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Seven Pounds Review...and me

Well I must say Will Smith has done it again with this one. Seven Pounds is a very heart touching movie. Probably one of the first films besides, Pursuit of Happiness, where Will connects emotionally. Apart from his usual, comedic self. In this movie its just simple raw emotion. Which shows that he really can branch out and show his different sides in acting.

Will plays as a man named, Ben Thomas, who is somewhat haunted by his past, as some of us are, he figures the only way to forgive himself and what he has done is to help drastically change the lives of seven good people. In the process of doing so, he falls in love with a women named, Emily Posa, who's played by Rosario Dawson. This woman plays a major role in the story and in his life, in a very little time.

Point blank, this is definitely Oscar worthy. It'll leave you with questions in the beginning of the movie at first, "Why is Ben so hesitant about falling for this woman, Emily" "How do these seven people connect with him?" The beginning is a little slow, more so like its really informing you, but in the end everything is revealed. Which ends in a solid tear jerker ending, explaining everything.

This movie made me realize, sometimes we just shouldn't ask why something is happening to us, some of us just really deserve it. Especially those good at heart.

Watch the movie and you'll get it;)


lol just wanted to say, I'm single again baby8) to make a long story short, I liked him but we were better off being friends;) So bring on the flirting baby8):oops::P

(my next movie review is going to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button;))