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I am 42 and own the Deluxe WiiU and I am very happy with my purchase. NSMBU is an amazing Mario game, right up there with Super Mario World. I however don't like that you cannot play MP on NSMBU with the Game Pad. You need 2 WiiMotes to play COOP. Also, really disappointed The Cave doesn't have Off TV Play. I love playing games in Off TV Play mode. My games need to have this feature. I just found out that The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker with come with Off TV Play. Virtual Console games are going to get this feature too. Now, I would be in heaven if Wii games could use Off TV Play as well. Great system, and after the Nintendo Direct the future is EXTREMELY bright for the WiiU! Do a Google search for the Off TV Play Wiki to find out which games offer this feature.