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Merry Christmas & Your answers

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a good one;)

Now time for me to give you all your answers:D

- What is your life philosophy?
- Who in the entertainment industry, who has passed away, do you miss most? (actor, musician, wrstler, ect...)

- My life's philosophy would be do everything now because you just never kno...
- Definitely Marilyn Monroe...I just would like to know how life was like for her.

- What means Christmas for you?
- If you ever had to kiss a Portuguese guy,would you do it?

- Uh I guess your asking what Christmas means to me, I'll say its a time you give back or give something (love, gift, a friendly hand, etc. All that good cheesy stuff:P)
- lol I hate kissing anyone but yea because foriegn men intrigue me;)

-When are you going to make a recording so we can hear your hilarious, I mean awesome, accent?
- If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
- If you had only a few months to live, what would you do?
- What sort of relationship are you seeking right now, assuming you want one?
- Why don't you like banjos?

- I'll make one when I get one of those voice recorder thingys:P And I dont have that much of an accent:P just some words I say are pretty country and will make you be like, "WTH:lol:"
- Lion duh!! (what a dumb question:P)
- Everything that I wouldnt do while not being sick because I kno I have time
- I want a steady one, serious. (I kno shocking because I never want one, or not yet) but Im at that point where I wouldnt mind a relationship.
- ....because you hit me with them all the damn time:P:|

- Whats your favourite Christmas Movie?
- Favourite Christmas Music?

- Oh man I have soo many:P and since you didnt say name one, then I'll name all:P Prancer, Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon and the Jim Carey one), Charlie Brown Christmas (i think thats what its called:P)....
- Temptations, Christina Agulera, Bryan McKnight, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, Chris Brown, really anything worth listening too...

- Who's your favorite Transformer?
- If you could rule a country, what kind of ruler would you be?
- Why do men act like retards...(no offense if any read this o_O)

- I dont like transformers:P I havent even watched the movie:|
- I would be the one Obama will be....I would make CHANGE!!
- Hun if I could explain that...I certainly would give you the answer. Their just being men:roll:

- What age did you lose your virginity?

- believe it or not...I lost it when I got to college which was at the age of 18

- What mean games for you ?

- uh I didnt get what you were asking:|

Dz&DoubleJunkie (Answer):
- lol both of you get a hug:D ***Hugs*** and I want one back:oops::P

- How old r u?
- Where r u from?
- Who do u consider ur closest friend here in GS?
- Do you LOOOOOVVEE me??
- Are u single now?
- Who is one person u wanna meet other than angie??
- Do u think ur a good actress?
- What would happen if u married snake? lool
- What is ur fav. position?

- Baby im old enough8) im 19;)
- Im from Virginia (country girl;))
- I have alot of close good friends, but my closest is ww725. Ive been through hell and back with her...and she knows everything about me;)
- lol yea Im actually growing fond of you..
- yup;)
- Uh my grandfather...he died before I could know him
- lol I dont act sweetie:P If you give me the chance to I would be a great actress but I dont act;)
- lol we would have little snakes:P
- Im traditional:oops: I'll try anything once but I havent yet though...I will

- How often do you make love?

- Not often:P Im not a slut! Just a freak...big damn difference;) But I havent made love with anyone really:|

- Did you get your PS3 for Christmas?
- How hot do you like your curry?
- Do you have any similarities to Marilyn Monroe and if so what are they?
- Would you give me a Christmas spank?

- Nah, I was but then I needed clothes I got a crap load of clothes:P
- Ive never had it I dont think:| sounds good though... You mean chicken curry I like it spicy
- Shes a beautiful disaster and had a love for life. And every man hell even women wanted her, she was gorgeous. And thats me all the way, except I dont get ppl with my looks, I get them with this very blunt personality and my smile.;)
- You aint got to ask me but once sweetie:twisted: *grabs the spiked whip:twisted:*

- What do you want for Christmas?
- Whats your favorite word?
- If you choose to be either a man or woman which would you choose why?
- Most embarrasing nickname?
- If you could be the same age forever which age would it be?
- Have you ever caught anything on fire?
- Have you ever been arrested?
- Do you plan on getting smashed on New Year's Eve?

- clothes:D which I got;)
- all the cuss words unfortunately:lol:
- lol I love being a woman but man when Im PMS-ing I sure do wish I was a guy:lol: But I wouldnt mind having a you know what:P I just wanna see how it feels it being on me:lol::P
- killa K:roll::|
- OMG definately 10!! I got everything when I was younger...
- lol yea the bathroom counter:lol: I put alcohol down and lit it:P
- Nope.
- Hell yeah:twisted: do you??:P

- If you could write your own future, what would it be like in 10 years time? Husband? Kids? job? Location? House?

- Hmm well honestly I dont know who I'll be married too. Girl or boy, one of the two:P Kids I would want alot, at least 5 or hell I'll even adopt. I could see myself being in any place and making it work...I do good where ever I am but I would love to go to sunny CA or maybe even Florida. And I would have a huge condo:D then I might work myself up to a house;)

- Ok Crzy What religion are you?
- What is a dirty question by your standards?
- If you could wish for one thing what would it be?

- Im a Christian
- lol go back and look at Fallen's question or Crzy Ruroo's questions:P something like that:P
- Children everywhere would be happy and live good lives

- What would be your dream job in life?
- What was the best present you ever got on Christmas?

- Acting:D:D
- A pool table and a basketball court set all in the same Christmas

- When's the last time i talked to you?

- lol its been a looonng time

- What's the best thing about Christmas?

- spending it with your family and gifts

- What motto do you live by?

- ...jus live ya life;)

- if you travel outside the USA whats the first country you visit ?
- what is the coolest moment in your life?
- what is the most video game character you like ?
- what is the best game in your opinion ?
- did you like anime ?

- China...
- when I went to Disney Land
- Solid Snake
- MGS the whole series
- Nah not my thing:P