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Dear Noel:

You've ever heard of the story about the race between tortoise and the hare? Obviously you've did, but people still tend to overlook the theme behind this classic tale.

I know you very well. You're riddled with insecurities due to pressure from society, but have no sense of direction. My first advice is try not to let society force your hand to do something you'll regret, but as I've said, you know this.

What I'll definitely say is that its important to be proactive. Others may win the race a lot sooner than you, but its not about winning....or losing....or eventually getting to the finish line at a snails pace. Its about sticking to one path towards that goal and focus on it. Yes, the sooner, the better. But again, don't compare your efforts to others.

Whats the future like? Can't spoil anything, sorry. But I'll say that I'm taking back control of everything....trying. My 20s has led me to believe that no matter how much time I've spent having fun, working, or making mistakes, I'll always be unsatisfied with my decision at the end. I want to master everything, but it comes with the price of not spending enough time to hone my skills since I can be indecisive. As I've said, focus on a singular thing without letting your tenacity waver.

My 20s has also finally awakened something inside of me. I can say with confidence that I've found my true identity, and that I will never apologize for it. It truly is a rewarding feeling. Its as if I'm speaking to a completely different person. It took many trials and errors to get there, but knowing you, you'll get there eventually.

That's all I can say for now. I'm leaving this note to you after completing a goal that I've been working towards for over a decade. You may have a good idea of what it is, but thats for you to figure out. I've finally found a long term goal, and my next task is right around the corner. Enjoy the fun you're having now, I'm bracing myself for the shitstorm thats about the pour down on me.

Opps, spoilers.

- Noel

Dear Noel:

I'll never forget the adventures I've had during your year. It's one of the most brightest and unforgettable times I've had, and trust me, there's more to come the following 8 years. You're pure, yet unguided who'll quickly find his way through self discovery. I still miss New York, and florida is a beautiful place......some parts of it. And don't worry, mount vernon is still doing well.

High school in florida isn't nearly as intimidating as it was in mount vernon, still, don't let your guard down. You'll may soon find that this friendly atmosphere of this town is just a facade, but there are people around you who'll help you break out of your shell. There will be disagreements and conflict thats near impossible to avoid, but never cut them loose from your life. You've already met them by now. Continue sharing your adventures with them while spreading good fortune to others and I promise you that this arc will have a good ending.The same goes for Flyff. Trust me, that and a whole plethora of games ahead is an important piece of your saga.

If your wondering how the family is doing, they're alright. I know both mom and dad are problematic as hell, especially mom, but its their misguided reason of keeping you safe. Still problematic as hell though. Don't be afraid to speak up, make sure its during the right moments and you'll have plenty of ally's wanting to defend you.

I'll have to go now. Florida is still a big adventure to explore. I've just finished a gigantic arc and ready to embark in a brand new story that'll take me to new heights. I'm intimidated, but fear doesn't equate to an absolute halt. Keep that in mind and you'll uncover so many possibilities. You're only 14.

P.S: Selfies with friends are scary, but just do it. Its much more rewarding capturing every moment with a device than just with your mind.

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Pure Talent

Hey guys! It's been like FOREVER Since I made a new blog. I was surfing Youtube and saw this guy playing the Final Fantasy 8Boss theme on a Electric Guitar. And he's preety good. I won't be on gamespot much for like another week but Enjoy this vid plz

w00t I went to disney world ^_^

Finally I did something fun at summer T_T

I went to disney world wiht my cousions and my mom and I have to say, Diseney world isnt bad :P They have alot of pretty goods shows and preformers. But Diseney world lacks rollercosters (Thats what I like, xD) They have some but their to short >_> I even seen micky, DOING MAGIC O_O And that big castle you see in the comercials, I saw it, And I was next to it;) I went to see alot of shows but Im too lazy to tell you them right now. I got to go to miami for 1 week on the beach8)

See ya later xD

OMG YES! I have a banner! w00t


Thank you josedbz, you gave me A banner that is just to great FOR ME ^_^

YAY! *Jumps for joy* All I need is a sig oO :P

OMG! When will I goet my banner???oO *_*

So josedbz made this Banner for me and DAMN IT LOOKS HOT! IT was perfect for me.... But Gamespot wont let me put it on My Blog Because it keeps saying the Banner is to large. I id what you said Jose. I Copy, Pasted it, Put it on my pics, Then I went to Images, I click browse, I got the banner, I DID NOT PRESS UPLOAD, I click apllay alll changes, AND NOTHING HAPPEND T_T Thanks for the Banner but Nothing is happing, Please help me *_*

Tribute to the best DAMN Anime ever

This video will Remind you how it was king of Anime back inthe day. Thier was alot of Flashy fighting, Some kool characters, an Amazing storys, And just about everything:| Well right now some ontherAnimes today are getting better than this lengend. But this Anime will always Be king in my eyes.This AMV Is well done and you need to watch it in order to know what Anime Im talking about. WATCH IT AND COMMENT OR ELSE!

YAY! IM BACK! And I have something to tell u.....

Hello Gmaespot. Im back And I have to tell you why I left. Well first: I went to Miami with my cusion^^. For like 4 days T_T

SECOND!: My father had to do this Important crap on the computer for his job

THIRD!: Then my brother had school work for collage on the Computer >.>

FOURTH: I've been working on my page on Myspace, Since alot of my friends have a Myspace, I made one too :D

Finally!!!: I,ve been playing this game for 5 months And I havent told you guys what it is :P I got like a WHLOE Bunch of friends in this game That I can'ty leave. Its an Addictive game called Flyff ^^ Here are the pics of my character.

Name: Corona645

Server: Galphan

Guild: Akatsuki

Guild stats: Captain

Class: Knight

PvP status: Gladiator (Suposed to be Gladiator but some people pwned me and now Im Trainer >.

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