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Alright like everyone else Im doing this too.....

Alright now I know I said I dont mind all these friends....and i dont. But Im realizing Im missing my friends blogs who's been cool with me from the moment I came to this site:|

So uh...yeah...its time to kick some of ya'll *****es out:lol: So yeah you wanna stay cool8) but you better post in here or something to let me know. Some of ya'll are going to have a given spot and will difenately be dont worry;)

Others...its time for ya'll to get the **** out:|

Id rather be anything but ordinary....

My title was inspired by Avril Lavignes song "Anything But Ordinary" its doesnt have a damn thing to do with this blog though:|:lol::roll:

Now thanks to nightmare-_- I have to do this:evil::P jk

So heres 10 random things about me:

1. I hate making the first move:x
(Now I know some girls who dont mind, but i cant stand it:x Even if Im drawn to you...I wouldnt do it because its just not me:|)

2. I hate chasing after anyone:x
(I hate being on a damn chain...I dont have time for games:roll: but if you have the ability to make me chase, then kudos to you and your very sexy to me if you can do that;))

3. Ive never gotten into a physical fight before
(I hate fighting:x Not all black people resort to fighting. Im more of an argumentative type of girl8) I can do that for days)

4. I stopped playing with toys at the age of 13:|
(I was attached to them, I couldnt help it:|)

5. What makes me happy the most is being by myself
(Now Im very much a people person, but I enjoy being by myself:oops: )

6. I hate making out:x
(now if you can kiss thats a different story...but I cant stand making out with people who cant kiss)

7. I get sick everytime I see my grandmother
(I love her dearly but everytime I see her I damn near throw up because of her schizophrenia. Its a whole new person:( Im just so shocked to hear her cuss and talk about nasty stuff. She never would do that before...makes me sick to my stomach everytime. Let me stop talking about it before I throw up and start crying)

8. Im a very romantic person♥
(Just as it sounds...I love spoiling who ever Im with:oops: I'll do almost anything just to see that person smile)

Im mostly a sucker for brunettes. although I love them all...brunettes are more bad *** and I LOVE it!!
(damn what can I say...brunettes are always the hardcore ones to me. I love it when they take control:twisted:;))

10. Haha now heres the most wildest one ever:
I only had one guy to ever go down on me:o (sorry I had to be honest though:|)
(I only had *** with two men and one of those men was an ***:roll: but the other one was sweet and he's the best guy friend a girl could ask for...but yeah we got drunk and well....I'll just let your imagination run wild about the details;):P)

Now hopefully that was interesting8);) I apologize for the last one:oops: but I had to leave with a bang:P

Now I tag:






If you get tagged then post 10 random things about you in a blog;)

Lets get it on....

AAAAHHH baby, lets get it on8)

Okay time to stop singing Marvin Gaye:|:lol: anyways:roll: I just thought Id tell you all that Im not in the mood to make another union:|:lol: so I just basically wasted my time posting that up:P sorry:oops: Im lazy:|

Now I have one question and one question only:

What turns you on? (in a guy or girl or both, whatever your preference is do tell)

Im asking this because Im just curious to know really:| You dont have to tell, but it would make great conversations though:lol:
Now keep it clean ladies and gents:D

La dee doo da dey....

Why did I name my blog that:| anyways:roll:

Im thinking of making a union...its a very secret union:D8) and not alot of members will join. Only members of my choice....just know if Im the leader of it, it will be random and very, very, very fun:D

I havent thought of a name yet:| More than likely we will talk about every other thing than games:|:lol: So if you dont like to play then you just wont get an invite:lol: I honestly dont give a damn:lol::P


So do you wish for me to tell you the secret? Never:twisted::lol:

And dont ask me why Im making this union....because I'll tell you, "BECAUSE I CAN!! Thats why!!:P" And If you dont get an invite from me, I'll still love you♥ but I need active spammers who like to get a laugh and play!! More than likely there will only be two topics out the whole union:lol: Oh man this is going to be fun!!:lol::lol::lol:

Now Im leaving. Just thought Id tell you guys;)


Well first off I'm back:D I tried to leave but I kept coming back:|:lol:

Anyways I thought of a cool idea. Wouldn't it be cool for GS to have some sort of national convention. I think it should be held somewhere big, preferably at at a huge hotel, and we could have game tournaments and it would be a good time to meet your fellow gamespot members in person. They should have it where we can stay with a roommate of our choice. And I think it should last for a week. Of course this would cost money to do this but still...

Now how cool would that be? If I did want to start something like this where would I go to do it...or who would I say it too. I think it would be a good way to meet everyone in person and just chill, sort of like a mini-vacation:P I think it would be great to. If you agree speak your mind and show support!!:D

Spread the word and tell them its my idea!!!:evil:


Edit: 12:12pm

....Im leaving

Im leaving:|

be back, when i get back:| and when I come guys better have some surprises for me:evil:

I dont know what but i want a surprise other than people spaming in my damn blog!!:evil: Ohh maybe some PM's:D yeah...some random PM's

All of you better freakin miss me too:|


:caps:PHONE HOME!!!!

Who was your first kiss?:
man his name was Jamar:roll: long story, lol

Who was your last kiss?:
Wow I think his name was Lucky...

All together, how many people have you kissed?:
Damn maybe like 6 people altogether, but adding the people when I was drunk Id say 10:|

Do your actions ever scare you?:
They use too, but Ive learn to control them

Have you ever been in true love?:
I hate this question:x NO!!!

Ever lied to make someone feel better?:
Why would I do that? What, to be nice? Im honest no matter what:roll:

How do you like being lied to?:
Now what kind of stupid ass question is that?! How do you like being lied to:roll:

Did you forgive the person who hurt you the most?:
As much as its hard for me to say this...I do:| I can let stuff go

Did they deserve to be forgiven?:

Can your friends count on you?:

Are you a good listener?:
always...actually thats one thing I do best:D

Does it bother you when you're friends wont help you out?:
nah not really, they have there reasons. so you gotta respect that

What's a regret you have?:
once again:roll: getting drunk and loosing my virginity:|

Why did you cry last?:
Because I was watching PS I Love You♥:oops:

Who's always on your mind?:
my family...

Are you comfortable with your body?:
Im getting better about that.

Have you ever broken a heart? Did you feel bad?:
yes, Because I would do what was best for me.

Do you believe in god? Go to church?:
Yes I believe in god...but I havent went to church in like 5 yrs:|

Do you keep a journal that only you should ever read?:
I use to, but I think I lost it:o

Can you control your thoughts?:
Its depends whats on my mind/who's on my mind

Can you control your actions?:

How about your emotions?:
now thats a different story:lol: In other words no, lol

Have you ever done something that was really bad for yourself?:
hmm damn I dont think I have really:| Oh **** yes I younger days:roll:

Who is it easiest to be yourself around?:
my sister, friends who spam in my blog with me:oops: (they know who they are;)) and my bestie:D

What can always put you in a good mood?:
Kids, I love kids:):D, uh my sister, and ww725:oops:

Have you kissed in the rain?:
wow hun lets be serious, Im black. And I cant mess up my hair:| So!! lol

Are you able to always be yourself?:
of course, but to a certain extent

Is their anyone that you care more about than youself?:
EVERYONE!! I cant be specific when answering that

What do you miss about your past?:
Probably when everyone in my family got along and no DRAMA!!! I miss being spoiled and everyones little baby:oops: (well actually I still get treated like that:| You would think that being the youngest out of 13 girls and being 18 that they would see me as a grown up:P I guess some **** just doesnt change, lol)

Are you excited about the future?:
Always....never know what tomorrows going to bring

Do have any idea of what your future is gonna be like?:
I would somewhat bad:? only because alot of our problems we know about its just the solutions arent being put into full affect as the should be:|

How do you do in school? Do you try hard?:
Im the ****clown in my school, but I still am smart;) And I normally dont try at all:| Im the type of chick who will do a project the day before its do and still get an A/B:

Do you like to help others? Does it make you feel good?:
I love helping others:) Anything I can do for anyone I will...just to see them smile:) (I guess that what working with kids will do to ya:oops::)) It makes me feel great:D

Are you trust worthy?:
VERY!! Whatever and anything you tell me is between you and I!! TRUST is a BIG deal to me.

Did you lie at all in this survey?:
NO, or better tell me if you think I did:P

Not as crazy as my other test:P I just wanted to tone it down...just a bit. Im not always crazy ladies and gents;)

Now in other news, I have to get up at 9:00am in a few hours:o I hate getting up early:x but Im going to a graduation:D This is another boring night for me:| So no fun...just peace and rest. You see? Im not always crazy...I can tone it down a bit:oops: and plus Im tired and its like I need to go to bed.

We are not the same I am a martian???

"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy"
-Dori from Finding Nemo:lol: (that was pretty random I know but that had me weak:lol: I love Dori, she rocks:P)

Now first of all, Im pissed because MGS4 is not in my possesion:| I want it...bad!! I hate wanting things (beside Angelina Jolie:roll: but thats a different blog:roll::P) I need this game guys!! Bad!! I just dont have the cash right now which sucks:x

Oh I seen Kung Fu Panda! And I have to say two things
-good but short:|
-Angelina Jolie plays "Master Tigress":D
Overall go see it! or take the kids too...they'll enjoy it;)

Why I know really weird tittle but I just want everyone to know that, we are not the same I am a martian:| Ha, Im too cool. Im soo bored right now...isnt it obvious? I dont wanna take a test...I wanna be a lazy biotch today:| and I have been one:| I know this is too much but man do I need some, lol:lol: sorry I had to get that off my chest. It takes real women to admit that:lol:

Oh and for my lady ww725, I will be posting in my next 4 blogs some of my artwork:| sorry its gonna have to be a wait cuz Im back at home:| but they will come;):D


Okay so it has been brought to my attention that some of you want to see its only right that I post a picture up of myself for you guys. Especially for QOB:oops: So here I am:

prom picture, I had to cut the rest of those ******* out, lol

I was bored and I just got off of work:|

Okay so there!! There I am people, lol. If you dont like them then dont look lol. But if you do, then hell, look all damn day8).

This is a short blog:| So talk in here:P Im so bored:roll::|

....The Stranger

Wow so I seen The Strangers last night and let me tell was not good:| I mean like any scary movie there gonna have some things in there to make you jump but it wasnt terriffying:? I mean it really starts making sense right at the end. And who wouldve thought that, that movie was actually based on real life events:shock: I mean it made sense but I guess it just pissed me off how you didnt know, it left you with a lot of questions:x I hate that:x and the ending was horrible to me:roll:


Anyways, it time to get serious. Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you scream that no one will ever be able to hear you? Its like your trapped in a room full of people and no one can hear your cry for help. Sometimes I feel like that....Im just going though some **** right now. (Dont mean to sound all emo:P) but Im just tired of lying to myself and everyone else. I say Im honest, which I am, but the only one Im lying to is myself. Dont really want to get into details, but that brings me into my tittle, "The Stranger" because thats exactly what the other side of me is....a stranger:?

Wow:roll: had to get that off my chest:P but yeah...dont worry guys Im fine, its just...IDK, when I have alot on my mind I just gotta speak it.

Now I really wanna go have some fun:D I dont know what I can get into though:P hmmmm how about I ask you guys some of my random questions:D:P and you gotta answer them:evil: Okay so who ever post in my blog, will be asked a question that I have answered in my test;)

Post away:D and be prepared