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CoolSkAGuy Blog

Dawn of a New Day

Hello readers.

It is the lovable SkA here to entertain the thought of continuing my blog. Months and possibly years have passed since I last updated this, while, not being the most the worst of things I have come to realize that the need to express oneself through words could be truly fulfilling So if anyone is willing to read I am willing to write. If not one is willing to read, well, tough nuggs I'm going to write anyways.

Living in California is simply an experience, while, I may not know what it is to live in a small rural town, living here offers me an opportunity that many especially my younger self had always taken for granted. The opportunity to meet people. The opportunity to act and be anyone I want. I can go from one area to acting like a pathetic shy individual to entering my clas-room and being the alpha dog. When you take control of this fact and the fact that you will possibly never ever meet these individuals again. It gives you the opportunity act bat s***t crazy!! I've become determine to go up males/females and act as unpredictable just to see reactions. My goal is to literally freak them the f*ck out and then still manage to hold a conversation by the end of the day. Guess what. It works. Literally I can go up to every person walking on the opposite side of me and try and speak with them and if they dismiss me I shrug it off and hold my post and wait for my next victim.... did I say victim? I meant potential friend.

P.S I took a gun to school(sorta)!

Anyways this ska signing out. I'll be back tomorrow.

Goombella Level 33 and How my Life is Goin..

Well I haven't made Blog in a really long time, Things I did during the summer was, Buy a Fender bass guitar and started playing, I got my ears pierced. I switch schools for personal reasons. I saw a BUNCH! of anime that I really enjoyed.currently watching Now and Then,Here and There. I am Also watching Kamon No Maid guy which is FREAKING hilarious! I beat Metal Gear Solid 3 which was breath taking during the end. O I saw Ringo starr in stage cost me 200$ for a ticket, well worth it and I'm going to go 2 concerts on following comings months, I'm going to go see The misfits/ Motor-Head in September, and in October I'm going to watch Iced Earth WOOT!

I also made a couple of new siggies

and my favorite bassist John Etwhislte

still quite fun to make :P

Rock en Espanol

Well last week on the 11 I went to go see "El Tri" which was freakin unbearable at first cuz all the crappy music in the begining but when El Tri got on it was the best pit, Iv'e ever been in and had a ton of fun..... So much fun I could barely move the next two days. Last week I went into a private party into Six Flags magic mountain and had fun there aswell even tho if there was still some line to be had. But not as much as if it were open to the public. Now on this thanksgiving week.

I am goin to go see Angeles Del Infeirno(angels of hell) and Tierra Santa (Holy ground or dirt). And to my suprise one ofmy friends is gonna play in this event, with his band Metal X. I barely found out and I was suprised his band even got apart in this show/ Anyways im goin tommorow and Ill post more in a few days. Sucks ima miss thanksgiving........... Again lol. Last year I went to Mago De Oz for thanksgving which was bloody brilliant and the Cover band for The Doors were hella cool!

Later Peeps

So Long, Mr. Despair

Well started watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which is Horrifyingly amazingly funny. Anybody would enjoy it. Heres a treat to a Opening in the show.


Its awesome! Cya peeps

Lvel 29!

Woot I dont even see these levels go by anymore, I want to thank the GS community and myself most of all for having no life!

Brand New Banner

Well havent made myself a banner in a long time so I finnaly opened up Photoshop and gave it a go! whats everyone think?

3! new sigs and lvl 28! woot

Well here are my latest 2 sigs I made today


Im kinda disappointed with both of them since they didnt come up like I wanted them to but they still look nice. Hope you guys like em.

-Edit Here I made the anime one reetesh =P

WOOT!! New Level!1!!

So sweet New Level and it seems the rank name is called Defias brotherhood from the videogame World of Warcraft which are the bandits in the game. I also bought Wow so thats how I know. :P and I borrowed the first volume of Death Note  and it was pretty kool. Cant wait till I get my hands on the next volume!

Level 24!

So I login today and find out im actualy just turn level 24 I didnt even notice my level was going up! and yet I keep advacing my union has been at level 11 at 8% for months now which is stupid O well. BANZAI!
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