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Changeling & My Life

First of all I must say my baby Angelina Jolie has done it again. The movie Changeling, where she plays (based on real life events of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders) a woman named Christine Collins who returns home from work one day only to find her son, Walter Collins, is mysteriously missing.

And I can see why the LAPD are the most hated police department ever!! Who wouldve thought a woman named Christine Collins would reveal such a whole police force full of corrupt people from only asking but a question "Wheres my son?"

A mother, not only that, a women in the 20's who then didnt have much say. Being through hell and back because of what the LAPD couldnt do and the fact they basically lied to her and to the world. Declared as "an unfit mother and crazy" only to comeback strong as ever with full force to expose everyone and get justice for her son.

This story is rivating, true, powerful, and shows you that not all people with power can be trusted...but it also showed me that eventually justice will prevail for all no matter what and leaves me with one thing,

(watch the movie and you'll get it;))

*in other words...go see it;)*

Now on to my life...gaming eh not so much...some crash bandicoot here and there but overall thats it:P I do have a guy in my life now:D (no details)but its good and he's very sweet. For the first time ever Im putting everything on the line and taking a chance...finaly!! Im all for change and Im growing up and its certainly time for a change. And the best thing out of not knowing whats going to happen next!!

And to be honest...I DONT CARE!! Im having fun:oops::P