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CrabbyYuna Blog

Welcome Back-Crabby Yuna~~and hope everyone healthy and a new hope !

hi~my fren,long time no chat and talking something about miss here..

will,this year i will be less time to here,because i got two big exam here,and i form 3 now,so,i mus hardworking,cnt ply too much computer..

well,tat video tat i talk it about,i was worried dun post it...mayb next year will post it.because this year very bc in my time!

sry vey much~

and,how r u?my fren?

Dicember 30 post the video....

sry very much~i will come back to my home at dicember 9~well,i got a trip about chinese orchestra!!!

i promise with all of you,fren!dicember 30 the video was post it up~~dun forget this day~ok?fren?

k,i forget want to post many comment about my union and my fren's blog and PS2 forum~see ya at dicember 30!

lvl 10 in 76.82% and want 1000 post~~And FFXII will release after 9 days!

well,i waiting to lvl up to lvl 10 then i can post a video about FFX~~and one,i gonna to be 1000 post with lvl 10(hope it together happened:P)

well,and one to be patience to wait~~after 9 days FFXII will be release~All member of Gamespot is waititng~well,me?...

ALREADY have this games,i play it at lvl 55~now at that city,hope it faster to play it finished and gonna up to lvl 60~:D

well,and my Xenosaga III,i was played at disc 2,lvl was 58~well,at last place,i was worried can beat the lastest boss or  not,well,if not,i will gonna to lvl 65 then go to beat the last boss!!:o

Please comment~:D 

waiting lvl 10~~want to post a video abt FFX!!!

AHHHHHHH!!!i wanted crazy for waiting my lvl up to 10!!!i want to post a video which the song is so nice~and the video is nice too!!!just Kinetic-core~i was like her new video about FF(7,8,9,10,10-2,12)

well,i "CAMBATEH" for it!!faster lvl up!!!:cry:

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