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Dear Noel:

You've ever heard of the story about the race between tortoise and the hare? Obviously you've did, but people still tend to overlook the theme behind this classic tale.

I know you very well. You're riddled with insecurities due to pressure from society, but have no sense of direction. My first advice is try not to let society force your hand to do something you'll regret, but as I've said, you know this.

What I'll definitely say is that its important to be proactive. Others may win the race a lot sooner than you, but its not about winning....or losing....or eventually getting to the finish line at a snails pace. Its about sticking to one path towards that goal and focus on it. Yes, the sooner, the better. But again, don't compare your efforts to others.

Whats the future like? Can't spoil anything, sorry. But I'll say that I'm taking back control of everything....trying. My 20s has led me to believe that no matter how much time I've spent having fun, working, or making mistakes, I'll always be unsatisfied with my decision at the end. I want to master everything, but it comes with the price of not spending enough time to hone my skills since I can be indecisive. As I've said, focus on a singular thing without letting your tenacity waver.

My 20s has also finally awakened something inside of me. I can say with confidence that I've found my true identity, and that I will never apologize for it. It truly is a rewarding feeling. Its as if I'm speaking to a completely different person. It took many trials and errors to get there, but knowing you, you'll get there eventually.

That's all I can say for now. I'm leaving this note to you after completing a goal that I've been working towards for over a decade. You may have a good idea of what it is, but thats for you to figure out. I've finally found a long term goal, and my next task is right around the corner. Enjoy the fun you're having now, I'm bracing myself for the shitstorm thats about the pour down on me.

Opps, spoilers.

- Noel