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COD6's controversy

Having not seen anyone else talk much about a certain mission of CoD6 in their blogs, I have decided to post this one. CoD6 has become one of the most controversial games that I have ever come across. There are several reasons, but mostly it is thanks to the mission 'No Russian'. The mission has shocked a lot of gamers by player's ability to brutally massacre civilians in an airport as part of a terrorist attack. Are complainers right about this mission or are they just overreacting? Is it an acceptable addition to the series, or does it make it an offensive disgrace?

You decide, but in my opinion, I think people are just overhyping it far too much. It is understandable why people were unsettled by it, and I myself was quite startled and disturbed by the mission, but I still have reasons for being against the criticisms. It is a brutal mission and the reason alone that most countries have been granting this game an '18+' rating. However, I believe that some people have been missing out on worse games. Why I think that the mission should not recieve too much criticism:

-This mission plays an important part of the story and largely enchances the game's plot. You are an undercover CIA member who joins terrorist Makarov to gain information. As part of the games story, Makarov holds a plan to fool the Russian authorities into believing that America has planned a terrorist attack after he unexpectedly kills you just as the police arrive after the attack. It's a rather illogical and optimistic plot element IMO, but it works. And we know that Infinity ward's style of storytelling is through interactive first-person perspective and not from a typical pre-rendered cinematic.

-The player does not gain any points from killing the civilians. Some politicians have been part of the slammers against this mission. One protestor claimed that the game gives you rewards for shooting civilians which is absolute bollocks. No rewards are gained from murdering in this mission at all. Games like GTA4 reward you for killing innocent bystanders by granting the ability to take cash from a person you killed. CoD6 is nothing like that. The mission offers neither gains nor consequences in order to not make the characters decision-making too restrictive nor rewarding.

-In the mission, there is nothing that forces you to shoot anybody. The objective only instructs you to follow Makarov's lead. You only need to stay a part of the group without needing to empty a single bullet. Even though the killing by your squad members still needs to be witnessed, you do not need to take a part in it.

-This is the only mission in this game that features callous manslaughter. It is not something you can do the entire course of the game, like in GTA, or from the map editor in ARMA2. The 'No Russian' mission warns you of the disturbing content that needs to be faced, and you have the option to skip the mission before you even start, or at any point through it. Shouldn't we at least be grateful to Infinity ward that they granted the option to skip it if the player is sensitive or easily influenced?

These are the main reasons for me being annoyed by the strong criticisms of the mission. Despite these facts, the game is heavily censored at places, or very nearly (I'm just glad that where I live, it is not censored). We know that despite all that, there still will be someone who tries to empty as many bullets as possible while they play it. Regardless, I think that my facts listed up should bring a point. It is only a game after all, and one which can also, on a positive note, give an insight to what people in different parts of the world experience even if the game's circumstances are rather ridiculous. Most people who get influenced by such games are only either little kids who are not teenagers yet, or children living bad lives, or people suffering mental disorders. And according to research, the number of people who commit crimes from video game influence is smaller than from film influence. These are the reasons for my views. I'd be happy for you to point out your opinion. Mine is that the mission is violent and best suitable for mature and sensible people, but criticizers are taking it much too seriously when compared with other games, as well as movies and other sources of entertainment. What do you guys think?

Favourite Video Game Soundtracks

One of the biggest things I have liked about video games these days is music. Though it is not the strongest point (gameplay is actually) it always boosts the level of experience if it is well composed and well chosen. Here are my top ten video game soundtracks (NOT listed in order of quality). Below the list are the names of my favourite song/s in some of the soundtracks. There are many others I like, but you can find more about them in my game reviews. It's difficult to pick which is the best stuff, because there is just so much amazing video game compositions in this world that too many rap-listeners never discover. Hopefully, this list will help game-soundtrack lovers discover some overlooked game music (like SWON). Simply playing few of the games won't introduce the entire soundtrack to you so listen on somewhere like youtube. Oh, and feel free to point out any soundtracks that you like.

(To first 3 viewers) My apologies to the first three commenters for the major changes. I made certain mistakes and forgot to add some things, but now any changes will be rare to come.

1. Shadow of the Colossus

2. Medal of Honor Frontline

3. Serious Sam: TFE (or TSE and II)

4. Command and Conquer: Generals

5. Crysis

6. Secret Weapons Over Normandy

7. Crash Bandicoot 2

8. MoH European Assault

9. Alone in the Dark

10. Battlestations Pacific


SOTC: Track 07, Track 08, Track 25

MoH F: Arnhem Knights, Rowhouses, Njimegan Bridge etc (just about every song)

MoH EA: Menu theme, Stalingrad theme

SS TFE: Final boss battle, Oasis non-combat theme

SWON: Norway theme, Stalingrad theme, Siamese theme


Follow-ups to these soundtracks:

-Mass Effect (among top 11)

-Heavy Rain

-Ratchet and Clank (first trilogy)

-Assassin's Creed

-S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat

-Freedom Fighters ('March of the Empire' is amazingly unique and scary)

-Medal of Honor: Airborne