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...Jus me and my thoughts down

Today Im truely sad.

I lost a dear child hood friend do to a shooting. Three shots to the chest. It was so hard to see him lying in that cofin, seeing my old friends, his mother and his brother crying, screaming because there son was gone.

This is seriously screwing with me. Ive never been to any funeral of someone that young. He was 21. It just goes to show you that death can knock on anyones door, theres no hiding or running from it. When its your time, its your time.

...and I hate that. Not knowing:x but I guess i can only move on and still live my life. I'll always remember him for his smile. I mean he was the first guy I shared a kiss with. We were 9 yrs old and kissed under the covers:P:oops: and he always smiled...I mean about everything, he stayed wearing a smile on his face!:P
Then I seen him for the first time in years and it was like he became a man overnight, I remember us going out and he cooked me dinner and we watched a movie. We smoked on the block:P Talked on the phone.....

I'll move on, it'll be hard but I'll manage. I know he has.

I guess I'll leave him, like the first day we meant, with a kiss;) I'll miss you Jamair....

Jamair Ellis