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....New union of mines

Im making a new union:evil:

Not alot of people will join because its a secret and cool union:twisted: only loyal posters, who have no life, and like to have fun will join it:|:twisted:

It will be based on the movie of WANTED:evil: and no, it wont be a fan union of the movie WANTED:roll: just some of their concepts Im going to use:evil:

If you dont get and invite....I still love you:|:twisted:

If you do get an better except or else *grabs knife*:evil: wont get no cake:twisted::|

The name of this union shall be called, "The Society" :twisted: and you better love it!!

It shall be made, when its made:|:evil:


(I just realized how crzy and mean I really sound:oops::|)

I need a designer of Photoshop. Im talking about girl/boy who's been at least using the program for 2 years:| no amatures:|:twisted:

I came out.....

Well for some its a shock but for others its not....but just as the tittle says I came out!! I thought I was gay....nah, so I came out to a few friends saying I was bi:D

If you dont like it seriously get the **** out:| cause I dont care....

Im just happy I did it. I cant lie to myself or to any of ya'll anymore. But yeah Ive been busy. Im back at college:x which sucks but I dont care...I missed my friends. Hell Ive missed you guys. Sorry I havent been posting as much and I still wont be on here as much which means no spamming:(:| I do miss you guys but I guess I'll see you around;)

Kicking Peoples ***es Out Pt. 2

Okay so I managed to clean out my friends list but I still have alot of friends dammit:x WTF?

So if you wanna stay then post in this damn blog dammit! Even the close friends...Im tired of doing this BS:x People keep adding me:x!! So you wanna stay on the friends list then speak the hell up, cause this is my last time cleaning out the friends list:roll: sorry for my little outburst:oops: but I hate cleaning:x:|

I want to rock with you.... I really dont, I was just playing:|

but you must watch this Janet Jackson video before reading:

seriously I wouldve loved to be that guy:lol: She's practically teasing the hell out of him:lol: Oh man...I LOVE IT!!! now for a test:P

well I was going to do one but its not copying right:| so yea...sorry:| next time I promise;) Right now Im tired:|

uh but heres a test for you all:D

Girls: What Kinda Girl Are You?

Boys: How Hot Are Your Abs

have fun....

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!

Everyone be safe and have a good 4th;) even to those who dont celebrate it...have a good one;)

...and talk about anything. I wont be on here today as much so no rules apply:|

Like OMG, a blog finally about me!!!

yup you heard it right

Im writting a blog about me late at night.

So I want you to read and please

write 3 words that describe ME!!

It has to be any other word but crzy:evil::P

I cant believe I just wrote that riduculous, cheesy-a** poem:|
but yeah...get to it peeps;)

My 18 first....

Well first off I wanna give a shout out to my best buddy wolves1989;) He's a great guy and a even better friend...and plus he was bothering the hell out of me just to do this:|

Now about the tittle this is not about me again:x but next one will be;) But I want you guys to answer these questions for me: Whats your 20 first? Heres the quiz...

18 firsts

1. Who was your first love?

2. Who was your first kiss and when?

3. Who was your first prom date?

4. Who was your first room mate?

5. What was your first job?

6. What was your first car?

7.When did you go to your first funeral?

9. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?

10. Who was your first grade teacher?

11. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?

13. Where did you go for your first date and who was it with?

14. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?

15. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?

16. Who was the first person to send you flowers?

17. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house?

18. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

19. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?

20. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

***THERES NO 8 and 12***

This ones about a girl....

Well usually my blogs are about me, lol. From my crazy quizes to my little rants about being bored:roll: I usually am always all about me:P What can I say...I cant help it:oops: thats how I was raised:P:)

Actually its very rare you even find me talking about anybody else but either me or Angelina Jolie:oops: This is the first time on here, that you guys are going to witness, that Im going to put me aside and talk about a certain girl on here. Specifically whitewolf725:D Now dont get me wrong guys, I love all of you♥ But recently we had some downs in our friendship:roll: but were good now;) But this one has been with me from day one really...and we've grown incredibly close. Im talking about like best friend close, the only girl who knows any and EVERYTHING about me close (which is alot of sh*t, lol:|), the REAL ME close, lol. Get it? lol

Well anyways, she's a really good person. She manages to some how put her needs aside and put yours first. And honestly, if anybody ever f8cked with her, seriously it would be me and you!!:evil: But this is not a blog about people picking on my buddy:P Actually this is about you all getting to know her really:) So uh, if you havent tracked this young so. Shes a great girl and a really cheesy person:P Which Ive always liked:oops: So if you do know her, your lucky;) And if you suck, lol:P Seriously track her guys....and post in her blogs;)


Im too cool....

Yeah, because I am!!! Ha!!8)

Man Im sooo bored right now....isnt it obvious. Oh guess what Im going to Hawaii, dont know when but its going to be over the summer though:| Anyways Ive been really upset lately...have alot on my mind:| But I'll deal with......

Anyways, I wanna SPAM!! SPAM AWAY DAMMIT:twisted: talk about whatevers on your mind:P
and dont just post one damn time and never come back:roll: I hate that:x Stay with me:oops:....

Promoting: The L Word....

Well its very rare I promote things, but I have to promote to give a shout out to The L Word cast and show!! This show is great and this is actually my theme of my new profile and will be for a while;) Now I wanted to do a quick and short summary of each character:

This is Jennifer Beals, you may recognize her from Flashdance. She plays as Bette Porter who is mixed with black(father) and white(mother) in The L Word. She's very bossy, but sexy;) She's the girlfriend of Tina.

This is Kathering Moennig who is the cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow (shes in my icon). She plays as Shane McCutcheon in The L Word. She's one of the most talked about and sexiest characters in the show. And no Im not just saying a fact;) And if you watch the'll definately like her too;) She's known as the player.

This is Leisha Hailey. She plays as Alice Pieszecki in The L Word. She's definately the comedian out of the bunch. She's in my banner;)

This is Laurel Holloman. She plays as Tina Kennard in The L Word. She is the girlfriend of Bette Porter. One word to describe her is "Un-independent".

This is Mia Kirshner. She plays as Jenny Schecter, the damsal who is always in distress. In a recent poll of fans of the show, Jenny was voted the most hated on the series, owing to her tendency to cheat on lovers and get upset whenever someone does it to her.

This is the famous Miss Pam Grier herself. She is played as Kit Porter, Bette Porters sister through her father. Shes the "mother of the group" always there when drama is around.

This is Erin Daniels. She is Dana Fairbanks in The L Word. Dana is probably one of the most loved characters in all of the fans eyes...cant give too much away, but we all love dana. One word to describe this beloved character is "conservative" but she is also the comedian just like Alice;)

Now other than the fact that these ladies are hot....its so much more to the show than hot sexy lesbians:roll:. So heres my idea...Ive downloaded all the seasons, some episodes I couldnt but others I did. So if your interested in watching the show then please tell me and I'll send you one episode at a time;)