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Back in the hole...

Yeah, in a board that is entirely jam packed with Game Play videos, title topics giving away game aspects with out warning and overall discussion of what we know is in the game, I get suspended AGAIN for sying the first level of CoD:BO is nothing but a meat grinder with no stealth what so ever.

It is seriously a joke, and I am fairly certian I know why I was, oh sorry correction, "WARNED", it has mroe to do with me arguing with moderators than anything. I got a major violation notice for my Joke topic about the special edition "Lag Switch" promo. I didn't care that they deleted so much as was the inference that I was trolling the board, and really not that it matters, but I had to point out to the mod how if he looked at my profile history and contributions they would see that the CoD boards on the Wii are the only ones I have active posts on, they figured I was a PS360 user jacking with the Wii'ners, but that wasn't the case.

I was just having some fun, and the content of the topic was an obvious joke. I was then told the "joke topics" have no place on the game forums, as they are supposed to be for serious business....

Spare me, have some fun and smile was basically my response, and I made sure I exhausted all of my appeals on it. When they still upheld, even after some admission that it really wasn't a big deal, I filled the mods inbox with about 50 messages to highlight my point of randoms who "were" trolling.

Next day, I get sent to purgatory for my post. This is like my own personal "Bay of Pigs" debacle...

See you in 4 or 5 days.

Still in the hole...

...haven't done a new (Old of course) review in a while, but will try to soon to blow off some steam. Got to play a lot of Team Tactical with my romper stomping homeboy Rompster in MWR, first time I turned the game on in a week. Great games as always, fun as hell hamming it up with the RAF crew.

I made an SnD only alt account to see how fast I can level it up without needing the learning curve slowdowns. I have so far notcied that the SnD aspet of this game is becoming increasingly hacked up, more so than any other modes. Players use super speed and invicible cheats to plant / defuse with no chance of a counter, honestly what is the point.

I was actually able to defuse one of those, and when another cheater got owned and pulled the super speed invicible crap, I host ended to ensure my teamates got the win we deserved. I can't stand the cheating, adn the last few times I have had to deal with, the host ends have been my counter for Invc / Invs players.

Taking advantage of the down time....

...with time left still in the hole, I have been writing up some reviews for the old GameSpot library. I did two for the CoD Wii games, honeslty everyone, I am not hating on it, but in hindsight WaWii was a terrible game.

I will be doing a bunch of nostalgia inspired reviews as well, mainly for classic NES, Sega and PS game. Adding thing to the library to share my perspective on the gaming industry and basically looking to enlighten some people onto the history of where their titles and feautres in current games got their start.

Check out the Battle Toads review up now, will be doing one for Hitman 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Mega man, Metal gear, a few others. Also Tribes fromt he PC, likell Company of Hereos, maybe much more. We shall see.

Regarding a forced absence...

...yeah, I did something stupid. Thanks for the moderators for taking my history into consideration and sending me to purgatory in place of banishment. So in 30 or so days, I will be able to continue contributing.

Thanks to DBC for putting the stamps on the MWR online play guide, it will be thorough and comprehensive, and a nice addition to his FAQ. I will still be playing, but in a smaller role as life is catching up with me.

Till then...