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Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! It's been a while since I have been on Gamespot's forums.

I was doing some cleaning up and found some Halo 4 bonus codes I never used.

I don't own the game on Xbox 360 anymore (I was planning to get XONE soon and the Halo collection)

I'm posting here because the Halo 4 forum isn't very active.

They are old - I can assure you I never used them, so I hope they work!

Your Halo 4 customizable helmet Xbox Code is:


Your Halo 4 customizable armor Xbox Code is:


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I'll buy it again for sure. It would be nice to see a big expansion on the next gen.

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The unlimited Sport is actually the Sport S.

These are the basic upgrades on the Sahara vs the Sport S Unlimited (Canadian Models)

Black Jeep Freedom Top hardtop, 18-inch polished aluminum wheels with Satin Carbon centres, P255/70R18 OWL on-/off-road tires, UconnectTM 430N with 6.5-inch touch-screen, Garmin Navigation, and six Alpine speakers with subwoofer, SiriusXM Satellite Radio with one-year subscription, Keyless entry and security alarm, Auto-dimming rearview mirror with reading lamp, Power, heated mirrors; manual foldaway, Automatic headlamps, Tubular side steps and bright bumper overlay, Heavy-duty suspension with gas shocks, Body-colour fender flares, 115-volt auxiliary power outlet, Power windows and locks, Air conditioning, Coat hooks, bright interior accents.

Best to just get to the dealership and check things out....see what you want vs what you need. Get a feel for leather seats vs the cloth, I much prefer cloth in the jeep and leather in my car.

A must for me was the power locks and windows, and heated and power mirrors. The side steps help getting in and out of the Wrangler too, and A/C is always nice to have on a really hot hot day driving to and from work. And with the Sahara you get the hard top....

Again going with the sport model you can always add things like side steps, hard top and different rims. Good luck with your search and I hope you get into exactly what you are looking for.

BTW what color you looking into? The dark silver you posted? Very nice, if I had it back I probably would have went with the metallic dark brown, but I do like my black. I saw one the other day and it looked pretty sweet.

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I own a 2 door Sahara, black, painted hard top with soft top, rolling with the soft top right now. I had a 2011 4 door but had bought it used and always wanted the new 3.6L engine, liked the extra cargo space but I have always been fan of just the 2 door Wranglers, I ended up trading it in for the 2 door and have never been happier, I have a second car my wife drives and is great for family outings, the Jeep is my toy I take up north and hit trails with but it is also my daily driver.

My first time in a Wrangler I was actually amazed at how smooth the ride was. The performance of the new 3.6 liter engine is amazing, fuel wise and power. If you don't drive to far for work then its not bad. I have been averaging 12 to 15 liters per 100km city and hwy driving mixed. Trust me, once you get into a Wrangler you will never be able to drive any other SUV, it will never be the same. The Wrangler 4x4 is also truly amazing and super fun to driver in the snow and mud. I always looked forward to heading out in the snow on the real snowy days!

Jeeps are known to hold their value very well also, you should be good looking to get the 4 door, it offers one more occupant as it seats 5, the 2 doors only seat 4, space wise it's great too. If you have the money and are going to be upgrading the jeep yourself with new suspension and all that then you should just go with the sport S with A/C. I personally went with the Sahara with the upgraded heavy duty suspension, do your research, there are many thing you may want to do like towing, if so I'd recommend looking into axle ratio's for heavier hauling.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try my best to answer.

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Long story short, the DS lite speakers do not work unless the console is plugged in, when charging the speakers work perfectly fine. The console plays games perfectly fine while not on charge and headphone work fine, but there is just no sound from the consoles speakers. To trouble shoot I charged the unit while the headphones were plugged in also and the sound still comes out of the headphone fine.

Anyone come across this issue before?

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I'm looking to upgrade my graphics cards from 2x5770 in crossfire to a 7870 and or possibly 2 of them in crossfire. My Mother board is designed for crossfire by gigabyte, I think I have a great build overall (for its age), but looking to stretch it as far as I can without having to spend money building a new computer at the moment.

My specs on the PC are as follows: E8500 overclocked to 4GHZ, 8GB RAM 1066Mhz clocked down to 1000 to have 1:1 ratio with the FSB of the CPU (again any mistakes on my part please forgive) 2x5770 in crossfire - system stays pretty cool. The PC has its hicups once in a while, while playing games....that may just be because I'm running two different videocards made by diff manufactuerers....:P

I'm havnt been keeping up with the whole computer hardware scene and looking for some input on any issue I may run into or if its even worth upgrading the video cards running an OC E8500....

Thanks in advanced!

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I had the same issue this afternoon. I got the update early this morning around 2 am and the system was fine, but when I went to turn it on this afternoon it froze, tried resetting 3 more times before I unplugged it from the power, waited, then plugged it back in and it worked fine. Not sure if that helped....hope we gets a fix soon.

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The PS3 has only been out for 6 years.... Not sure if what you are asking is possible, however, my brother switched just the plastic analog stick on an xbox 360 controller for stick that came on a knock off PS3 controller. (I don't think the official analog stick will fit the 360)
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Member since:Jul 9, 2002 :D

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Awesome show! Like the name. :)