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This is how it works

I had 506 friends:| and I narrowed it down to 145 or maybe lower. But I dont for my 'good' friends (you know who you are:P) you dont need to worry you stay:P

as for the newly trackers, which is getting to like 50 a day, and no Im not exaggerating:| Um I dont wanna be friends. Ive set the profile to friends only and only my good friends shall post. After being banned and coming back it was a huge reality check and its time to take precaution:evil: and anyone in the TFOA I advise you to do the same.

Get rid of anyone who your not truely close with...screw being nice:roll: Im over it:roll: I wanna be crzy:twisted::|

now you post in my blog I'll post in yours. I think I can handle some 145 friends now:twisted::P

Oh no she's RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!(caps)

First off let me give a special thank you to ww725 and everyone else for their support!! Im back and Im certainly not going to mess up this time:D

to my unions Im sorry and TFOA is definately gonna be getting some changes. Other than that I missed you guys, seriously. I gotta go to school but I'll be back on later on this evening:D

Im so confused....

Man Im soooo confused right now. Okay so Im in Graphic Design as we all know....and its a very demanding yet benificial major and the money will be great....but honestly Im not happy:(

I mean dont get me wrong...I learn to love it this pass year but i feel like Im wasting my time and money in it because Im truely not happy. I mean is it normal to not know what you wanna do:|

Seriously I love working with computers and designing stuff, I love working with kids as well, I would like to get into theater, I just feel like I wont be good in it though, because I do have this shell and Im very to myself believe it or not:P but I am. Im just not happy in what Im doing now and with the school Im at.

I feel like Im missing out on the college experience, it sucks!!

:roll: anyways...heres some new stuff I designed:

he's hot huh?:P

my current sig...some chick:|

I have alot more but I didnt want to put a picture of my roomate up here because I dont think she would want me to do that:P

heres another new one I made:D

The Answers...


What is your fav. handheld & handheld game?
Whats your fav. Male and Female game charectors of all time?
Why do those modderators keep stalking us?

- Im old school8) So I'll say gameboy color and Donkey Kong
- Lara Croft & Solid Snake
- Because they like me:| Didnt you know that...



Are you my friend?

-of course Im your friend:D Are you mine:|



Ok you think these guys like your glogs or they comment you cause youre a girl who play games?




Why is this mysterious person modding you?

-Because they like me of course:oops:



Whats your favorite type of Moose? (The Animal)
Do you want to make me a bacon sandwhidge?
And when you get a PS3 what other games will you get aside from MGS4?

- I dont like Mooses:?
- Yes that sounds so good right about now:D
- I'll probably get SH5, Socom, and NBA:D



Do you still like your field of study?
Is it what you expected it to be?
Have you learned stuff you didn't know about last year?
Are the professors good for something?

- Of course, its growing on me:oops: but now Im just having a change of heart altogether. I want to go to acting school but I do like Graphic Design as well. So I dont know what Im going to do:|
- Yeah, its all about perfection. I like how hard it is and how demanding it is. Its teaching me alot about time management, public speaking skills, and my professionalism8)
- Of work has improved so much:D
- Yeah all of them are even though there hard as hell:P but they know there stuff!!;)



Do you like sports?
Do you like to travel?

- Yeah of course I do, I just dont play any
- Yeah I love too:oops:



Have you kissed a girl and did you like it?

- lol actually I have kissed a girl:P And yes I did like it. It was just a one time thing though:P



Was you awakened or scared at first once you got your first bf?

- why would I be scared of my bf, lol. No I wasnt though...



What hobbies do you have apart from gaming?
Do you have any bad habits?

- Drawing, shopping, designing, partying8), studying (Imma nerd:P)
- I tend to say what I feel alot. Sometimes thats not always good:? and I do stuff at the last minute...



Have you every been to the Caribbean?
Or caught a fish?

- No never been to the Caribbean:|
- I have caught a fish, just not in the Caribbean:P



What is your fav game of all time?

- aww man I cant just pick one:P So I'll say the MGS series and the Kingdom Hearts series:oops: I dont have the heart to just say one game:P



Am I cool?

- Man havent you heard the word lately on GS? Your the coolest guy around8):P



Why you so crazy?!

- lol because I lost my medication:lol::|


XD4NTESINF3RNOX (damn you have a hard name:lol::P)-

Do u like gamespot?

- Duh!! Of course I do:P



How old are you?
What do you do for a living?

- Im 19:oops:
- nothing, lol. Im a college student...I stay broke all the time:lol::P



Have you ever cried at the end of a game?

- OMG yes!! I cried on the of KH when the split up...that was sad man:lol: and KH2 when they reunited. And of course MGS3...I really cried on that game:oops:



If I ever got to meet you, and we got to hang out all day. What would we do that whole day??

- Hmm well first we would make a video of me beatin you in a game:twisted: and then you yelling like crazy:lol: Then we would go out to eat, so I can get to know you better:) Then we would exchange numbers and I would call you so we can get to hang out more....and we would become the bestest of friends:)
(wow reading that I sounded so crazy:lol::P) but I was serious;)



Are you dating at the moment?
When was the last time you lost your temper and why?
Are you a Daddy's girl or a Mummy's?
How come you think you're smoother than me?

- Nope, I could but Im just waiting for the right guy;)
- OMG I had gotten mad for the first time in forever. It was last week at my stupid *** roomate:x She pissed me off something terrible... I dont even want to talk about it:roll: Im soooo over her ***!!
- Im the girl of who ever has the money:twisted: and thats usually daddy:oops: So I guess Im a daddy's girl:oops:
- because...I am:| And I have my ways:twisted::P



If ur life story was made into a film or novel what would it be called and what would the genre be?
What has sexier legs, a chicken or an emu?
What was ur favorite toy as a toddler?
What was ur nickname at school?
Who (or what? ) are u sexually attracted to, that u know u shouldn't be?
Fill in blanks....If i could _______ I would _______ to _______
List 5 things you like about me.

- Definately rated PG-13 and it would be called "Girl Interrupted"
- Definately an emu because there longer
- Legos!! Im was such a huge tomboy:oops:
- Killa K:lol: (Im not proud of that name either, young and dumb and it was stupid how I got the name:roll: Im definately not proud of that one) and Kirk:oops: everyone calls me that now:oops:
- Wow I would definately my teacher. He's so hot!! Im not even gonna say what I want to do to that man:oops: And Im beginning to realize I have alot of weird things that turn me on, that most 'normal people' arent attracted to:o:P
- If I could fly I would fly to you (:| that was such a wierd question)
- Hmmm your cute, funny, honest, a boy, and a good friend



Have u ever watched Red VS Blue??
What would be ur dream job??

- :|
- Becoming an actress:oops:



Star Wars or LOTR?

- Niether:|



Would you rather travel to the past or be hurled into the future?

- Most definately travel to the past:D



Everyones doing these Q&A things, you think I should too?
And if so, should I answer questions with some text or my voice?
Have you ever had a spiritual journey? If so, what was it?
Are you proud I asked you a serious question?
Who loves Angie more, you or wolvesies? (Asked him that so I thought it'd be fair to ask you.)
Would you learn to make cheesecake for me?
Ooo...what can I do to get you to show pictures of yourself with your glasses.
Will you ever make an awesome recording?
Do you want your Birthday poem...even though it's nearly 2 months later?
And I'm gonna rip you off and ask you why do you love this Whitewolf so much?

- Go for it!
- I like hearing your voice, so do a recording;)
- Nope never had one
- yeah Im proud, thanks:D
- Me of course!!! Im a true fan!! He just likes her because she looks good. I like her because of what she's doing with the United Nations, different charity organizations she's with:oops: Ive seen all her movies. And I love how she's adopting children because she truely wants them, unlike Madonna who's doing it for publicity:roll:
- Yeah, hell I'll do that for me:P
- What I want you to do is going to be completely out of I shall keep it to myself:twisted::P jk
- lol well its the thought that counts so yeah go ahead and give it to me;)
- I love you so much because we've been through alot on this website:P and if feels like I know you in real life. Your an honest girl who doesnt beat around the bush with me and I love that. If and when I ever leave this site, I can leave knowing I'll someone on here who truely cares about me and vice versa;) Your one of my best friends on here..and your sweet:oops:



If there was an actor who you would date who would it be?

- Damn I cant pick one:x So i'll say Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt:oops:



Do you think Michael Jackson can make a comeback? XD

- Let me ask you something you think he can ever get his damn face fixed? I mean thats what ****ed him up. Was him messin' with his face:roll: Dont get me wrong the man is a legend but seriously he wont sell anything because of his damn face and how weird he is...but I'd still buy it only because his voice:D


So I enjoyed answering these questions and thanks for all who asked;) Now Im tired:P

Lets try this again....

Okay last and final time Im going to try this and Im sorry but some idiot keeps modding me:roll:

Now please...ask me anything you want:twisted: just keep it clean;)

Like OMG, WTF?

Omg please tell me why I heard this gay sexy guy in my cl*ss say that:lol: "Like OMG, WTF!?!":lol:

Dang I just had to give him his own blog!!:lol: Seriously if you have no gay men in your life...get one;) I love them:oops:

This was a pointless blog, lol I know:P but i dont care:|

**I cant find an apartment:( So im staying here where Im at:x**


*runs and jumps out of a window*:|

...heres a question?

Well one question and one question you guys watch the new 90210? Its sooo hot:P I love that show and my new profile will be changed into that;) This is my new favorite drama show thats out now:P

Oh and as I said b4, Im getting a PS3 either on Christmas or before then:D So I'll definately be letting you know;)

Who are you supporting in this Election??

Okay so it very rare that I'm serious, but I'm going to take time out now and get serious. We all know the 2008 presidential election is BIGGER than any other election ever. First black man running for president in history, also its the first time that sooo many young adults, like myself, are going and registering to vote:D

Anyways I try not to talk about politics only because some people aren't biased to other peoples thoughts. So I'm honestly going to sit this one aside and let you all do the talking:) I'm just asking who are you supporting in this election and why? You don't have to answer if you don't like to but please NO SPAMMING!! I want to keep this topic serious as possible.

Obama or McCain

Discuss and by all means please speak your mind!!!!

Im just a little bossy...

...well I am:|

OMG damn, its been so long since I made one of these huh?:P Well what can I say? Hmmmmm, uh well I guess I'll stary with Ive missed you guys. It seems like GS is not that active with out my crazy a** blogs eh?8) Well dammit heres another test for ya;)

"Dirty Underwear8)"

1. What do you check out first when you check someone out?
-I look at there lips. Im very smoothe about it though and I dont flirt I just put that crzy_gurl charm on them8):D....:|

2. What is the least favorite part of your body?
-my feet:x I hate everyones feet:evil: there evil:| except for a baby foot:oops:

3. Things you envy from the opposite sex.
I love how guys can just lose weight like its nothing and it takes us freakin years:x punks!!!:P

4. Which one of the 7 deadly sins do you practice the most?
Damn I dont try to but Im guilty of lust:oops:

5. Have you ever had an eating disorder?
-:| no ass....

6. When was the last time you made out with a stranger?
- Uh I havent surprisingly:|:o or at least I dont think I have....IDK I cant remember, lol:P

7. What kind of drunk are you?
- Im a happy drunk:D Im the one who wont know you and just start talking and Im also a bit of a flirt as well:oops:....

8. How long have you gone without having ***?
- Damn hoenstly its been awhile:| but I mean I can get it:roll: I just choose not to;)

9. Without eating?
I can go with out eating for a day. If i dont think about it then Im good

10. Without sleeping?
- Damn I can go for up to 1 1/2 days:o:lol: (I party all night long)

11. When was the last time you did cocaine?
Wait what? who said I did cocaine:| Im lost...

12. When was the last time you smoked w**d?
- The last time I was drunk...which was 2 wks ago:|

13. What does your hair look like now?
its short now and its a mess:|

14. Do you think girls deserve more respect just cause they are girls?
- lol well ya know we are girl and we were the ones that creaated hell yeah, you all better RESPECT us:evil::P

15. What is your favorite night to go out?
- Are you serious? I'll have a damn good ass time no matter what night it is8) usually on fridays-sundays. (I have no c l a s s those days)

16. Whats the most grotesque part of the human body?
- lol the most nastiest part eh? I would have to say there feet:x Urgh! Seriously I hate feet!!

17. Have you ever found it fun to sniff on your dirty underwear?
- are you serious?? :o please stop:|

18. Do you pee in the shower?
- lol yup Im guilty:lol: Oh come on, youve done it too!! lol

19. Do you pick you nose?
yeah stupid:| Im only human, I just dont go picking it in front of people and sh*t!! lol

20. Have you ever been to an orgy?
- OMG you can go to one of those?!? Get out of here:o:lol: but I havent been to one...yet8)

21. 3 way?
- Would love to have one but nah I havent had one yet:(

22. What nationality would you preffer the mother/father of your children to be?
Could care less really. I love mixing hell I think we all should try a new race every once in awhile;)8)


Its my party and I'll cry if I want too...

Yeah you heard it right ******* its my bday!!! yay!! Now heres what I want from each and everyone of you....I would like you to make a new cool *** banner for me and a sig:| Please:D....Im tired of the ones I have now:| It would mean alot if alot of you would do it and I can have a lot to choose from:D

Anyways im still not back yet:( Fortunately Im livin it up crzy_gurl s.t.y.l.e8) but I had a pretty ****** up weekend...Im stressed but I feel like what I did was the right thing. Anyways thats besides the point, moving on with life:roll:

Its my bday guys!! And I wanna be a spoiled little *****:|:P So spoil me please and for crying out this crzy_gurl some loving....I need it:oops::P

Love you all and I'll be back very soon along with my union;)