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Who's pissed that Kh2 didnt show much of Riku???

I was replaying kingdom hearts and i was just thinking the first time i got the game i was dissapointed cuz i didnt see Riku....untill the end. 

It was nice takin a trip down memory lane i guess, it still pisses me off jus thinkin about it

Who is the cutest in KH and MGS??

Well its obvious I'm bored as hell, but I thought it would be interesting to know what you crazy ass KH fans and MSG fans out there think about the characters in the game.  Who do you think is the cutest and why?

                                                      - Please answer, jus curious

A little about me!!!

Well let me tell everyone a little bit about myself... I love and live my life to the fullest everyday, I mean the name speaks for itself.  I love playing games...i mean its not my life, but I do enjoy it. Im pretty talkable, hell thats all I do most of the time and I laugh alot! 

                                                     ...Oh yeah, Im very full of myself, I mean I'm confident, not cocky.  So when you tell me I'm cocky I take it as a compliment  cuz it only means i'm confident!:D