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2018 - Baaaahhhh!!!!!

Hi 2018 … you are almost gone!

Have I played more games? Suuuurree. Do I need to play more often? Yeeeesss. … Can I take my games with me when I die? Probably not? :(

Oh I hope we find a way to live forever … want to transplant my brain into a robot!

I'm now a father of two! Wow … Never thought I'd write that in my next post from my last one in 2013 … wow. I still remember exactly where I was when I wrote my last post. Weird huh?

My daughter is 4 and my son will be 2 soon. I play games sure … not as much as I'd like … but I do!

Can't wait to get my kids into it. Such great memories I have growing up with video games. My daughter has some interest, she can move Mario left and right on screen but moving and jumping is another thing. I have memories of Super Mario Bros for NES in 1989 with my dad. I'm pretty sure I wasn't very good at it. I remember my dad playing it for me mostly, but I was good at shooting those ducks! (Standing an inch from the Tele!) haha!

Anyways - Good Post I'd say for the middle of the night. Later!

Getting a hit in for 2013...

Been away from blogging. Thought I'd hit my wall of text up with a shout out into web space. 2013 has quickly come and is almost gone! Life has been super busy, did another 2 job trek that has finally ended....for sake of sanity,,,and to play more games lol.....that seems to be a trending thing i like to say....couple promotions at the job. Things are good, lets not get into the amount of cars I bought and traded this past year, I was like a kid trading pokemon cards. Keep you head up and I'll do the same. Cheers to all that read this!

Be back soon.....

Super Mario Galaxy and finding the time to game!

Trying to finally complete Super Mario Galaxy after all these years. Gaming has gotten away from me and now I'm set on returning back to the glory days of game game game. I find myself tossing my butt on the couch and just watching boring ass TV instead of going to play a game. I use to game a lot, for example: Go to school, come home, eat, play games. Then, college, work, play games. After college it was full time work then play games. Social life on the weekend and girlfriends in between. Now, after I started and ended my two job trek, I haven't gotten back into the gaming mode. Time to change that!!

My reason for focusing solely on Super Mario Galaxy is because I don't have a TV in my "game room" at the moment, where my Ps3 and Xbox 360 reside. I have the Wii setup in my living room and made a deal with myself I wont put the Xbox or PS3 in there. I want to focus on the Wii as I also have Mario Galaxy 2, Goldeneye, Metroid Trilogy, Zelda, and Super Mario bro, oh! and 25th Anniversary Edition to play around with.

After being on my own for over a year and a half, I'm planning on moving back home to pay off some debt and save for a house (My brother too). In the interim, I plan to go back to school for a year course I'm eyeing. Just to add skills to my skill tree.

That's it for now. Hope all of you are enjoying your summer.

Cheers! :cool:

Happy a lot a new, year

New year and a lot of new things! A lot has happened since my last post. I've had time today to sit down and write this new blog for 2012 as I took the day off from work to rest. Happy New Year to all who read this. I have come to the conclusion I like to write blogs once in a while just to read them in the future, more so then to write them for veiwers to read, but if you are one of the very few that do read this, I thank you and hope you enjoy.

I'm still working two jobs, the money is great, but I seem to never pay down my credit card with it! Go figure. More money = more spending haha. Time to manage my money a little better. I recently sold my old car, 02 Jetta, and bought myself a 2012 Veloster with a very nice down payment, so I'm saving a lot of money there now with lower car payments and lower insurance! Never thought I'd buy a Hyundai, but after doing a lot of research and looking at a lot of different cars I was sold on the Veloster. It's basically everything I want and fully loaded for a great price you can't complain....even if it isn't a race car. I miss my turbo I had in the jetta but I'm happy with my new car and it's fuel economy!

I have also planned to move out of my apartment I share with a friend of mine. I am moving to a new building down the street and my brother and his girlfriend are moving in with me. I get along great with my bro and I'm sure that it'll feel a lot more like home. I have just two and a half more weeks before I move. Thats pretty much just two more weekends to get stuff packed and ready for the move. I'm very excited! Moving does equal more debt but it's being managed in the way of buy now and pay later through the store. I've had great experience with this and it helps. I know what you're thinking....not the best way to be managing money when trying to pay off debt. Car payment and no interest -no payment plans from stores don't count for me when it comes to spending money, instead wasting money is more like going out to dinner and the bar every weekend. Christmas didn't help either and I had some major repairs to do on the jetta before I sold it. I ended up buying a new TV, coffee table, end tables and a couch for the living room for my new place. I needed these things as my room mate owned this stuff. I can pay off my credit card and save up to pay these items off in due time without worry.

In gaming news, I've had the pleasure to start playing Skyrim on the 360 and I'm loving it. I have yet to manage a good schedule for getting some gaming time in on a regular basis but I play games when I can. New years resolution = play more games! I thought I'd also mention here I just bought the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, my contract was up and so I decided to pick this one up right away since it had just become available to my service provider. I wrote a blog back in May of 2011 about the Google Nexus S, this phone was great and is my reason I now have the latest and greatest by Samsung and in love with Android.

So that's it for now, 2012, new car, new phone, new apartment, new tv,new resolution and a place to look forward to calling home. I'll update this blog once I'm all moved in.


Sunday Sunday

Well we are again. I can't believe it has already been 4 months since I last posted on here. A ton of change has happened in my life since May, the summer blew by and I have been working a new job since June 30th. The new job has been keeping me super busy as I'm currently still working at my evening job part time. Good money but I can't do65 plus hours a week forever.

It's sad to say but I've onlysat down to play a game once or twice since I started this crazyjob schedule. I should be playing a game now as I type this butI've decided to brush up on whats been happening in the world of gaming and check things out on-line like we all do in ourfree time, you know,facebook, update our pictures, music, organize our computers. I feel like I'm familiarizing myself to my own life haha. Mix that all up living on your own with just a room mate, no time to cook a nice home cooked meal during the week and barely have time to keep things tidy you have a lot going on. Tossing in a girlfriend you would think would just make it all even more stressful, but shes amazing and supportive and we have this weekend thing working out for the both of us.

I hope to get things finalized with my day job as I'm only on contract for 3 months and thats ending very soon. Things are looking good and I have a lot to learn to become really experienced.....more to follow.


New phone:)

Hey all who read this!

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything! Just been really busy I guess. I just bought myself the Google Nexus S by Samsung. Very happy with it! I used to have an old 8GB iphone 3G, with the new OS for it, it just made it sloooow. Now I've been debating on weather I leave the apps I bought for the iPhone (just a couple games and stuff) which I didn't really spend to much money on and sell my iphone and pick up a new iPod nano. I was also thinking I pick up an older iPod touch from say kijiji. I like using iTunes for my music and just use the iPod in my car for music. Anyone have any suggestions?

Keep it real!

- Sulfonic

New Game!!!!

Well I'm pretty much settled into my apartment and its starting to feel like home. It's nice being on your own! Newest game I picked up was Little big planet 2! Just tried it out today for a bit with my girlfriend. It's cool! I'm not sure why I never bought the first one. My girl is liking it too, last game I think she actually played was probably World of Goo on the PC. Wanna push her further into gaming then she seems to be as I know she'd be able to get addicted to games like Oblivion or platformers like Rachet and clank.... she hasn't really gotten the chance I guess. I'll guide her into our amazing world of gaming!

As for my apartment I'm gonna post pics soon of mainly my gaming setups. I'm really liking the extra space I got with a master bedroom and all! Since I share the apartment with a roomate we have made the living rooma none gaming site, only used for TV, movies and hockey, unless we all wanna crack out Super Mario bros on the Wii over drinks! haha. We basically have our gaming setups in our rooms as both rooms are a fair size. I was able to set up everything I wanted including a nice love seat in my room to chill on and game!

Thats my update! Thanks for reading!

Keep it real:)

All moved out!

Yep, moved out of my parents finally. The move went pretty good, huge change from a house to an apartment 22 floors up! Moved in on the 6th and have been setting everything up. I'm living with a roomate sharing rent. Even though I'm feeling a little home sick, knowing I wont ever wake up to my bro's or parents again or even my dog, its something I'm sure everyone has to eventually do....go out on your own in the world. I may sound a little sappy but I grew into an adult making good friends with my parents, I feel like I was there one day and gone the next without saying "good bye" I'll see them once in a while and we all live in the same city so I really shouldn't be thinking about it to hard.

Living on your own brings new experienses, like doing the dishes! Damn I wish I had a dish washer! lol. It feels good coming home to your own place. Having your own underground parking space and all that. Almost done setting up my new gaming area! I'll have pics up soon.

Thanks for reading!


LG 47" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV 47LD500

Just picked up this TV for $699! Reg. $999 according to the website, The TV to me was a steal! Great picture and better contrast ratio then my 3 year old 37inch Sharp LCD. Jumping from a 37" to a 47" is crazy huge! Kinda had to move stuff around in my room to get the tv to fit were my other one was.

I'm finallymoving out of my parent house soon! First week of February to be exact and I was in need of a second tv for the living room so I jumped at the boxing day sales. I tried to get this TV at bestbuy but they seemed to be having checkout issues on their website. So I was lucky enough that was selling the tv for the same price! is now selling the TV for $799, so I got lucky! I'm happy I bought this when I did as it is sold out at all the local stores.

If your looking to get a new TV for a great price check this one out!

Later! 8)