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Oh My Gosh! Did You See How Far That Went?! *jumps up and down*

Ahahaha! Hiya guys! It feels like I haven't been on in awhile, but oh well. :) I just got back from the park near by and it was AWESOME! The most fun I ever had in a park in my life! And it all has to do with the wonderful thing I like to call a potato cannon! ^_^

Over the last few days of Spring Break, Abby (my fellow classmate and good friend) and I got our money together and bought everything needed to build a cannon. By ourselves (okay, Abby's dad helped us with the hardish part of putting the PVC cement on) we built what we would like to call the "Spud Splatter"! Got it's own paint job and everything (we did black and neon greanish) and looks great.

We went out today after it stopped raining outside, Owen even invited his friend and my dad got to help and give us tips... no dad we are not putting that drop of gas in there next time! :P Going on, I pressed the botton first but nothing happened... we freaked, I asked my dad to try it and soon as I turned my back "ssssshhhhoooopp!". I started screaming because it scared the crap out of meh!! ^_^;

The first potato went about 90 yards. After that we pushed the potato down the barrel farther and it went 128 yards!! Abby and I were hugging and screaming "IT WORKS! IT REALLY WORKS!" :P We tried it one more time (just because it started to smell like something was burning) and it went an all time farthest. 136 feet baby! That's about... 404 feet I think (that's what Abby's dad said after he measured)

*sigh* We had a blast. My dad wants to borrow it this summer and show his friends. Hopefully he won't break it, it was a lot more money then we thought! Make sure you have enough money if you do something like this!!

On Monday, we're gonna bring it into school and show our classes. Hopefully, it'll be a big hit and people won't just think of me as that tall, quiet, book worm girl who hangs with other crazy horse lovers. :P :lol:

I'm gonna try to see if it's okay with Abby to put some pictures on. See ya later guys! ta ta for now!

Higher Jumps, Warmer Barn, and a New Horse!

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! Of course to my friends and others who have this week off. :P How is you're guys weekend coming along?

I got back from horseback riding a few hours ago. Mom and I are supposed to go shopping but we have to wait 'til OWER (my little brother's nickname) get's his butt back home so he doesn't freak out when we're gone. We still have to get him a new house key...

I didn't get to ride Tanker today (GASP and a little cheer!). Many of the lessons were backed up today because of a good friend of mine falling from her horse (she would be in a horse show tonight). I don't know much, but I think she might have broken a rib. Tanker got his days work before I got to the barn. Dansik was already out there (he looked at me when I walked into the workout ring! ^_^) and Zeus...ah nevermind, he's too old now. The new horse I was able to ride was the wonderful and beautiful Travis! Believe it or not, he was really 19 years old (REAL old for a horse) and looked like he was 3 (the age of most new race horses)!! He was kept in great shape and rides perfect. He can turn on a dime (thanks to his super sensative side, which turned out to be a probelm a little bit) and can jump higher than Tanker ever could! :P

My teacher raised the jumps so high, man, it looked a little scary. Hard to believe that about 3 years ago I thought I'd never being doing ANYTHING like this! After one try looking like a total... um.... I really don't have a word to explain it (haha), it looked perfect and ready to show some judges (okay maybe not that far). I might not be able to ride him next week though. *sob*

The nice weather feels real good and warmed up the barn a ton. I didn't even need to wear my sweatshirt, it got so warm. I checked the weather and it said it's gonna get warmer but I also saw some chilly days. :( Man, and I was just getting used to this weather!

L8er G8ers!

Just One More Day!! One More Day!!!

Spring Break is right around the corner and I got some bigs plans set up...!

 I really want to get together with Liz and Emily. It's been hard to get together because of the work I have to do for my parents lately. My mom is so busy with nursing school and dad is working over-time because people are taking time off for vacation, that I have to watch my brother, clean more than before (not that I care really) and I can't get rides around town. Since it has been cold, I really didn't want to get out the ol' bike just yet. :P

My mom is finally on her Spring Break so I'll ask her to see if she can take Emily, Liz, and me to this outdoor mall near by. It's either that or Borders. Most likely Borders though... gotta love that store! :)

Abby and I also want to get together. We're partners for the up coming science epxo. Since our potato gun idea was a bust, we want to either do the Imploding Pop Can (too many people want to do that so we probably won't get it) or the Human Vancuum Cleaner!! Both are fun, sciencetific (even though the names are funny), and easy to bring down to a 2nd grade level (we have to show these projects to 2nd graders). It'd be kinda hard to shoot out potato in front of 2nd graders. We could BY MISTAKE hit someone in the eye! :P

I can't forget about Mel!! I'll be trying to get together with her soon as well. I'm gonna beg her to let me play her Wii. I remember we were trying to make it work... we had to press which language we wanted and we didn't know how!! I took out the knumchuck thingy and started moving it and Mel was like "Jocelyn, it's not plugged in."

Man I can be so stupid. It was one of those moments we all have right?

Have a good weekend guys! And have a Happy Spring Break to those who are starting it soon!! 

Spud Gun Outta Here.... For Now! :P

Hello guys... long time no see eh? :P Gettin' warmer out here! I'll be able to go out and run more often after school now.

The Potato gun isn't reallly gonna happen. As my teacher says, we have to do a demo that we can actually preform in front of second grade students. I don't think it'd be nice to shoot potatos that go about 50 mph and about 200 ft away inside the school. I'm not too sure she'll say we can go outside and do it as well.

She DID say we (by meaning Abby and I, my teacher says we can work in partners now) make a smaller version that shoots out french fry like potatos in the hallway. THEN Abby and I can make the real deal for extra credit or just for the heck of it. What we want to do for fun won't hurt us... of will it?! :P

School's been going good. Not much homework since we're all starting new subjects. Hope your spring is getting warmer!

*about to end blog when sting of pain goes up arm* Blasted... this arm has been hurting for the longest time. Hurts right at the elbow. Might have slept on it weird. :P

OMG! Science Expooooo! ^_^

Woo! My science class is finally starting the long awaited science expo! I've been waiting for this the whole school year! ^_^

We have to make a presentation to teach some 2nd graders a little bit about science! We, of course, pick difficult subjects but then bring it down to a 2nd grade level. Thanks to my dad, I have had my idea ready since about last summer!! :D

I REALLY want to build a potato canon with my dad. Not the kind that is like 5 ft tall and shoot potato likes at 300 mph (O_O That's fast!) but the kind made of pbc pipe or w/e. It's easy to make and haves a ton of fun packed into it. With Spring Break around the corner, Dad and I will maybe be able to start building... that is if my science teacher says I can do or no one else is doing it in our class. My teacher just wants me to be careful with and not hurt myself or others. Knowing me, SOMETHING will probably go wrong. :P

Nothing much going now... I'm gonna be pretty busy this weekend. So sorry to my friends if I can't hang as much as I usually can on the weekends. My parents have some stuff I have to do for them and it might take much time out of my long waited weekend. Oh well, gotta live with it! :)

I have to get going. Horseback riding is gonna be starting soon and the stable is gonna be a ghost town! There's a horse show out of town (I'd go, but it's winter, too much money, and I still need to work on Tanker) so there's going to be no one else riding during my lesson.

Hope you guys have a good weekend. It's getting warmer over here and Spring Break might be warm this year!

L8er g8ers! ^_^

Tears that Never Stop Falling...

I just finished the book Eric by Doris Lund. If you guys ever get the chance to read it, read it please! You will not be let down... it teaches you a d*mn good lesson.

Being me of course :P I always tend to cry, even if it's something not really important. Like in the movie the Sixth Sense. I cried real hard at the end when he find out he's dead. I remember my aunt called me to ask me something for my birthday and I could talk, I was crying so hard. That went the same way with the movie, Hard Ball. I'm real glad my mom showed me this book. Even she cries when she reads it, and she has read it at least 7 times!

I really don't wanna give it away, 'cause I have no clue if any of you are gonna read it in the near future. It's a true story, told through the words of his mother. The story is all about Eric, a boy with leukemia, who is only 17 years old and going into college. He doesn't give up at all, something that I would do if I was in his position.

All in all, just read it as soon as you can. It's an old book, but one that everyone (It think) should read. Hard to believe guys, but I'm still crying and I just finished it about a half an hour ago.  

Happy Birthday Mel!! -^__^-

It's Mel's birthday today! Woo! Happy birthday girly! I'm glad you love all of your gifts and I'm gonna try to beat you on the Wii (when you get it this weekend), even though I'll probably lose in a sad way. Not so good at most video games you hear? :P

Our school took us to see the play 42nd Street. It was pretty good! The music and singing was fun and just made you feel good. ^__^ Nice to go back to school from being sick and see a play AND be able to sit next to your buds (last time we were across the room from each other).   

While we were there, I signed up for choir. I didn't last time, but since it'll get me into Swing Choir, I singed up. My friends are doing it too so I on't be alone when I go to the first practice. What's weird is my family said I'll be real good if I sign up for choir. Before, I thought they said I had bad singing. Now they say it's good and I should go for it. ?o.o? What happened there? :P

Next birthday bash is right around the corner. ^_^ More gifts to buy! Lol

Talk to you guys lata! ^_-

Deadliest Catch and WAY too Much Mythbusters

Hey guys! I tired to post a blog yesterday but it wouldn't let me...

I've been sick for the past three days. Luckly it has been getting better and I'll be at school. I had to miss church today because I reeeally didn't want to take any changes on either 1) passing it on to someone else... or 2) just making myself feel worse.

Basically all day I just did homework (FINALLY done), read, slept, and watched the Discovery channel. Pretty neat shows on there. Not so long ago, my family got into the show called The Deadliest Catch. It all takes place in Bering Sea near Alaska, where teams of fisher men battle the horrible weather just to fish king crab and snow crab. The weather is so dangerous and every season (every time they go out which I think is a few times a year) some men and even ships don't come back home alive. My gosh! I was at the edge of my seat wanted to see more! I can't wait for the newest episode.... I kinda want the DVD box set too.

I also got a little bit to into Mythbusters as well. Gotta love that show though!! My brother said he'd get it for me on my birthday if I really love it that much. ^_^ The show is so much fun to watch and it gets to be so funny! :P

Hope you guys are having a sick-free week, unlike moi. Talk to ya guys later.

OH YEAH! Mel's birthday is tomorrow! Can't wait girly! ^_-

Little Miss Sunshine

Hiya... just woke up not to long ago... how've you guys been??

Yesterday was so much fun!! I got to go to Abby's house (one of my best friends) later in the evening. It was her birthday Thursday so she had a little get together on Friday. I got there early so we watching a horse jumping show in T.V. from the Animal Planet. Otherwise we hung in her basement for most of them time. Abby has the cutest dogs! Cody and Kiko are so cute. Abby had to pry me away from them so we could watch the movie. :P

We got to watch Little Miss Sunshine when everyone got to her house. Good thing my parents said it was okay that I could watch it (it's rated R) otherwise I would have missed on one funny movie!! Other parts we laughed then at others we had to go "awwwwww" because you felt so bad for everyone.

Not much going on either... I have to get ready for horseback riding in a bit. I wonder if I'll ride Dansik... :D  

It's Good to see Food Again! ^_^

Hiya guys! How've you been? ^_^

Saturday the 27th was the 30 Hour Famine for World Vision. I did this last year and I was so happy that I was able to do it again this year! Lemme give you the 411... ^_^

In the 30 Hour Famine, you have to devote 30 hours to not eat anything. Nothin' solid... but they tend to make us drink like crazy. I had to go to the bathroom A LOT! :P Going on though... you go around to people you know and ask them if they could donate money. I raised $120 this year and think last year I got about the same amount. I started Friday morning and went all the way with no food, 'til noon on Saturday. My friends and I were going crazy... drawing on the chalkboards in the classrooms where we slept, going on the kiddy scooters (crazy moments those were!), and watching movies like "Dude, Where's my Car?". Lol, two of my good friends stayed up all the way until 5 o'clock in the morning!! O.O I only went to bed at 2.... at least I wasn't so sleepy in the morning! :P

All in all, we had a blast. After we had a prayer, we all ran to the kitchen and ate everything near our plate. Ate some pretty unhealthy foods, but we were hungry!! Lol, you can't help it! :P

Oh yeah! We also watched Nooma videos. If you guys ever see them or ever have the chance too, they're really good and have a message that changed the way I thought of myself. Ever emotional, 10 min. videos.

Real fast... I also got to learn self defense! It was so much fun! Jessi pinched one of my pressure points and... boy... they hurt a lot!!

Have a great week guys...