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Wow its been a long time eh??

AHHHHH some news about me:)

Well let me just say that, that last moderation was my fault:oops: I did it intentionally though:lol: anyways (I'll do this in order)

1. I had no desire to come on GS for over 2 weeks:o:lol::D (which is good because its not addictive as I thought...Im beginning to get m life back:P GS is becoming old now:lol::P)

2. Im leaving college:( but Im going to the Air Force:D (well Im actually trying out for it today:D Wish me luck) and if I get in it then Im going to a different college:) because I refuse to go home and not do nothing:roll::evil:

3. I wouldve been left a loooong time ago but Id figured Id post some news about me but this week Im officially out;) and I'll post some friend stuff up as well;)

if you wanna be a leader in one of my unions I have (that your apart of) then speak the hell up!!!!

BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING DELETED IF YOU DONT SAY ANYTHING (sorry to everyone but I have no desire to keep them up anymore because Im if you guys want them up and running then its yours;) If no one is stepping up then if you get it then do whatever the hell you wish;))

Oh sorry for those who did add me on Window Live Messenger, Ive been busy but Im not leaving on there never!! So you can always keep in touch with me like that:)