. The Gamestop was pretty much closed and gettin the attention of the employees wasn't easy, it was a whole 5 minutes before one of them noticed I was there...or bothered acknowledging someone was standing at the entrance. A half hour, a show of the receipt and a handing over of the game later, I was at home, preparing to take on the adventure of Dragon Age Origins.

I'm starting off as a Human Warrior and I named him Shomaru with the surname being Crousland. Right now, I'm preparing to go to the Frostback Mountains. My party consists of Alistaire, a wise cracking Grey Warden who isn't very bright(See the Fade Level when you come across the Sloth Demon forsolid proof), Morrigan, a mage from the Wilds who for some reason reminds me of someone on this site(Not saying who, that person will know who he/she is) and Leliana, a Rogue who's as deadly as she ispretty.

I have to say, I'm liking this game much more than I thought I would, the battle system I was so skeptical ofworks like a dream to the point where it doesn't even feel like my fingers are moving. The customization is stupidly deep, and the story, man, I have to say, the amount of tragedy and betrayal in this game would put a soap opera to shame...and I'm only referring to the early part of the game...yes, the early part of the game. All those elements make for the best RPG I've played since Kingdom Hearts 2 and Rogue Galaxy. The only part of the game I could possibly have a problem with would be the visual glitches and the occasional framerate issues, but these problems are EXTREMELY minor, so minor I'll slap whoever says they're major issues with a metal pipe. Think I'm jokin? Try me...

In other news, thanks to Katsuri, I started watching an anime called Usagi Drop. I'd let you view my MAL page for more info but...its been a few weeks since I've updated so...Google or Wiki it:P

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, if you didn't then...meh, I don't really care:P

See ya around the boards!!