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Let me say, that I love going to the club

And I hate those guys who think their "hood" because they can go to the club to lean on the wall. Seriously, what's the point of going out to a club/party, and just lean against the wall. You could've stayed home and leaned there, no?

Anyways tonight there was a "teen night" at Gotham Night Club. I went with my sister, one of her friends, and my friend Steph. It owned hard....I picked up two numbers, and danced for most of the night. Me = that dude...

Hmmm? I have a Journal!

Guess I'll put a few scribbles in it...haven't written in here in months; in fact since 2006 started.

Anyways, do any of you plan on reading my POS journal? I don't believe (with the new layout) that Journals are as accessible as they used to be...and to be honest, I haven't read one entry since the new layout (and I don't expect anyone else to)

I would move heaven and earth for this fire, for this ocean, I'd fight for you!

..let this emotional wind take us higher, and there is nothin' we can't do....I love you, I love you baby, I love you, I love you baby, and this power is greater then the forces of nature.

God damn, that's some ownage. BSB's "Never Gone" album is really going up in my ranks as far as score is concerned. Yes, the mother effin' Backstreet Boys....I'm astounded at how much I actually like this album. Hell, I even went and acquired unreleased tracks off the album.....

Intially, I would've given it a 7.5 ish score, but now this album is a certified 9.0. Grew on me too much..

Possibly the worst news I've heard all year :-/


My ex Maria is moving to Washington in October.....for those of you that do know, we went out for 2 some odd years, and to this day I still have feelings for her as far as being a couple is concerned.

God, this news is trash. Who the **** moves during senior year :(