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Wow its been a long time eh??

AHHHHH some news about me:)

Well let me just say that, that last moderation was my fault:oops: I did it intentionally though:lol: anyways (I'll do this in order)

1. I had no desire to come on GS for over 2 weeks:o:lol::D (which is good because its not addictive as I thought...Im beginning to get m life back:P GS is becoming old now:lol::P)

2. Im leaving college:( but Im going to the Air Force:D (well Im actually trying out for it today:D Wish me luck) and if I get in it then Im going to a different college:) because I refuse to go home and not do nothing:roll::evil:

3. I wouldve been left a loooong time ago but Id figured Id post some news about me but this week Im officially out;) and I'll post some friend stuff up as well;)

if you wanna be a leader in one of my unions I have (that your apart of) then speak the hell up!!!!

BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING DELETED IF YOU DONT SAY ANYTHING (sorry to everyone but I have no desire to keep them up anymore because Im if you guys want them up and running then its yours;) If no one is stepping up then if you get it then do whatever the hell you wish;))

Oh sorry for those who did add me on Window Live Messenger, Ive been busy but Im not leaving on there never!! So you can always keep in touch with me like that:)

Ive had enough!!


You know what I said that I would wait a few more months but my time on GS is seriously becoming to an end. I cant take someone constantly watching over me and getting moderated 24-7:roll: Im not giving up, Im still the tough crzy_gurl we all know...but if I have to constantly be aware of what Im saying because mods are waiting for someone to mess up...then I cant do it anymore.

A dedication to my friends will be coming soon on a blog. I advise my unions...especially the TFOA to go somewhere else because the TFOA is hot!! You most likely will get moderated.

PS. I appreciate all the love I got from my previous blog. That meant alot and helped me.
When Jamiar died this new coming year lets just say a peice of me went with him. And instead of me lashing out and throwing stuff or hitting something...I chaneled my anger and I just found myself at my sisters shop and just sitting down in her chair and cutting it off!!:D I felt new for the first time in years:) As she was shaving it off, I was crying in the inside because I knew that I finally let go of the past. My hair meant alot to me...but it was time for a CHANGE!!

Its a new Kirsten (my name:oops: ), a new year, and a new president:D

Im not leaving yet...but as I said its coming;) If you have Windows Live Messenger Im on IM as crzy_gurl;) so add me;)

...Jus me and my thoughts down

Today Im truely sad.

I lost a dear child hood friend do to a shooting. Three shots to the chest. It was so hard to see him lying in that cofin, seeing my old friends, his mother and his brother crying, screaming because there son was gone.

This is seriously screwing with me. Ive never been to any funeral of someone that young. He was 21. It just goes to show you that death can knock on anyones door, theres no hiding or running from it. When its your time, its your time.

...and I hate that. Not knowing:x but I guess i can only move on and still live my life. I'll always remember him for his smile. I mean he was the first guy I shared a kiss with. We were 9 yrs old and kissed under the covers:P:oops: and he always smiled...I mean about everything, he stayed wearing a smile on his face!:P
Then I seen him for the first time in years and it was like he became a man overnight, I remember us going out and he cooked me dinner and we watched a movie. We smoked on the block:P Talked on the phone.....

I'll move on, it'll be hard but I'll manage. I know he has.

I guess I'll leave him, like the first day we meant, with a kiss;) I'll miss you Jamair....

Jamair Ellis


Party Blog..w00t!!

Yo when its 12:00 then come by here and party with me baby.

I dont care if you going out or not, stop by chill and then leave!! 18+ aloud in here:twisted:

lol enjoy that. Be safe. and have a good NEW YEARS!!

ITS 09' BABY, time for a CHANGE!!

We have girls;)

and we certainly have boys;)

*Oh and BTW if you didnt comment I did put a picture up of me in my images;)*

Merry Christmas & Your answers

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all had a good one;)

Now time for me to give you all your answers:D

- What is your life philosophy?
- Who in the entertainment industry, who has passed away, do you miss most? (actor, musician, wrstler, ect...)

- My life's philosophy would be do everything now because you just never kno...
- Definitely Marilyn Monroe...I just would like to know how life was like for her.

- What means Christmas for you?
- If you ever had to kiss a Portuguese guy,would you do it?

- Uh I guess your asking what Christmas means to me, I'll say its a time you give back or give something (love, gift, a friendly hand, etc. All that good cheesy stuff:P)
- lol I hate kissing anyone but yea because foriegn men intrigue me;)

-When are you going to make a recording so we can hear your hilarious, I mean awesome, accent?
- If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
- If you had only a few months to live, what would you do?
- What sort of relationship are you seeking right now, assuming you want one?
- Why don't you like banjos?

- I'll make one when I get one of those voice recorder thingys:P And I dont have that much of an accent:P just some words I say are pretty country and will make you be like, "WTH:lol:"
- Lion duh!! (what a dumb question:P)
- Everything that I wouldnt do while not being sick because I kno I have time
- I want a steady one, serious. (I kno shocking because I never want one, or not yet) but Im at that point where I wouldnt mind a relationship.
- ....because you hit me with them all the damn time:P:|

- Whats your favourite Christmas Movie?
- Favourite Christmas Music?

- Oh man I have soo many:P and since you didnt say name one, then I'll name all:P Prancer, Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon and the Jim Carey one), Charlie Brown Christmas (i think thats what its called:P)....
- Temptations, Christina Agulera, Bryan McKnight, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, Chris Brown, really anything worth listening too...

- Who's your favorite Transformer?
- If you could rule a country, what kind of ruler would you be?
- Why do men act like retards...(no offense if any read this o_O)

- I dont like transformers:P I havent even watched the movie:|
- I would be the one Obama will be....I would make CHANGE!!
- Hun if I could explain that...I certainly would give you the answer. Their just being men:roll:

- What age did you lose your virginity?

- believe it or not...I lost it when I got to college which was at the age of 18

- What mean games for you ?

- uh I didnt get what you were asking:|

Dz&DoubleJunkie (Answer):
- lol both of you get a hug:D ***Hugs*** and I want one back:oops::P

- How old r u?
- Where r u from?
- Who do u consider ur closest friend here in GS?
- Do you LOOOOOVVEE me??
- Are u single now?
- Who is one person u wanna meet other than angie??
- Do u think ur a good actress?
- What would happen if u married snake? lool
- What is ur fav. position?

- Baby im old enough8) im 19;)
- Im from Virginia (country girl;))
- I have alot of close good friends, but my closest is ww725. Ive been through hell and back with her...and she knows everything about me;)
- lol yea Im actually growing fond of you..
- yup;)
- Uh my grandfather...he died before I could know him
- lol I dont act sweetie:P If you give me the chance to I would be a great actress but I dont act;)
- lol we would have little snakes:P
- Im traditional:oops: I'll try anything once but I havent yet though...I will

- How often do you make love?

- Not often:P Im not a slut! Just a freak...big damn difference;) But I havent made love with anyone really:|

- Did you get your PS3 for Christmas?
- How hot do you like your curry?
- Do you have any similarities to Marilyn Monroe and if so what are they?
- Would you give me a Christmas spank?

- Nah, I was but then I needed clothes I got a crap load of clothes:P
- Ive never had it I dont think:| sounds good though... You mean chicken curry I like it spicy
- Shes a beautiful disaster and had a love for life. And every man hell even women wanted her, she was gorgeous. And thats me all the way, except I dont get ppl with my looks, I get them with this very blunt personality and my smile.;)
- You aint got to ask me but once sweetie:twisted: *grabs the spiked whip:twisted:*

- What do you want for Christmas?
- Whats your favorite word?
- If you choose to be either a man or woman which would you choose why?
- Most embarrasing nickname?
- If you could be the same age forever which age would it be?
- Have you ever caught anything on fire?
- Have you ever been arrested?
- Do you plan on getting smashed on New Year's Eve?

- clothes:D which I got;)
- all the cuss words unfortunately:lol:
- lol I love being a woman but man when Im PMS-ing I sure do wish I was a guy:lol: But I wouldnt mind having a you know what:P I just wanna see how it feels it being on me:lol::P
- killa K:roll::|
- OMG definately 10!! I got everything when I was younger...
- lol yea the bathroom counter:lol: I put alcohol down and lit it:P
- Nope.
- Hell yeah:twisted: do you??:P

- If you could write your own future, what would it be like in 10 years time? Husband? Kids? job? Location? House?

- Hmm well honestly I dont know who I'll be married too. Girl or boy, one of the two:P Kids I would want alot, at least 5 or hell I'll even adopt. I could see myself being in any place and making it work...I do good where ever I am but I would love to go to sunny CA or maybe even Florida. And I would have a huge condo:D then I might work myself up to a house;)

- Ok Crzy What religion are you?
- What is a dirty question by your standards?
- If you could wish for one thing what would it be?

- Im a Christian
- lol go back and look at Fallen's question or Crzy Ruroo's questions:P something like that:P
- Children everywhere would be happy and live good lives

- What would be your dream job in life?
- What was the best present you ever got on Christmas?

- Acting:D:D
- A pool table and a basketball court set all in the same Christmas

- When's the last time i talked to you?

- lol its been a looonng time

- What's the best thing about Christmas?

- spending it with your family and gifts

- What motto do you live by?

- ...jus live ya life;)

- if you travel outside the USA whats the first country you visit ?
- what is the coolest moment in your life?
- what is the most video game character you like ?
- what is the best game in your opinion ?
- did you like anime ?

- China...
- when I went to Disney Land
- Solid Snake
- MGS the whole series
- Nah not my thing:P

Santa baby...

I had to give my girl some props. I love this pic:oops:

Now give me a present ppl:D Bless this blog with a question and I shall present answers on Christmas day (maybe afterwards:P) but what ever you do try to be serious;) You know all the bad stuff about me;)8)

...then again if your that curious ask away:twisted:

Seven Pounds Review...and me

Well I must say Will Smith has done it again with this one. Seven Pounds is a very heart touching movie. Probably one of the first films besides, Pursuit of Happiness, where Will connects emotionally. Apart from his usual, comedic self. In this movie its just simple raw emotion. Which shows that he really can branch out and show his different sides in acting.

Will plays as a man named, Ben Thomas, who is somewhat haunted by his past, as some of us are, he figures the only way to forgive himself and what he has done is to help drastically change the lives of seven good people. In the process of doing so, he falls in love with a women named, Emily Posa, who's played by Rosario Dawson. This woman plays a major role in the story and in his life, in a very little time.

Point blank, this is definitely Oscar worthy. It'll leave you with questions in the beginning of the movie at first, "Why is Ben so hesitant about falling for this woman, Emily" "How do these seven people connect with him?" The beginning is a little slow, more so like its really informing you, but in the end everything is revealed. Which ends in a solid tear jerker ending, explaining everything.

This movie made me realize, sometimes we just shouldn't ask why something is happening to us, some of us just really deserve it. Especially those good at heart.

Watch the movie and you'll get it;)


lol just wanted to say, I'm single again baby8) to make a long story short, I liked him but we were better off being friends;) So bring on the flirting baby8):oops::P

(my next movie review is going to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button;))

Just another sig really....

Well I know I said I would make a pixar sig but oh well:| I forgot and have been doing other stuff:P

Anyways heres two sigs:

Rate please.

Sorry I havent been on as much but Ive been busy and well yea exams if you wanna chat the best way to hit me up is through a PM;)

Edit: GS is being stupid so I cant post the image codes up:x oh well....just go to the links:P you'll live:P

Just a sig really...

Tell me what you think please:D Im in my Pixar mood so my next 3 sig are going to be from a disney Pixar movie:P Here it is:

Changeling & My Life

First of all I must say my baby Angelina Jolie has done it again. The movie Changeling, where she plays (based on real life events of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders) a woman named Christine Collins who returns home from work one day only to find her son, Walter Collins, is mysteriously missing.

And I can see why the LAPD are the most hated police department ever!! Who wouldve thought a woman named Christine Collins would reveal such a whole police force full of corrupt people from only asking but a question "Wheres my son?"

A mother, not only that, a women in the 20's who then didnt have much say. Being through hell and back because of what the LAPD couldnt do and the fact they basically lied to her and to the world. Declared as "an unfit mother and crazy" only to comeback strong as ever with full force to expose everyone and get justice for her son.

This story is rivating, true, powerful, and shows you that not all people with power can be trusted...but it also showed me that eventually justice will prevail for all no matter what and leaves me with one thing,

(watch the movie and you'll get it;))

*in other words...go see it;)*

Now on to my life...gaming eh not so much...some crash bandicoot here and there but overall thats it:P I do have a guy in my life now:D (no details)but its good and he's very sweet. For the first time ever Im putting everything on the line and taking a chance...finaly!! Im all for change and Im growing up and its certainly time for a change. And the best thing out of not knowing whats going to happen next!!

And to be honest...I DONT CARE!! Im having fun:oops::P