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what do you think

you think we should have the old reviewing system back, not this simple new one. I just want to see what you all I think. I think they should get the old one back? Anyone agree with me

alien vs predator 2

Has anybody here seen the new AVP trailer. To me it seems like they hyped the violence too much, but other than that, I thought it looked preety cool, if you haven't seen it yet, type it on google. You need to be 18 yrs or older to check it out though. But you can always put in a fake date. So tell me what you think of it.

The new reviewing system

Well it seems Gamespot has a new kind of way to have us review our games, nothing really new but we can't narrow the score down with the Graphics, sound, value, gameplay format. We just slide a bar to eiether 1.0 to 10.0, or if you want you can have a 7.5. not a 7.6 or a 7.4 just a plain old 7.5 which is kind of dumb because what if I want it closer to a 6 or an 8. Does anybody agree with me? I miss the old way.

I Might get a PS3 for free

Well, my uncle said he might give us a free PS3, which is preety cool but I really want his Xbox 360, so today when I go visit him, I'm going to ask about his Xbox 360. PS3 is stupid in my opinion

Which one is better?

Me and brother keep fighting over which one is better, Xbox 360 or Ps3, I need people's opinions on which one is better, IMO Xbox is a lot better.