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Wow Gamespot....

This is one of the examples of Gamespot's pure "brilliance". In the GOTY contention, there's no Gears 2 or LBP, but No More Heroes made it?


My User Reviews

Starting now, I am planning to write a review for every game that I play. Here are the reviews you should expect:

Halo 3 (beaten)

Call of Duty 4 (beaten)

Saints Row 2 (Expect review in a week from now)

Gears of War 2 (I'll write one after I beat the SP campaign and play a good amount of horde and multiplayer)

Resistance 2 (Like GEOW2, I will write this after I play the game a good amount)

Call of Duty:World at War

Score predictions

I'm bored so I decided to post my score predictions for a few major PS3/360 games. Here they are:


Resistance 2- AA: If it is really impressive, I could actually see it getting AAAE, but I'm going AAE for now.

Little Big Planet- AA (Again, I could see this getting AAA)


Gears of War 2- AAA

Fable 2- AA (if it can deliver in a big way, maybe AAA)

Too Human- A ( I believe this will flop and get A, but I guess I could also see it not flopping and getting AA)

I'm now a PSWii60 owner.

I purchased a Wii and a PS3 on sunday (6/22). Both have been great so far. Here are the games I own:

PS3: MGS4, Warhawk (will be getting LBP, Resistance 2 when they come out).

Wii: SMG, SSBB, Wii Play, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

How to avoid little kids on XBL (The TRUE way)...

Play on the SSGL (Super Secret Government Line). I hear Bush plays against terrorists and the Iranian government a lot. I also heard that the 2008 election is being decided over XBL. Clinton and Obama are battling it out in Cage Match in CoD4 (winner wins the next primary; votes are ignored) and that McCain was too good for the rest of the Republicans with his M16 with stopping power. Along with that, the only reason why Sadam Hussein was captured is that Bush beat him in Halo 2 (Bush loves his sniper rifle).

Play here and you are free of little kids. Actually, you are free of anyone outside of the government/big government problems.

Also, remind me if I forgot something.

I got Halo 3 for the Xbox 360

About a week ago, I felt the needs for another good shooter (only one I have is CoD4). I have never played a Halo game before, so I decided to try it out, despite it being "Overrated". This game is just as good as CoD 4, in my opinion. The SP storyline is ok, although I've never played Halo before so my opinion might not be great. However, the MP is fantastic. It may not have a level up system that's as great as CoD4's, but that's not my point. It takes skill to aim and the environment is nice, although less mature than CoD4's. The thing I like the best is that you can have guests. When my friend came over, we played for 2 hours together in Big Team Battle. It was really fun. I'm going to keep playing and maybe do some online 4 Player Co-Op.

My Score: 9.0

Awesome Christmas!

Although I only asked for 2 games (GH3 and CoD4) I got 4 new games.Here they are and with a quick opinion about the game:

NBA Live 08- This was from my uncle.I was kind of upset that it wasn't 2k8 but this game is a huge improvement over 07. I like it.

Ace Combat 6- This was from my parents, as I had asked for it, but then I took it off my list. The game is great, with nice controls and excellent graphics. Although the campaign seems a little off, it's still a great game. Can't wait to check out the online play (once I beat the campaign).

Guitar Hero 3- Boy, I love this game. It has a new song list, along with a new guitar. This is my first GH game, so I can only do all the songs on easy and a few on medium.

Call of Duty 4- My #1 game. I am a huge CoD fan but I decided to wait until christmas to get this. The campaign is short but good. I think I have about an hour and a half left until I finish it.The controls are excellent and the environment is real. I'm going to start playing on xbox live really soon.

Here's how much time I've been spending on each game (out of the gaming time after Christmas). I'm doing it in percents, since I'm not sure about how many hours:


Call of Duty 4: 40%

Guitar Hero 3: 25%

Ace Combat 6: 20%

NBA Live 08: 15%

Madden 08 Season

My fabulous run with the Packers continue. I just beat the Redskins 34-17 and am now 6-0. Brett Favre went 22-27 with 315 passing yards and 3 TD passes.

Still beastly :)