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I found in this game, Rally skills are generally a waste. Passives allow you to use the character to take the enemies down or do something else active without wasting a turn.


Rally skills, as above poster mentioned, only will find their usuage in very rare occassions. 

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So I already decided to get Lissa to marry Vaike, though I'm having trouble trying to decide what her final class will be.


I want her final one to be Sage so she can heal + fight but I also need Owain to get Galeforce. So I was thinking...

Lv. 10 Cleric > Lv. 15 War Cleric > Lv. 15 Dark Flier > Lv. 20 Sage

If you have any advice, keep in mind I want her internal level around 70 (my build is 60) so that it would be up to par with my other units.

Any advice welcome! :)

Seems perfect. Though I'm not sure you'll be using Lissa much when you start getting children characters. Healers are also somewhat questionable in their efficiency later on also. But sage is a good class all around. (You might want to pick up few other skills for Lissa if you intend on using her and keeping her as Sage) Just don't forget to place Galeforce as your last skill before starting Owain's paralogue. If you start the paralogue, just "Exit". If you started and realized it, bookmark out and start over.
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Depends on what your strength/weakness are. If you put your strongest trait as Str pick swords, Mag pick tomes. 

This is a bit short sighted. Use tomes early on because Avatar will be the one of few with access to the weapon. Tomes are considered basically the best weapon since it can cover two spaces all directions while swords can only cover one. The benefits of the tome will outweigh the sword for big chunk of the game and especially the few early chapters. Later on, when you can sustain yourself better, you can start leveling the sword. But to be honest both plus many more will be rank A before you even get to the last few chapters (not sure if true for Lunatic). Furthermore, Grand Tactician is the best class for your Avatar outside of DLC so you can use both if you decide to stick with that route (just pick up at least Sol and Vantage somewhere along the line)
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Short answer is - no. 

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I played since Red and Blue, and I have to say Black/White is the most polished and improved version of Pokemon so far. 

Black/White actually even had a decent story line for a children's game (the question all pokemon fans have been asking - is it okay for people to capture pokemon and use them to fight each other). Given that it is a children's game it doesn't explore the topic as deeply as I would have liked, but it was a refreshing change to actually have a story that drives the game forward.


Given that, Black/White 2 finishes the story Black/White left off but doesn't do a best of job keeping up the story. So in a nut shell, you are getting a vastly improved version of Black/White minus the decent story.  

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I approached the previous title (Demon Souls) with caution because I thought it was based on a gimmik. But I fell in love with it. Dark Souls, the spiritual successor, although has some downsides compared to the previous game, it is overall a better game.


You have to remember one thing about this game - it doesn't give you and hand outs.


I've been playing RPGs (my favorite genre next to Fighting and occassionally FPS) for 17+ years now and I thought Dark Souls had one of the most interesting and deep combat and gear systems. There are ton of gears to mix and match and tons more to upgrade.

But you have to really dig to start discovering it all.

PvP is INTENSE and has a lot of depth to experiment with. You can beat someone 40+ level than you if you are more skilled player than he is. There are tons of builds to try out. 

STORY is much better this time around than Demon Souls although like its predecessor, the story isn't fed to you. You have to explore and discover it. At first I didn't appreciate that aspect very much, but more and more I got into it more and more I appreciated it. You earn pieces of the story line with the decisions you make and your view of the events of game can change depending on what you do (most obvious and famous being the priest in the beginning of the game).


Furthermore, STORY is dark and unforgiving. There's no real "good" or "evil" (except perhaps the friendly Pyro) and it has such a rich background lore that I found myself keep exploring and discovering new things. 


Finally, my moment when I thought this game was at least a 8.5 ~ 9 is when you stand on top of the church and look at your surrounding. You go to all those places you see (and more) but while you are there it feels like you are at a whole new world. When you are in the deep tombs you can see below you a mysterious forest and a giant lake - it drives you forward to discover what that is.


That's probably what they did best with this game - THEMING. But as I said in the beginning, game's biggest pro and con is the fact that they don't spoon feed you any aspect of the game. The enjoyment of the game is really up to the player. This is one of the games that really shines in the hands of the right players. 

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Lot of people are complaining about the 4.5 review and lot more will complain about this writing.


Many fans of RE6 are discouraged and angered by an entry in their favorite series received such low review.


We all forget easily in our disapointment and anger that people are allowed to have different opinions - they are entitled to it just as you are entitled to yours.


I write this because I remember Jeff Gerstmann. Some of you may not know who he is anymore but he was a respected member of Gamespot who was with the company for about 10 years and he was fired for giving a highly publicized game a low review. 

The game was Kane & Lynch, and Jeff's review was harsh but fair. It was revealed that Eidos - the creator of the game - threatened Gamespot that they will pull their money from the site over the poor review.


That's the reality of Journalism and that is why we lack better journalism in this country today. Bigger guys that the news is usually about forcefully shape the news about them using any means. There are honest bigger guys out there but finding them is usually like finding 4 matching numbers on yesterday's lottery.


This is more true today than it was in the past. In this information age - controlling information is everything. VanOrd being in the business himself has to know this. He also has to know that there are many readers out there who will not accept reason and criticisms towards their favorite game. 


I'm not writing this to praise VanOrd on what he's done - he did his job. You are suppose to be honest and true to yourself as a journalist.

I'm not writing this to tell people to grow up and grow some balls. I'm not in any position to tell any of you that.

This is just an exposition. Just an exposition on how VanOrd just did his job and how sad iti is that doing his job had to be a courageous deed. 

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All you children need to learn that people can have different opinions... even as radical as it may seem.

You can play a game people thought was 4.5 and to find it that it is 8~9 for you. (RE6)

You can play a game people though was 8~9 and to find it that it is 4~5 for you. (RE4 some of you guys are saying it and complaing about RE6 score)

Just because RE6 improved from RE5 doesn't make it necessarily a better game than RE5 or previous generations. 

Just because someone had a crappy time playing this game, doesn't mean that you should have a crappy time playing too.


If you like it - just enjoy it. If you want to crusade for its review to be changed - do something more productive than complaining on a forum. 

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I still haven't pulled the trigger on this game.  Ive watched about every video and read about every review from players and gaming sites and still can't make it happen.  Everytime I'm about to purchase, I talk myself out of it.  If I wasn't in the middle of Borderlands 2 I would have already bought GW2.  Or if every time I'm about to buy it I read a negative post like this and it sets me back another day.

I understand you want to be safe with your money and more importantly - your time. If you want GW2 best way to describe it is that it's like a vastly updated version of GW1. Still has its ups and downs of being a free game and if you are former WoW player - GW2 doesn't have the perks of being a overly popular game and being pay to play game. With that said, since it is a free game if you play at least 50 hours of it.... I'd consider your money well spent. And trust the players who are playing, that 50 hours will go by in a breeze.
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2 millioin people in the first few weeks is huge. your average mmo, minus obviously WoW, has much less players. If you consider that WoW might have 5-6 million ACTIVE players left GW2 is getting right up there in the first few weeks, many more will join in the next months (people that wait for christmas, wait for money, get dragged in by friends, dragged in by the good reviews, etc).

2 million people in first few weeks is little better than average for a MMO. Most game companies do not consider that figure to be significant unless it can hold over the first quarter. and why are we still comparing games to WoW? That beast is 8 years old but still chugging along about 9 million subscribers. It's has achieved amazing successes and still doing well. BUT nevertheless it is OLD game. It's unfair to GW2 to compare to WoW and it's unfair for WoW to be compared to GW2 (if we are talking figures WoW blows it out of the water by far) because they are games from different generations and GW2 being free makes it almost different category.