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Coeurlregina16 Blog

The new and improved Reggie!!!!

Today, 21 December of 2006, Reggie changed her hairstyle in the most drastic way.
The world will never be the same when Reggie the Mighty roams the Earth in her search of handsome game characters, sushi and strange french comics. Fear her red glasses and blue hair of DOOOOOOOM!!!!:

I've also managed to get my fingers on World of Warcraft since my Visa card finally found out that cooperating is a good thing.
I'm playing as a Tauren Huntress named Anuket and right now I'm lv 8 and usually hang out in Bloodhoof Village. I'm on the European server called Stormscale. Come visit me!!!

And I hate wolfs. Because of them, I have probably died over 20 times!!! And I've been playing for two days!!! *mumble grumble*

Not John and Kelly in Halo 3 ad???

Wikipedia made that statement because of Kevin Pauls answer to this question about the H3 ad:
Konrad - Frankie, where does the trailer take place?
Kevin paul - The trailer takes place on Earth.
But the question is then: Does he mean the kids part or the part with MC? For if the kids are not John and Kelly, why the h*** would they include them in the trailer and why the h*** would MC have that voice repeating in his head after he wakes up? And what about that the boy sees the helmet instead of the girl? It's a strong metafor!!! It won't make any sense!!!!


Holy Shyte!!! Long time no journal! ...err, blog I think...

Um, as you can see, my life on GS is = zero. Sorry about that all my buddies, new and old.
Lots of stuff has happened since ...23 of JUNE!!! WTF!!! I've been gone that long! Sheez!!! Well, I got an X-box, not the 360 mind you, I'll buy one later this year. Exciting...

God, I'm bored. Think I'll just go and draw some strange creatures eating teachers ...or ants. I hate ants.

Magna Carta

I've been playing the game Magna Carta for some time now and it's actually quite interesting, of course if you look away from the horrible lip sync and frustrating battles it's quite entertaining^^

It's a RPG on PS2 with awesome graphics. Try it out!

Got Jak X and beat it!

Finally managed to find Jak X to a price not over 500KR. Took me a long time. Well I beat it today, W00T! Took me two days of playing. Nice story tho. Interesting and fun to the end. My little brother is probably playing his fingers of right now:P Now I just have to wait for Daxter on the PSP, need a PSP too o.O